Green and Grey Hulk Puzzle Erasers (2012)

I was NOT going to go through package after package of these puzzle erasers to get the Hulks.  I just wasn’t.  I mean, if they were just a dollar or if I wanted to collect a bunch of them – that’s one thing – but I just wanted the Hulks.  And not even all ofContinue reading “Green and Grey Hulk Puzzle Erasers (2012)”

Incredible Hulk Puzzle (1990)

This board puzzle is in amazing condition for something that is almost 20 years old.  I don’t think a kid ever owned this puzzle cause I don’t see any teeth marks.  What?  I can’t be the only kid who ate puzzle pieces!  The Hulk is classically posed with a giant boulder over his head – butContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Puzzle (1990)”

Hulk Movie Puzzles (2008)

I found these on the Monday before all of the Hulk movie related merchandise was actually released.  These two puzzles weren’t purchased on that Monday though – BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T LET ME BUY THEM!  They put these items out early and then, when I went up to the register to purchase – they denied me. Continue reading “Hulk Movie Puzzles (2008)”