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Hulk Guest Appearances Vol. 13 – The Mighty Thor #489 (1995)


Hulk and Thor have battled many times – dating back to the formation of the Avengers – but Thor has bested the jade beast hardly ever.  Hulk is just too strong!  This does not mean Thor is a slouch in any way – it just means that the Hulk is better!  Of course, when the Hulk has to remain in control and can’t let loose on the golden-haired hero… well things don’t go as smoothly for the beast.


At a time when the Hulk’s raging anger turned him back to the 90-pound brilliant weakling the Hulk knew he couldn’t rely on his full anger to bail him out this time.  This is one of the rare times the Hulk is actually totally in the right.  With Thor stuck in “Death City” with Hela and Thor’s friends unable to help it is up to Hulk to make his way to Hel and save goldilocks.


The two tangle for most of the issue with the Hulk restrained from letting loose but Thor unleashing his full affront.  While the Hulk doesn’t quit and Thor being immortal Hela is inclined to take a trade: Thor for Malekith and Kurse (apparently there was a two for one special going on) releasing Thor from the promise he hade to be Hela’s slave.  Of course, the Hulk and Thor decided to team up and take a second before leaving Hel to beat the heck out of one of Balder’s pup.  Nothing like abusing a Hel puppy for real male bonding.



Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes
Hero vs. Hero Yes
“Hulk Smash!” No

Read This/Avoid This! Volume 1

Here’s something I meant to get into a while ago – especially when Aaron was writing the Hulk into the ground and there was nothing new worth reading of our favorite jade mass of muscles!  Basically I am going to highlight two books – One you should totally read – like, right now, and the other is one to avoid like the plague!  Let’s get started!

Avoid This!


Over the Edge Guest Starring The Incredible Hulk (1996)

W: Ralph Macchio
P: Stephen B Jones
I: Mike Witherby

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about silver-age Hulk characters!  I loves the ingenuity and imagination of them all – so one would think that seeing the villains who graced the 2nd issue ever of the Incredible Hulk series would make me jump for joy – but they would be dead wrong.  Especially when they are written this way.  This issue reminds me of the Ron Howard epic “Cocoon”.  That feel good movie where old people willingly go live on another planet full of beings who glow and make it with each other by shooting light from their bodies.  Except, in this version, pretend Arnold Schwarzenegger comes in at the end and beats the aliens to hell and forces Wilfred Brimley to stay here on Earth to make diabetes commercials for the rest of his days.

Everything about this comic is embarrassing, including the way they write Betty as a nagging, out of touch, non observant ditz who badgers the Hulk into helping a town of people who aren’t looking for it. Not to mention, this is at the stage when the merged Hulk would sometimes bandage himself up (a la The Invisible Man) to disguise himself from the locals.  Because seeing an 8 foot tall man bandaged head to toe is not curious at all. The worst offense of this comic might just be when they had a gigantic Toad Man, that looks like a rejected cereal box mascot, come out to battle the Incredible Hulk and this exchange happened:


There isn’t a whole lot of information about what Over The Edge titles were supposed to be exactly – more family friendly comics, maybe?  I have no idea as I’ve only read the Hulk one and it isn’t very good so I didn’t bother seeking out anymore.  Grade: D-

Read This Instead!


The Incredible Hulk (Volume 1) #255 (1981)

W:Bill Mantlo
A: Sal Buscema

There is a reason when people refer to the Hulk most people still think of the Hulk as the brutish, child-like, rage-filled monster that he was for most of the 70’s and 80’s.  It was a fantastic time to be a Hulk fan.  This issue pits a very angry Hulk against a somewhat butthurt Thor.  Thor, as Donald Blake just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time to see the Hulk causing a disturbance in a train yard.  Thinking he had to intervene (as so many heroes do) he confronted the Hulk while thinking back about their previous encounters.  In fact, Thor thinks about having a re-match pitting strength against strength:


and this happens a few panels later:


Mantlo was a genius when it came to writing a savage and sympathetic Hulk.  If you’re looking for some good Hulk stories – it’s time to pick through those back issues and snag yourself a copy of this one!  Grade: A

465 for the WIN!


Nice job to 465 – a great guy I hope to meet in person one day – who guessed the correct series and issue – The Mighty Thor #488!


Hulk Mini-Mates (2012)

Professor Hulk and Thor MiniMates

Some of the better Avengers stuff is making its way into the stores.  What a great time for Marvel, huh?  Avengers is on its way to becoming one of the top three money makers ever – maybe even taking the #1 slot (it still has a LONG way to go to beat it – but who know?  I believe it deserves it!).  There is two sets of Mini-Mates out right now – first up: Hulk and Iron Man.

Hulk and Iron Man MiniMates

This set has the uglier of the Hulks and Iron Man looks… how should I put this?  He looks… meh.  Does the helmet come off?  I don’t have an open version of this… yet – but it looks like the helmet would come off – especially since it comes with extra hair (with non-green ears) – and when they do that they have to make the helmet just a bit too large and clunky looking.


Now, the expression on the Hulk’s face almost ruins this whole set.  Is he curious?  What is that face?  Confused?  Did he just walk in on Cap changing out of his costume?  Other than the expression the figure is pretty much the same as all of the other Mini-Mates.  Grade for this set: C+

Professor Hulk – a little more image conscious

The other set is Hulk and Thor – of course this is no ordinary Hulk – they gave us another version of the Professor Hulk!  I know some Hulk fans are not as big of a fan of this personality – but I am glad we got a new version without the brown jumpsuit!  Thor, of course, looks pretty bad ass, and comes with an extra “clean shaven” head.  This is the better of the two sets – if you can only get one – get this.  Grade: B-

“Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #436

This storyline starts off with a bang… almost literally.  The army comes looking for the Hulk and finds Betty… Oh boy, do they find Betty!  She gets back into the house only with enough time to tell Bruce not to come get her – that they won’t hurt her.  That’s when Talbot walks in – not Glen Talbot but his nephew – Matt Talbot.  And he’s just a little angry with Betty… and he’s out to prove he can take the Hulk down.  He wastes only just a bit of time before he pulls Betty out of the house and shoots her right in the leg. 

Matt Talbot isn't messing around!

This, of course send Bruce off to her rescue.  Bruce is met with all new Hulkbuster units.  They are holding Hulk at bay – but mostly just pissing him off and getting destroyed.  That’s when Matt Talbot shoots Betty in her other leg.  Hulk goes all “flying fury” toward Talbot – only to turn into “Savage Banner” by the time he reaches him – and a solider knocks him out with one hit.

Incredible Hulk #437

They take Bruce to a government facility where, if they keep him awake and mad – then they don’t have to worry about the Hulk!  Betty, on the other hand, wakes up in the hospital.  She runs into the police officer that tried to help her before – and he says he wants to help break her husband out.  He introduces Betty to – one of the worse named groups ever – The Head Shop.  Yes, the Head Shop.  They are a groups of people created by the Leader – and they want to help release the Hulk so that he may help them find the Leader.  They’re a group of 5 – but were once a group of 6 – the last member being Frost – you might remember Frost – Hulk ran into him back in Vegas back in issues #395-396. 

Now, the current leader of Freehold is a green man by the name of Omnibus – and even though he has strikingly similar features of the Leader – he is not the Leader – except he thinks he is sort of possessed by the Leader.  Omnibus is getting control over certain men, and with the Alliance ready to make terrorist attacks, he is thrilled thinking that his plan is going over so well…

Bruce - not as strong as he thinks...

The Head Shop helps Bruce escape – but the issue is still that he THINKS he is the Hulk and he is not – Bruce has no enhanced abilities and is actually worse than the Hulk as he is vulnerable in almost every way!  This becomes a real problem when Bruce, thinking he is Hulk, goes to stop a grenade and it goes off.

Incredible Hulk #438

The Head Shop brings the practically dead Banner out to the waiting helicopter that Betty is flying.  She sees Bruce’s condition and freaks – but they tell her they need to take off.  Once in the air though, Betty goes to check on the lifeless Bruce, only for the Hulk t emerge – except the Hulk doesn’t exactly look like himself.  His skin color is darker and he’s a bit nastier to… well, everyone – but especially Betty.  The Hulk is informed that the shrapnel from the grenade is still in his body – that his organs have healed around all the bits of metal – and the ones in his brain may be a problem.  When the Head Shop asks for Hulk’s help to find the Leader he tells them that the Leader is dead.  The Hulk remembers that the Leader once took a bullet out of his brain – maybe he can use his machines to take the remaining metal out of him as well.

Hulk... getting snippy

Matt Talbot wants to find who is responsible for freeing the Hulk and he wants the Hulk found again – but Gyrich tells him that the Alliance is more important at this time and that they have to stop them.  Talbot begrudgingly agrees.

Hulk is leaping through the air near Mt Rushmore when a huge explosion happens – Hulk wonders what that’s all about – and we see the Great Wall of China also get blown up – and Omnibus watching it all go down – laughing away that his plan is working perfectly!  Soon everyone will be blaming each other and it will be Omibus to have to pick up the pieces – and we watch as Omnibus changes into the Leader!

Incredible Hulk #439

The Hulk stands outside of Freehold and gets attacked by Ogress and Hot Shot – seeing as the last time Hulk was in Freehold you really can’t blame them for going on the defensive.  All across the country things are amiss – a man finds one of the Leader’s Humanoids sitting in the parking garage of the World Trade Center – a man taking the tour in the White House hears the President is not there and he suddenly stops and sits in a chair as the tour goes on without him.  Meanwhile, Jailbait is back in the lab where Omnibus came in before and freaked out on her and Hot Shot, so when Omnibus comes in this time – Jailbait hides and overhears the big headed maniac say he is the leader of the Alliance!

A Humanoid... in the never forgotten WTC

Rick Jones and Marlo are visited by a lawyer saying that her clients would like to have a reality show of them named “Keeping up with the Jones” (Holy Crap!  Keeping up with the Jones?!!  Are you kidding me?  I hope PD is getting royalty rights to the name from that horrible Kardashian show!)  But then we see that the whole world is going crazy as explosions are happening everywhere.  The President wants it taken care of – he wants answers – and Gyrich turns back to his advisors and wants the same from them.  Talbot, spoken like a true army man, simply asks for a target.  But now we join Hulk back in Freehold where he and Omnibus talk over how they can take the shards of metal out of his body.  But then Omnibus shows the Hulk all the destruction happening all over the world.  The Hulk freaks out – starts talking to himself – knows that this is the future that Maestro talked about.  And back at Mt Rushmore we see only half of it was destroyed – until something hits it and destroys the other half.  When the dust clears we see the Hulk – now with a beard and long hair – and most importantly, calling himself the Maestro!

Incredible Hulk #440

And who better to take down one of the strongest incarnations of the Hulk ever?  That’s right – only a God would stand a chance against him – Mr. Goldilocks himself – Thor!  Problem is – as the Avengers learn about the Maestro’s appearance (who they think looks amazingly like Hulk) Thor is de-powered and depressed.  But soon – things change – Thor is not only back – but he’s mad.  He says to beat the Hulk he needs to really cut loose – the way the Hulk seems to – not restrained in any way.  Well, as the battle rages on there are distinct eyes upon the beat down – Betty being one, Talbot being another.  Matt Talbot has an atomic bomb ready to be dropped on the Hulk at a mention – but as everyone else watches thinking the Hulk has lost his mind – only Betty knows the truth.  Hulk visited Betty before he went to Rushmore, saying that the world needs a scapegoat – needs someone to blame – so that they don’t all blame each other.  He is that scapegoat – the perfect patsy.

The Hulk knows what te world needs... and it's someone to blame.

Back in Freehold – thanks to Jailbait’s earlier discovery – and her loose lips on the matter – the citizens of Freehold learn that Omnibus – their leader – IS the Alliance.  They storm the lab where Omnibus is and… well, they take care of business.  But that leaves the Hulk and Thor – still battling – Thor out for blood.  He’s in a berserker rage like never before.  Suddenly Samson shows up to overlook the fight and give Talbot a professional opinion about the Hulk – is he out of control or not.  But Talbot hardly needs convincing and sends the signal to drop the bomb.  Hulk sees the bomb  – and with some parting words punches Thor as hard as he can and sends Thor to the stratosphere.  The bomb touches down and in a firey explosion the Hulk is gone.  Samson can’t believe it – Talbot is celebrating – until Samson back hands him – and the Head Shop asks Betty – who was still watching – they ask if she’s okay.  She’s starts laughing deliriously. 

I know I am missing an issue in this storyline – and the sad thing is my computer is down and getting cleaned out – so  I wasn’t able to add it in – I will make sure to add it in later.  It’s the Cutting Edge issue and I remembered it too late. Also, when I get my computer back I will review the latest issues – the end of the Chaos War.  Now, back to these issues –  The storyline had it’s up and downs for sure – beginning with the art of Angel Medina.  It is so inconsistent – there are some freakin’ fantastic shots – but most of his panels are really awkward looking.  And then there is the storyline itself – we begin with a bang – the introduction of Matt Talbot was awesome – and how die hard is he – and shooting Betty?  Bad-ass! But he turns out to be another Army wacko just wanting blow things up…  Also, the Leader coming back was fantastic – except David himself has gone on record as saying that the Leader appearance was left open-ended as maybe in Omnibus’ head.  Eve the Thor vs Hulk fight was questionable.  There are some die hard Thor fans that claim he wasn’t up to full strength – but this was one of the best Hulk vs. Thor fights ever and to me showed just who the real powerhouse is.  So pretty much everything in these issues were left with highs and lows.  I was looking to see if this was ever collected into a trade – but did not come across anything – and with it so deep in the David run I think we’ll have to wait to see if they even make it into the Visionaries trades.  If they do it will surely be up to Volume 20. Grade: C

Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor (1965)

Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor #112

Since I was talking about this book in the earlier post then I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show you my copy of JIM #112.  I found this issue in Rhode Island on my first trip to the Time Capsule.  A shop that has a constantly revolving silver age wall – they do have a Incredible Hulk #3 for $800 – it’s a beauty to look at!  I wish I could afford it!  But this is a great issue – for anyone who has read it you would know that the Hulk and Thor don’t actually fight in this issue – but instead a group of whipper-snappers ask Thor what it was like to fight the Hulk and he re-counts the fight he had in Avengers #3.  The Hulk actually lifts Thor’s hammer – yup, it’s true!  I mean, sure, Thor’s Hammer had lost it’s enchantment for 5 minutes… but he did lift the thing!

Hulk vs. Thor – in the comics!

I will have to say – this is certainly one of the best match-ups in comics – a mortal with unmeasurable strength against a God.  There is a long history of these two powerhouses meeting up – so here’s some of the covers featuring them!  Quick note – each comic posted is from my collection – and I just recently acquired the first:
Journey Into Mystery #112 - The one that started it all!

Journey Into Mystery #112 - The one that started it all!

The Incredible Hulk #255 - Very Hard to Find!

The Incredible Hulk #255 - Very Hard to Find!


The Mighty Thor #385 - A cover for the ages!

The Mighty Thor #385 - A cover for the ages!

The Defenders #10 - Classic Cover!

The Defenders #10 - Classic Cover!

Heroes Reborn #  - This must be Hippy Hulk.  Damn Hippies.

Heroes Reborn #2 - This must be Hippie Hulk. Damn Hippies.

The Avengers #

The Avengers #5 - Liefeld's take on Hulk

Onslaught Reborn - Joe Mad's version of the Hulk - one of my favorites!

Onslaught Reborn #2 - Joe Mad's version of the Hulk - one of my favorites!

The Incredible Hulk Annual #

The Incredible Hulk Annual 2001

And now for the Red Hulk vs. Thor covers:

Hulk #5

Hulk #5

Hulk #5 - 2nd Print

Hulk #5 - 2nd Print

Hulk #5 - Variant Cover

Hulk #5 - Variant Cover

And one last one!  Not Hulk vs. Thor – but worth the mention… I give you… Hulk vs. Abomination!:

Thor #178 - The Abomination takes on a God!

Thor #178 - The Abomination takes on a God!