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Tokidoki Hulk Shirt – Shirt #23 (2010)


This company brought out a couple of Hulk shirts – I found this one first and snagged it up immediately – because it’s just that awesome!  Not only did I think it was awesome I bought it and then changed into this right away.  Litterally, right there at the counter.  It was a sight to behold.  A month later I took the shirt off again.  By force of course…


Hulk Shirt 21 (2008)

Hulk Shirt Front

Hulk Shirt Front

Now here’s an interesting shirt.  I had a little trouble finding the info on the illustration – but some good people at the Statue Forum helped me out.  The body is actually from the Master Edition of the Marvel Universe handbooks by Keith Pollard.  But the head is taken from Rich Buckler’s drawings in Incredible Hulk #200. (Thanks Fiddy!)  I found this shirt in a clearance rack in Newbury Comics.  Who knew Newbury would even HAVE a clearance rack?  And how many other people passed on owning this wonderful shirt?  For shame!  I’m not usually a fan of shirts with something on the front AND back – but I will forgive this one – because it also shows the Hulk’s front and back!  It’s almost like irony – if you knew nothing about irony!

Hulk Shirt Back

Hulk Shirt Back

Kirby Hulk Shirt (Hulk Shirt 19)(2008)

Kirby Hulk shirt

I bought this at the same time as I bought the Movie Hulk shirt at Bedrock Comics in Framingham.  I love this shirt and have already worn it twice.  I wore it to a cookout last Saturday where we had a fire pit and I went home smelling of fire smoke (the best smell ever).  My shirt still smells like that smoke and I love it!  What a classic image to put on a shirt – when the Hulk was still a menacing creature that was so visually arresting you had no choice but to pay attention to him!  I love Kirby’s image of the Hulk so much that it’s almost a shame the Hulk’s look has changed so much over the years.