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Acquisition Wednesday! Hulk Magnets

91 009 - Copy

I am pretty sure that I have most, if not all, the Hulk the magnets offered out there – they are great only because they are small, affordable and display easily!  These two magnets have been out for a while and both are great.

91 009

Hulk Magnet (2012)

Is the Hulk a master at the Lambada?

The new Marvel magnet releases are pretty ingenious.  They took great covers that displayed two characters and made each so that you HAVE to buy both!  Well, you don’t have to – but it would be silly not to!  As for the selection – they have one of the best covers around – Silver Surfer #4 featuring both the Surfer and Thor.

The new and old Hulk release

For the Hulk they paired him up with Wolverine and you can recreate the cover to #181.  Not the best cover – especially with the stance the Hulk is in – but undoubtedly one of the more famous covers.


A couple of Stickers and a Magnet (2011)

'63 Class President Sticker

I picked up a few more stickers – one of which will be replacing the window cling on my car right now – and because it’s just that cool – the Hulk for Class President – ’63, it’s classic enough but it looks like the pins of yesteryear that canidates were handing out.  The other sticker I’ve seen everywhere and it’s a full body shot of the image that they’ve used the head from.

Incredible Hulk Sticker

Sure enough I found a magnet of the classic Incredible Hulk #5 cover.  It makes me wish for the yesteryear of comics when I see these images.  I have them all – but of course they are all stored away – so when I see these covers it reminds me of the fantastic stories inside.  I get especially nostalgic when thinking about how they are now re-booting the Hulk AGAIN.  Even if we count the original 6 issues in the same series as the re-titled #102 it’s still the fourth time they have re-booted the title.  Keep in mind that the last time was just a few years ago…

Hulk Magnet - Issue #105

Magnetic Hulk (1979)

Hulk Mask 005

Magnetic Hulk

I got this in a lot on ebay.  I love the vintage stuff – really!  I mean, this Hulk has a great mug – a classic, Trimpe-looking Hulk!  It’s a hollow piece with a large, round magnet in the back.  He’s also holding what’s supposed to be a huge piece of metal above him – which he is bending at an amazing 45 degree angle at either side!  So, the only thing I don’t know is if this piece went to anything or he is just a stand alone piece.  I think it worls as a stand alone piece – but wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of a bigger playset sort of thing.

Hulk Mask 006

Back of Figure

Hulk Mask 007

"Hulk bend metal bar! Because that is what do!"

Hulk Magnet 3 – or 4 or… I forget (2008)

Another Hulk Magnet. yeah... I know... friggin sweet right?

Another Hulk Magnet. yeah... I know... friggin sweet right?

I had this from way back when I went to N.Y.  Got it at Mid-Town Comics.  I liked this magnet best because it has three images.  The Buscema Hulk is faded in the back – and an even fainter Bruce Banner pic behind that – can anyone even see it in the pic?  It’s there – I swear!  The Hulk out front in not Buscema – I don’t recognize the artist and there is too much on T.V. tonight for me to spend time trying to figure it out.  If anyone knows please let me know – otherwise it will have to be a mystery.  Much like the identity of the Rulk. 🙂 See you on Monday.  Have a Hulky weekend.

Marvel Hero Magnets (2007)

marvel magnets

I think that magnets may be the best things ever.  Think about how many things you can do with magnets!  You can stick them to things!  Well, only metal things.  But you can hang things with them!  Well, only of it’s a strong magnet and the thing you’re hanging isn’t terribly heavy.  And of course what you’re sticking it to is metal.  Or a chalk board.  Are chalk boards made of metal?  I didn’t think they were – but they must be!  That’s so strange.  Anyways – look a Hulk magnet!  And a few other Marvel heroes as well – but they don’t count.

Hulk Magnets 2 (2007)


I really like the magnet that says “SMASH” at the top.  That one and the bottom one are pretty cool.  I found these in New Hampshire at Chris’ Comics the first trip there.  I almost forgot to post them.  Magnets aren’t the most memorable collectibles – but, ironically, they are the ones probably see the most.  Especially if you are a fatty – because you are constantly in the fridge – you know you are!  ADMIT IT!  YOU ARE A FATTY!  And you love my Hulk magnets!