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Marvel Covers Sticker Set (2011)

Marvel Covers Sticker Set

While I am digging other things out and rearranging the Hulk room (cleaning it) in order to take some decent pictures for you lovely people – here is a set of stickers that I picked up at my LCS sometime last year.  I think I liked this because of their choice for the Hulk cover.  Too many times Hulk #1 or #181 or #377 – some iconic cover is chosen – which is fine, really.  I get why – but this is the first time I saw them use the cover to #105.  Nice choice – classic Hulk stuff is the best!

A couple of Stickers and a Magnet (2011)

'63 Class President Sticker

I picked up a few more stickers – one of which will be replacing the window cling on my car right now – and because it’s just that cool – the Hulk for Class President – ’63, it’s classic enough but it looks like the pins of yesteryear that canidates were handing out.  The other sticker I’ve seen everywhere and it’s a full body shot of the image that they’ve used the head from.

Incredible Hulk Sticker

Sure enough I found a magnet of the classic Incredible Hulk #5 cover.  It makes me wish for the yesteryear of comics when I see these images.  I have them all – but of course they are all stored away – so when I see these covers it reminds me of the fantastic stories inside.  I get especially nostalgic when thinking about how they are now re-booting the Hulk AGAIN.  Even if we count the original 6 issues in the same series as the re-titled #102 it’s still the fourth time they have re-booted the title.  Keep in mind that the last time was just a few years ago…

Hulk Magnet - Issue #105

Some Hulk Magents, Pins and Stickers (2011)

Hulk Stickers #1

2003 Puffy Hulk Stickers - Bought from a yard sale...

For the past few months I have picked up quite a few little knickknacks – pins, stickers, patches and magnets.  Showing these things off by themselves never seemed very interesting – but now that I have quite the collection of these things gathered so… here we go!

Hulk Motion Stickers

Foil Stickers

I love stickers.  Who doesn’t love stickers?  They STICK to things!  If you put them into a girl’s hair – which I did many times as a kid – they stick!  I think everyone had a sticker book at one time – and I have had plenty of different Hulk sticker – ones that glitter and ones that are puffy – but no scratch -n-sniff.  How great would a scratch-n-sniff Hulk sticker be?  What would the best smell for this sticker be?  Remember the old “skunk” smelly stickers are?  The Hulk scratch-n-sniff may have given that a run for his money!

Dimensional Stickers

Doesn't he look... DIMENSIONAL!

I found something called “dimensional” stickers.  I believe it was 465 who mentioned that these things existed and I went out and picked them up the next day.  I think that is one of the best things about what came out of this site – fans helping fans!  There’s a great poster named Toy Thinker who has many, many times given a heads up about Hulk product on the shelves.  If I get a heads up I know there are other people who visit this site who also get a heads up – so anyone wanting to add their two cents – feel free to do so!

More Marvel Stickers

Large Sticker won from a machine

Window Sticker

The pins that I have – some were bought – but the first two below were given to me by one of my best friends.  Both pins are from Hulky goodness in the past – the 1976 Marvel Calendar and the Marvel Treasury Edition #5.  Each one is about the size of a half-dollar and have held up well over the years!  They are dated 1975.

This image is from the 1976 Marvel Calendar

And.... Treasury Edition #5

I was also able to score a few pins from my LCS and I also wanted to include a shot of all the pins I have… I am not all that crazy for pins… it’s not like I seek them out – but I will pick one up if I see it.

Hulk Smash Pin

Hulk Pin - Image from TTA #97

Pretty Much all the Hulk pins I own...

The magnets were purchased just recently at Double Midnight Comics in NH.  The store was a bit lacking in back issues and comic selection but had some great Hulk items.  My favorite is the puffy magnet – the one from the cover of #206.  I’ve seen that image used so many times over – but this has to be one of my favorite uses!

Hulk Puffy Sticker


Hulk Magnet #2

Hulk #181 - recreation cover

The patch I picked up… well, I don’t know – who even uses patches?  I remember them being big in the 80’s or something… but don’t you iron these on?  And didn’t metal heads have them ironed onto their jean jackets?  Oh great… now all I have is the image of a metal head ironing…

Oh yeah! Who is the man?

Hulk Stickers/Tattoos/Sticker Album (2009)

Hulk Stickers and Hulk Tattoos

Hulk Stickers and Hulk Tattoos

Continuing with the “value product – I’ll give you an extra little post here.  This set of little Hulk goodies are found at Target.  The stickers are sparkly and they have the Hulk and a couple Abomination figures on them – stickers are good honest fun – unless you put them in your hair, like I did when I was a kid and they had to cut them out.  I was the kid with a constant buzz cut and not because my parents liked the look of it but because I was one of those kids who never learned from my mistakes.  In my opinion, fake tattoos are way more fun as you get older – mainly because you can apply them to your “naughty” areas when you go out on dates.  What a nice surprise for the ladies when things get more intimate!

Sticker Album

Sticker Album