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Koto Hulk Movie Bust (2008)

Koto bust still in Styrofoam

Here’s a little story – I went into a store on the Cape and saw this guy sitting there.  I asked about the price.  The man quoted me $75.  While I am certainly a Hulk fan, I’m also not an idiot.  This piece was not worth $75 – and by that I mean it would never hold its value.  3 months later I went back into the same store – and there was the same bust, still sitting in it’s original spot.  I am sure of this because I talked to the man behind the counter for a while.  In the discussion he told me that the price was still $75 and that he wasn’t willing to work on the price.  Now let’s remember – the comic and collectible industry is unlike any other – as in, the price tag doesn’t always mean that’s the price.  It’s not like the GAP where you can’t haggle on the price of your jeans.  Stores that don’t haggle really risk losing repeat customers.  And it’s a shame too – because there aren’t too many comic shops on the Cape.  As in – there is one.

Hulk bust in all it's glory!

While this may make the owner feel comfortable in charging whatever he wants – it’s only a matter of time before there is some competition or, even worse, people just stop buying comics.  Let’s get back to this bust though… the retail was certainly off – the sculpt just wasn’t there to compete with Bowen’s masterfully done pieces.  So, like any smart shopper… I waited…  I waited for one to pop up on ebay for a really decent price.

The white dots all over it is Styrofoam - I had to pack it back up after taking pictures so I didn't bother cleaning it up.

Now, how do I feel about this piece, now that I have received it?  Well, I do think it looks better in person and I think it looks WAY better then the FS movie statue they released.  The sculpt is better – I’m not such a huge fan of the Chiclets teeth – but the rest of the bust is actually pretty sweet!  I wish they had added the plate to the bust – rather than having you do it once you open the bust – but that’s not a huge issue.  The light-up feature is kind of cool – not too sure if I will use it very often – but it is a nice touch.

Back of bust - pretty damn sweet

I was able to snag this and another bust I will post next week for prices I didn’t just consider fair – but a steal!  Since I bought 2 pieces at the same time – I was able to save on shipping as well!  Something to think about!  But – both these busts are packed away again – the house still has construction going on and that means the Hulk room is still out of commission.

The Light up Marquee

Hulk Weekend… Good.

I am not super enthusiastic about the Hulk’s haul this weekend making about 55 million.  It was the #1 movie – but really, I was hoping for far better numbers.  The original Hulk did better than this it’s first weekend.  Of course they promoted it a lot better last time too.  But with pretty solid reviews I’m hoping this Hulk has the legs to keep pretty steady business at least for a few weeks.  I know its tough with the Summer Blockbusters coming out one after the other…

Imean, come on, who isn’t stoked about The Dark Knight?

P.S. The photo has nothing to do with this post in general – just found a pretty funny site that I thought some might want to take a look at.  Click on the image.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) – The Review

Alright, don’t read any of this if you don’t want Spoilers.  First off, the animated Hulk was pretty impressive.  Yes, there are times when Hulk looks animated but none of those times bothered me.  In fact I can even recall a few times that the Hulk looked so real I was utterly shocked at how good he looked.  And I will also tell you that, even with all the griping, the Abomination, changes and all, was pretty great.  Everyone might remember a few things that bothered them about some of the trailers – like when Emil gets kicked by the Hulk – well, when you watch the movie it actually works.  I mean, it really works to the point that everything that they do makes sense and it is a solid story that pumps you up and gets you cheering toward the end.

Betty Ross, played by Liv Tyler, has a more pivotal role in this film than the last.  She even gets to shine through with a personality that makes you laugh at times.  Tim Roth is perfectly cast as the over the hill army soldier begging to stay in the action – even though his body might be getting too old – and gets drunk off the power that Thunderbolt Ross keeps supplying him with.  I’m telling you, every tweak, every liberty they took in changing the history of the Hulk really worked well here.  Anyone who can take inspiration from the worst run in Hulk comics and turn it into a really decent movie is okay with me!

There are a bunch of familiar faces along for the ride – Stan Lee makes his usual funny cameo – Lou Ferigno appears, and even has a line or two of dialog!  They also pay homage to the late, great Bill Bixby by showing a clip of The Courtship of Eddie’s Father in the beginning.  Good to see people who really appreciate where their material came from.  Also, speaking of cameos, keep an ear out for a few familiar names in the film, like Stark (who has a well publicised cameo at the end) and Jim Wilson, Nick Fury, they hint at the Super Soldier Serum that made Captain America, Sam Stern (played with accurate detail by Tim Blake Nelson) who eventually will become the Leader and is set up in this film to do do in a sequel (I hope!).  No Rick Jones – and oddly I can’t remember any time that they mentioned Betty’s “psychiatrist” boyfriend’s name identifying him as Samson – even though we know he is supposed to be. 

Overall, this was a great movie with plenty of action.  Thank goodness.  Norton does an outstanding job of playing Banner and there is so much subtle humor thrown in that it makes you laugh at times.  Like when Hulk hits his head against the rock ceiling of the cave because Betty scares him and then he turns and hold his head like a little kid pouting.  I have no complaints about the movie and even think it will make every person – not just Hulk fans – really excited and begging for more!   A-

Hulk Movie Poster (2008)


Again, on the same day as I purchased the Annual #5 I was also given this poster, which hangs right behind my desk until June 13th!  Man, I cannot wait!  The poster is very reminisent of the old T.V. Show (by the way the 3rd and 4th seasons are out today!)  But it’s so much better than the 2003 film poster.  I want one movie poster that actually shows the Hulk in plain view though!  Still, I can’t wait to see Mr. Orange take on the Hulk!

Hulk Mask (2008)

hulk mask 08

I love this little item!  This new mask has light up eyes – but the best part of the packaging is that you can see some eyes right through the package (which is a bit freaky too!).  I haven’t taken the mask out of the package – but I think it looks big enough for an adult to wear.  Which is awesome!  I took a picture with the eyes lit up so that you can see – take a look!

mask o hulk 08

Hulkey Pokey Hulk (2008)

hulkey pokey

You might think that this is just plain insulting to the Hulk legacy – but me?  I think it’s just plain awesome!  You press one of Hulk’s toenails and he says something – and the tune is a little different as well – he says “Put your left hand in, Put your left hand out, Put your left hand in and smash it all about”  It is pretty adorable.  I have to admit that this might be the newest inventive toy of the new Hulk toy releases.

full image of hulkey pokey

Ed Norton isn’t talking… (UPDATE)

So, according to G4, Marvel Studios won in the battle of the final cut of the film against Ed Norton (Marvel wanted a trimmer, faster paced film – Norton wanted the longer, more detailed story).  Now Ed Norton won’t be found on the publicity tour for the new movie.  Norton’s camp is insisting that it’s not because of his anger of losing the battle but because “The film speaks for itself.” 

I’m sorry, speaks for itself?  How can anyone NOT want to talk about the Hulk film?  Now, I think Norton is a very talented actor – and I don’t know the real story (maybe the feud was blown out of proportion, the way Norton said it was) but if we heard the true story, then Norton needs to trust the people he works with in making the right decisions for the film the way they trusted him to be the best person for the role of Bruce Banner.  Now go see Letterman ya frikkin’ baby!

UPDATE: Read Norton’s press release here.  I like the part where he says how he wrote the script.  He wrote it.  No mention of anyone writing any drafts before him – this is his brain child! – He wrote, produced, edited, he’s a one man movie making machine he is!  I don’t think this press release does much for his ego-maniac depiction.