Bruce Banner Hulk Movie Figure (2003)

In a way, the most memorable thing from the 2003 Hulk movie might just be the inventive figures they released.  This figure is both hilarious in nature and very creative.  They tube with the translucent, half Hulk is the best part of this package deal.  Nothing against the Eric Bana inspired Bruce Banner figure –Continue reading “Bruce Banner Hulk Movie Figure (2003)”

Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)

One of these guys looks like Roth, obviously, but the other was one of the random soldiers that died in the movie – like the soldiers in the soda factory, of the soldiers at the field at the University or even the soldiers that went down with the helicopter at the end.  They should doContinue reading “Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)”

Hulk Half Dollar (2003)

I found this in Taunton at a little store called Collectable Corner.  It was disgusting inside – and I have no idea how I actually found this in there.  My Hulk radar must’ve been working that day.  It was a pretty good find anyways.  This is an actual half dollar that has the Hulk printedContinue reading “Hulk Half Dollar (2003)”

Hulk Movie Figures (2003)

I didn’t really care much for these – for one – they all looked the same.  I didn’t bother getting the other terrible figures either, Bruce Banner, David Banner, The Hulk Dog.  Maybe someday I will pick them up if I see them for cheap – but I just wasn’t impressed with the lookof anyContinue reading “Hulk Movie Figures (2003)”