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Hulk Pins (2017)

IMG_0790 (2)

The above Hulk pin is the Green Hulk/Red Hulk pin from the Marvel Collector Corps Showdowns box set.  I would love to report how great that box set was but the truth is, as a Hulk fan looking for some real exciting Hulk swag, it was pretty much a dud.  The Collector Corps subscription service is, sadly, I think, doomed to fail.  As the boxes continue the amount of pieces in the boxes get smaller and more arbitrary.  For example, the Thor: Ragnarok box was the smallest set yet and, unfortunately, stuffed with fidget spinners and playing cards.

IMG_0788 (2)

The upcoming Hulk themed box should be a real game changer as far as if I’m going to keep subscribing to the service.  I’m both excited and nervous at the outcome of the set.  The pin, to its merit, is very well made.  All the pins are – they are metal, heavy and quality pieces.  The other pin, below, is a run of the mill tin pin that you can usually find for half a buck.  Still, I liked the image so it’s with the rest of the collection.

IMG_0789 (2)


Some Hulk Magents, Pins and Stickers (2011)

Hulk Stickers #1

2003 Puffy Hulk Stickers - Bought from a yard sale...

For the past few months I have picked up quite a few little knickknacks – pins, stickers, patches and magnets.  Showing these things off by themselves never seemed very interesting – but now that I have quite the collection of these things gathered so… here we go!

Hulk Motion Stickers

Foil Stickers

I love stickers.  Who doesn’t love stickers?  They STICK to things!  If you put them into a girl’s hair – which I did many times as a kid – they stick!  I think everyone had a sticker book at one time – and I have had plenty of different Hulk sticker – ones that glitter and ones that are puffy – but no scratch -n-sniff.  How great would a scratch-n-sniff Hulk sticker be?  What would the best smell for this sticker be?  Remember the old “skunk” smelly stickers are?  The Hulk scratch-n-sniff may have given that a run for his money!

Dimensional Stickers

Doesn't he look... DIMENSIONAL!

I found something called “dimensional” stickers.  I believe it was 465 who mentioned that these things existed and I went out and picked them up the next day.  I think that is one of the best things about what came out of this site – fans helping fans!  There’s a great poster named Toy Thinker who has many, many times given a heads up about Hulk product on the shelves.  If I get a heads up I know there are other people who visit this site who also get a heads up – so anyone wanting to add their two cents – feel free to do so!

More Marvel Stickers

Large Sticker won from a machine

Window Sticker

The pins that I have – some were bought – but the first two below were given to me by one of my best friends.  Both pins are from Hulky goodness in the past – the 1976 Marvel Calendar and the Marvel Treasury Edition #5.  Each one is about the size of a half-dollar and have held up well over the years!  They are dated 1975.

This image is from the 1976 Marvel Calendar

And.... Treasury Edition #5

I was also able to score a few pins from my LCS and I also wanted to include a shot of all the pins I have… I am not all that crazy for pins… it’s not like I seek them out – but I will pick one up if I see it.

Hulk Smash Pin

Hulk Pin - Image from TTA #97

Pretty Much all the Hulk pins I own...

The magnets were purchased just recently at Double Midnight Comics in NH.  The store was a bit lacking in back issues and comic selection but had some great Hulk items.  My favorite is the puffy magnet – the one from the cover of #206.  I’ve seen that image used so many times over – but this has to be one of my favorite uses!

Hulk Puffy Sticker


Hulk Magnet #2

Hulk #181 - recreation cover

The patch I picked up… well, I don’t know – who even uses patches?  I remember them being big in the 80’s or something… but don’t you iron these on?  And didn’t metal heads have them ironed onto their jean jackets?  Oh great… now all I have is the image of a metal head ironing…

Oh yeah! Who is the man?

Hulk Movie Pins (2008)


Here are 3 Hulk pins.  They… pin.  Maybe on your shirt?  If it was still 1984 and people pinned pins on their jean jackets.  That’s all to say about that…  here’s some Hulk pins.

Hulk Pins Collection

Hulk Pins

The pins at the top are all the incarnations of the Hulk.  They came out in 1990 – as well as the 2 in the middle that re-create McFarlane scenes.  I got these from Rubber Chicken Comics when it was still located in Milford.  I think it’s in Franklin now, if not, it’s right over the line.  The Universal Studio’s pin is from 1999 when I went on the Hulk Ride.  The other two are the oldest of this set that I have.  The small circular one at the bottom is from 1978 and I found that at a Flea Market.  The last I got off ebay.  My favorite is the pin where Grey Hulk is jumping through the air and you can see the moon behind him.