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28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 28


This was one of the hardest lists to put together – had to draw a lot of pics from the same sources – but I think you guys will enjoy the next 30 days… coming soon!


28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 26


Wow… closing out February and all seems right.

28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 25


Alright kiddos, reviews are on the way… just got a few things to do today and then I will be posting.  By the by, is the Hulk most effective with Bruce Banner’s brain – or when he is a savage brute? Go!

28 Days with Hulk and Guns… Day 24


Your problem is you brought a gun to a Hulk fight…

28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 23


You know you’re in trouble when the only thing that can save you is a freeze gun!

28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 21


The entire run of the era of Fixit we never saw him use a firearm… but it sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?  What’s a gangster with out a gun, really?  A fat Italian?

28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 20


If there was an artist who deserves more credit for the amazing run he had on a series I think it would be Gary Frank.  As much as people talk about seminal Hulk artists, he usually gets left off of lists for more talked about artists like Trimpe and Keown.  While those artists certainly shouldn’t be taken off any lists for Frank – maybe they should make the lists a little longer to include him!