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“New” Hulk Toys!


I am certainly looking forward to seeing some fresh Hulk merch on the shelves – of course, Hasbro announced a Hulk/Hulkbuster 2-pack consisting of what looks like the Avengers Hulk with a slightly changed head sculpt and a repainted Hulkbuster BAF.  I’m not sure how I feel about them re-releasing BAF characters complete in a 2-pack.  It seems like all the work you did to acquire the original (having to purchase an entire line to complete it) is now sort of ridiculous.  Either way, maybe you’re happy to get another crack at it with a better paint job or are you a little miffed like I am?  Let me know your thoughts…


The Biggest Reveal Never…


The entire 2008 Red Hulk series centered around trying to keep readers interested in finding out the identity of the new Hulk.  At first, with the teaser posters Marvel was releasing of the Totally Awesome Hulk, blacking out the Faux mo-hawked head and hand of the new Hulk, and later changing the silohetted noggin to a Thor and then Iron Fist looking head, it would seem that history was going to repeat itself.  Well, today Marvel put the theories to rest and let the entire world know what they already knew… That Amedeaus Cho will helm the jade mantle.

As much as I respect Pak and his career as a Hulk writer there are a few reasons I have chosen to not pick up the “totally awesome” new series.  I wonder how many of you are following suit?  Bear in mind that my reasons have nothing to do with the bigoted whining I see from fan boys on the message boards when they say Disney is making the MU more diverse and PC so they made Hulk Asian.  I don’t think this is a Disney directive at all – and I have no problem with anyone creating diverse characters in what we read month after month.  So, if those comments appear on my site, here is your fair warning that they will be deleted.

Here are my issues –  Hulk was an anomaly.  Plain and simple – Hulk was created from an unforeseen happenstance that could not seem to be replicated.  They said so over they early years of continuity – with countless enemies trying to create their own Hulks – and always failing.  Why?  Because how the Hulk came to be was never designed.  Not to mention, it was always stated that Gamma Radiation affects everyone differently. That’s why Betty sprouted wings while Sterns brain grew three sizes that day.

Sure, you can point out Jenn Walters, and really I have no good response – except that it didn’t change her exactly the same either.  Of course, her change came right from the blood stream of Banner – so there is that.

Even so, after Duggan spent the better part of a year cleaning the mess that Quesada and Loeb created of the  Hulk Universe, we’re now seeing the same stunt being repeated that began the problems in the first place.  We’re being thrown out of the fire and into the frying pan.  That’s why I for one will not be along for this ride. No matter how many times Pak will try to reassure readers how fun this new take will be I just can’t muster enough interest to devote my time to reading a series that is obviously meant to appeal to new readers and alienate the faithful.  Sorry to say, I am done.


Some People Might be Interested in…


The fact that it’s being speculated that Amadeus Cho is going to be the new Hulk.  Pak will write with the Liberty Meadows “Monkey Boy” on art.  It’s sounds appealing in certain aspects, if it’s actually true, but I can’t say I’m all that excited about a status quo change like this.  Making new Hulks (exact replicas) goes against the very nature gamma energy as explained to us since the inception of the Hulk and his growing rouges gallery… But of course, they destroyed that mythos with the Red Hulk – so they mine as well do further damage to the lore.

Who knows?  It could be good – Pak is very talented and full of ideas – but this one might be a bit too far off the reservation, even for me.  Click the image for the article.

Great Article!

hulk letter

A friend of mine named Jameson has one of the best sites on the interwebs – I have mentioned it before and here I am doing it again – it’s called Daily POP.  You should visit every hour – or at least every day – but let’s stick with every hour for now… anyways, he has posted a few write ups by a guy named Mark Ricard who has been reviewing the Hulk in book form.  Check it out and then read it again to a spouse or homeless person.  Let’s face it – they have nothing better to do.

As always, click on the image for the link!

This Reminds Me…

hulk farts

This announcement takes me back to the days when Hulk: Gray was released.  Loeb – trying to tell a new sort of Origin included Iron Man into his story.  Many people, including your fellower blogger here, thought it was a silly inclusion and an easy, cheap thrill to spice up what was a mediocre story.  As excited as I was when Waid began the Indestructible Hulk storyline – his writing lately (and lack of explanation on what is actually happening to the Hulk, and the armor, etc…) is really dragging my optimism down.  I always get excited about new mini-series – even if they don’t turn out too great (like the latest Marvel Knights: Hulk mini) – but this one already seems to have a stigma attached to it.  Click on the image for the link.

Great Article


Blog friend Zeno had offered up this link weeks ago – being as busy as I was I didn’t have time to check it out… until now.  Read this over – it’s pretty cool.  Click the image for the article.

Hulk News Monday!

new stuff 037

If the rumors are true… And I hope to heck they are – Marvel is planning for a “phase 3” Planet Hulk movie to follow Avengers 2!  Click on the image for the link!