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Hulk #11 (1978)

hulk ruining another carnival

With the sucess of the Hulk T.V. show in the 70’s they released a magazine called the Ravaging Hulk – later changed to just “Hulk”.  The magazine reprinted old comic stories so there was nothing new there – but it was the covers that really caught people’s attention.  They were usually painted, beautiful and always exciting to look at.  This is Hulk #11 where it looks as though Hulk was rejected to ride the roller coaster – and then decided since he can’t ride it – no one will.  Hulk, always the party pooper.

Action Figure News and Toy Review (1996)


This magazine shows you everything that’s coming out.  Seeing the Hulk displayed on the cover like that – it mine as well have been Kathy Ireland on the cover of the swimsuit issue.  I was drooling over it.