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Shield Smash Hulk (2008)

sheild smash

While I am awaiting the release of the final figure from series 2 I do have one last Hulk figure to show you – and if you haven’t seen the Hulk movie yet, you should probably stop reading HERE.

I absolutely love when they base figures from actual moments from the movie.  the Gamma Glow Hulk and Power Glow Hulk were cool – and the Mega Clap Hulk was fine as well (even though the mega clap only happened ONCE in the movie) this is great because they actually had an entire scene with the Hulk using these two little shields.  To boot it was one of the better action moments in the movie.  

Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)


One of these guys looks like Roth, obviously, but the other was one of the random soldiers that died in the movie – like the soldiers in the soda factory, of the soldiers at the field at the University or even the soldiers that went down with the helicopter at the end.  They should do a variant of these guys with blood streaming from their noses, ears, and eyes.  I’d buy it…

Well, I’d buy anything – so I guess that goes without saying…

Power Glow Hulk (2008)


I wandered into a toy store near where I was working today – and even though I wasn’t expecting to find anything because I already have the toys out – I came across the 2ND WAVE OF TOYS!  I will start by posting the awesome Power Glow Hulk that actually lights up pretty brightly.  I found all except the other Abomination figure – but I will get it.  I also already have 4 out of the 6 BK toys – I will post them when I have acquired them all.  I was psyched to get these though – especially when I wasn’t expecting to find any of the new toys yet!  But my local shops were a complete bust.  I traveled to each of the shops near me and found them bone dry of new stuff.  Such a bummer.


Wal*Mart Exclusive Hulk vs. Abomination 2-Pack (2008)


It says Battle in New York – but doesn’t it look more like they are slapping 5?  Or is Abomination calling the Hulk the winner?  He’s holding his hand up like a champ!  And why are they staring at each other like that?  It looks like the end of Rocky – not a battle in the Incredible Hulk movie.  The Hulk figure has black pants – so it is different.  The Abomination looks like the same figurethough… I didn’t find these locally – I had to drive to Groton, MA on Sunday (that’s about a 2-hour drive for anyone keeping score here) for work and found this at the store there.  I was pretty stoked that within a crazy work commute I could use that time to do something more productive – like finding the Wal*Mart exclusive that had been eluding me! 

Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk (2008)


This latest figure is also only found at Target.  It has glowing veins and a seriously strange constipated look on his face.  Exclusives are fine – but why do they have to look like this?  This Hulk either smells something funny or is semi-retarded.  Either way – why would a sculptor capture that look for a figure?  I still haven’t been able to locate the Wal*Mart 2-pack exclusive.  opefully coming to my local store soon.


Don’t Wake Hulk (2008)

don\'t wake hulk

Haven’t played this one yet – so, no pics of that.  Maybe soon.  I think this might be fun, but no way will it be more fun than Operation Hulk!  It’s based on the children’s game Don’t Wake Daddy.  You have to sneek around and hope Daddy – or in this case Hulk – don’t wake up.  This seems like a strange game.  Do you think the game’s creator was a child of an alchoholic?  Like, he had to sneak around and hope his father didn’t wake up – otherwise, he lost, AT LIFE!  Man, what a sad game to play!

Incredible Hulk Mega-Clap Hulk (2008)


The Hulk figures aren’t so bad – actually the scuplt is pretty good – with lots of articulation!  Big plus for people who open them out of there packages!  Besides, these packages aren’t that well thought out.  Very clumsy and easy to rip open.  Have to be extra careful for those of you like me who keep some of them in the package!  I have this little guy out of the package as well – but the thing is – his arms don’t go down!  They stay flailing out to the sides unless you puch the button on his back.  What’s up with that?