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Marvel Mini-Mates Hulkbuster / Corvus Glaive (2018)

nonhulk 018 (2)

Infinity War stuff is still pouring out onto the shelves including a brand new Hulkbuster figure!  I have every mini-mate Hulkbuster and as cool as this one is nothing has come close to the original figure.  You can lift the helmet and see the little Iron Man helmet inside.  While they usually give us an extra head now, one that we replace the helmeted head with the regular one.

nonhulk 020 (2)

This offering we don’t even get that – one that I would have loved to see as it was Bruce Banner inside the armor.  So while all of the Hulkbuster Mini-Mates are really cool this one doesn’t really live up to its predecessors.

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Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Pop! (2018)

IMG_1300 (2)

There are so many different emotions when you think about the latest Avengers movie.  While it was an amazing translation from comic to screen it was also a low point in the Hulk’s silver screen life.  Bruce Banner does sport the Hulkbuster in this movie so his inclusion in the Hulk room is totally justified beyond a simple rival.

IMG_1298 (2)

This Pop figure is a better representation than the original Pop that was offered in the very first Marvel Collector’s Corp.  This more stylistic version of the figure reminds me of the amazing art of Chris Uminga.  Look for his work – if you’re not familiar you won’t be disappointed!  This Hulkbuster doesn’t really follow the large head, tiny body format that the Pops are so known for.  What would have been amazing would be an opening helmet feature with a tiny Bruce Banner inside – much like the Gamestop exclusive Hulk bursting out of the armor released a few months ago.

IMG_1301 (2)

Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Figure (2018)

IMG_1248 (2)

I previously complained about certain figures being priced a little higher than others in this line I have to say, this figure may actually be worth the price!  It’s not only huge and heavy it also has a decent sculpt that totally rocks!  An easy $12 was pretty easy to swallow when you get a figure like this.  The Hulk wasn’t much bigger than the regular figures in this series – but you can’t say that for this guy!  The Hulkbuster in the movie being controlled by Bruce Banner also makes it easier to add to the collection and not have to make excuses for it.

IMG_1249 (2)

GameStop Exclusive Hulking Out of the Hulkbuster Pop Figure (2018)

IMG_1258 (2)

While it’s true this scene did not appear in the new Avengers movie I am optimistic about part 2.  The Hulk was served a raw deal in this new movie but the rest of the film was too good to focus on the negative.  After seeing the movie it makes sense that the Hulk offerings are also pretty sparse when it comes to merchandising.  Seeing as our favorite Jade Jaws appears in a total of 5 unfavorable minutes it’s probably best we don’t recall his cameo at all.

By the way – if you have yet to see the new Avengers you should absolutely stop reading!  In fact, it’s also advisable to not read the above paragraph either.  If you did already… my bad.  I don’t know about you but I was definitely waiting for a great scene like the one that is illustrated in this piece.  Even though it doesn’t happen yet I can still see this occurring and it being a total badass moment!

I’m still pretty excited that Funko released this Pop figure.  It is both slightly larger than a regular Pop AND still on a smaller sale than the regular Pops.  I was lucky enough to score this guy due to having a contact at GameStop – seeing as reports are saying most stores are only receiving 3 of them, if any at all.  I hope all my Gammabros out there were able to snag one!  Don’t get suckered into the second hand prices that the scalpers are charging.  It’s always demoralizing seeing just how many of these cool pieces end up in flippers hands.  Right now they are ranging between $35-$70 on eBay.  GameStop retails them or just $18.99.

IMG_1263 (2)

New Lego Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster w/ Bruce Banner (2018)

IMG_1182 (2)

IMG_1183 (2)

I was very skeptical to buying a new Hulkbuster – there was nothing wrong with the last one – and I wasn’t all that sure that the improvements to this set was going to be worth the price tag.  The biggest push was the fact that this set includes a Bruce Banner figure!  The only other way to snag a Bruce Banner was to pick up the larger Ultimate Battle for Asgard set from Thor: Ragnarok.

IMG_1184 (2)

IMG_1185 (2)

This new Hulkbuster certainly does have quite a few improvements and is a bit larger than the older version.  It was a great surprise because it made it feel like this wasn’t a huge waste of money OR time.  This Hulkbuster even has toes!  TOES!

IMG_1186 (2)

Some people have said that this might be a spoiler from the new movie with Bruce Banner being inside the armor instead of Tony Stark!  I imagine a great scene with Banner hulking out of the armor and the Hulk breaking out to battle Thanos!  That would be great!

IMG_1187 (3)

Leader/Bruce Banner Hulkbuster Mini-Mates (2017)

IMG_0706 (2)

IMG_0707 (2)

Walgreens continues to offer some decent exclusives.  I have picked up the Leader and Bruce Banner in Hulkbuster armor MiniMates set and I have to be honest – it’s pretty dang cool!  I don’t recall this Bruce Banner armor from the comics – but I am pretty psyched with it.  For one of the greatest Hulk foes to be include in the set makes this even better!

IMG_0708 (2)

IMG_0710 (2)

Let’s just say I am a sucker when something features a character directly linked to the Hulk himself – so to see a set with two characters made me downright giddy!  Especially to see a classic version of one of the Hulk’s oldest enemies!

IMG_0711 (2)

IMG_0709 (2)

I enjoy the MiniMates – the amount of articulation and ability to pose these figures however you want make these little guys perfect to recreate classic covers with.  The amount of detail is also pretty impressive considering these guys are about 2″ tall.  A great set worth the pick up.

IMG_0712 (2)

Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)

Antone 1 old 028

Antone 1 old 029

So, I was informed that the store that sold me the Avengers Hulk I showed off last week was not actually supposed to do that.  These had a street date of February 1st – I found this out when I saw this set at Toys R Us last Monday and tried to purchase it – but was stopped at the register saying that they aren’t allowed to sell them just yet.  How odd!  But I did go back and grab these on Sunday.  Of course, I would have liked to post this earlier but we here in MA were blasted with a ton of snow!

Antone 1 old 001

These figures are still the cheaper versions – and this set is part of the 2-packs (most of the figures in this series has a character and a vehicle) but of course, the Hulk/Hulkbuster set is the best!  It is the most common in the assortment and it’s obviously because they expect it to be the most popular.  The figures sculpts are really decent – but don’t expect too much out of them as far as articulation.  The IM has only two points (arms) – even his head is immobile.  The Hulk, on the other hand, boasts the 5 point articulation that the other inexpensive figure did.  The downside is the size.

Antone 1 old 005

This figure is tiny – but is obviously in size with the Hulkbuster – I don’t remember the Hulkbuster suit being that much bigger than the Hulk in the comics – but we’ll see how things transpire in the movies.  The Hulkbuster figure does open up so that you can slip the smaller Iron Man figure inside. It will be good to see the Hulkbuster in action in the movie rather than the little tease we were given back in Iron Man 3.  So, I guess the real question we’re left with is “Is this set worth it?”  Well, with the Marvel Legend figures on the way that will have a BAF Hulkbuster I don’t know if people, other than the real fanatics, need to pick this one up.  Grade: C

Antone 1 old 006