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Some New Hulk Shirts


I wanted to post a few Hulk shirts I was able to procure these past few months.  The top pictured is from the Marvel Collector Corps Frist Avengers box.  While it’s exciting at first to get these boxes it certainly doe run its course and becomes a bit more tiresome.  I first decided to get the subscription service for the showdowns box that boasted that it will feature some of the best hero/villain match-ups of all time.  Imagine my major disappointment when the only Hulk related piece was a half green and half red Hulk pin – not sure if I featured mine on this site yet – but I will soon if I have not.  The real excitement from the First Avengers box came with this T-Shirt – and maybe it was a precursor to the upcoming exclusive Pop – of the Hulk #1 cover!

IMG_0843 (2)

The other Hulk shirt was a Gladiator Hulk charging toward you from the Thor: Ragnarok film.  Sold at TRU – or given away with a Funko/Marvel purchase – this T-Shirt was certainly a must have when I saw it.  I love the stylized take on the Gladiator Hulk!


Hulk Shirt #23 (2010)

Hulk Shirt 23... and still counting!

Here is another Hulk shirt… found this about a month ago – and I would have posted it earlier – it’s just really difficult to come up with new things to say about a shirt.  I mean, what do you say about a shirt?  It… looks cool.  It, ummm… smells new.  Love the image.  It’s… really black!  And that’s about it!  Other than that I would just have to come up with something else to say that doesn’t even pertain to the shirt!  And who wants to read something like that?

Hulk Shirt #22 (2009)

Hulk Shirt 21

Hulk Shirt 21

There are a few Hulk shirts that I have passed up – ones that I was fine with not owning – I do wear most of my Hulk shirts and proudly, I might add.  I was thinking about letting this Hulk shirt go, I mean it has sort of pastel colors, I don’t do pastel, and it’s very… feminine.  But it does have a Hulk image that is classic, amazing in fact.  Props will go to the person who can identify which cover that image comes off of – a small hint, because this is an easy question already, but it’s not a Hulk comic.  Anyways, this shirt may come out of the Hulk room someday – but my cat seems extra fond of it and as a bed right now (it’s laying on the couch) so I have a feeling it’s already been hijacked.  I don’t mind giving things up for my cat though – cause he’s a bad ass!  He’s taken down 3 mice and countless moths in the house – the least I can do is make him comfortable with a Hulk shirt.

Biggety Bam!  Hulk in Pastels!

Biggety Bam! Hulk in Pastels!

Hulk Shirt 18 (2008)


I’m posting this (the last shirt I posted was way back in November!) but this isn’t even the cooler one I bought!  I thought I’d show you this one first and then dazzle you with the other one I bought tomorrow.  I bought this shirt because I thought it wasn’t too tacky to wear and still shows the movie Hulk.  I bought this at a great comic shop I found in Framingham, MA called Bedrock Comics.  I think, I didn’t ask but with my keen powers of observation I was able to deduce, that next to the comic shop is a candy store owned by the Comic owner’s wife.  Check out Bedrock Comics for some friendly service.

The Brainwashing Continues!!!!

nicholas in Hulk

I have one of these shirts for my nephew – and then I bought another for when I have a little one I will deck out in Hulk!  I love the classic image and the vintage feel of the shirt.  I was happy to see they were releasing more than just the movie images of the Hulk.