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Bruce Banner Hulk Movie Figure (2003)

new hulk yup 001

In a way, the most memorable thing from the 2003 Hulk movie might just be the inventive figures they released.  This figure is both hilarious in nature and very creative.  They tube with the translucent, half Hulk is the best part of this package deal.  Nothing against the Eric Bana inspired Bruce Banner figure – but, by nature, Bruce Banner figures aren’t very exciting.  This Banner, sans any kind of lab coat or ripped pants (although he does sport a nifty security badge and lanyard), is better dressed than most of the figures of this character.  It at least shows he has some fashion sense matching his belt to his pants – and even the undershirt!  His haphazardly parted coif shows he knew what was cool back in 2003.  He had sort of a Jimmy Fallon (when he was funny) kind of look!

new hulk yup 002

Do it for the Kids!


Mark Ruffalo talks about the reasons why we may not see a Hulk solo movie.  Personally, knowing that people want to see a Hulk movie done right is all the reason I would need to put this on the fast track… but alas, I’m not in charge.

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New Video Up!

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Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)


One of these guys looks like Roth, obviously, but the other was one of the random soldiers that died in the movie – like the soldiers in the soda factory, of the soldiers at the field at the University or even the soldiers that went down with the helicopter at the end.  They should do a variant of these guys with blood streaming from their noses, ears, and eyes.  I’d buy it…

Well, I’d buy anything – so I guess that goes without saying…

Ummm… Part 11











My Dad gave me advice like this once… ONCE.

The Flood Has Begun…


A lot of pictures of the toys for ’08 are now starting to make their way onto the net…  Thank you to Corry for all the links – AND I found that Stephen Yarish of The Engine of Destruction website has grouped them all together on one page.  Check it out here. By the looks of what is coming out I am going to have a very busy ’08! The Super Hero Squad Planet Hulk with Surfer is my favorite!  But the Mighty Marvel Muggs look really good too!  Rejoice Hulk fans! 

*Thanks to Stephen for allowing me to link to his page!

Do we really need another…?


There are a some things I’m really excited about with the new Hulk movie coming out – this isn’t one of them.  Another Hulk Bobble-Head?  Seriously?  If you’re into this kind of thing you can find out more about it by clicking on the image.  It comes out in May.