AoU Hulk Maquette (2016)

Is it just me or are these Sideshow Hulk statues getting worse and at the same time more and more pricey?  This Maquette sports some really tight spandex and an odd looking “mid-run” pose.  For anyone getting this $750 behemoth I only hope that you will get a perfect piece as SS has been havingContinue reading “AoU Hulk Maquette (2016)”

Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)

I would love to have every variation of every Hulk statue there is out there – in fact, there isn’t too many I don’t have – but when I saw this re-paint I just had to get it!  I was impressed with how nicely this sculpt lent itself to the grey Hulk.  I’m extremely pleasedContinue reading “Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)”

Hulk Maquette (2007)

  This is the largest Maquette that Diamond Select has released – and even though that is true – it’s one of the smaller Hulk statues released this year standing a quaint 9 inches tall.  Scuplted by Gabriel Marquez, the face looks a whole lot better in person, although why does it seem like he’s auditioning forContinue reading “Hulk Maquette (2007)”

New Hulk Figure coming out soon!

You may soon have this toy in your collection!  Marvel has released some cool figures under the Select line – but this is one of the coolest!  Based on the Maquette that Diamond Select put out earlier – check it out here – as well as the sculpters blog here.  So if you didn’t haveContinue reading “New Hulk Figure coming out soon!”