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Incredible Hulk #5 (2012) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #5

I’m back!  Wait till you see what I got for the Hulk room!  But I have a ton of stuff to post this week – with Avengers toys hitting the shops – reviews to catch up on and a few new ebay purchases!  It is only February and I think I have already made a spot on my WORST of 2012 list for this particular issue.  Aaron’s run thus far has been pretty bad – but this is where the story gets just downright silly.

The Positive: … The cover is sort of cool…

The Negative: Seriously – I couldn’t find one good thing about this book – the art is incredibly laughable – this can’t be doing Portacio any real favors!  And the revelations in the story is eye rolling hilarious!  I mean, let’s, just for a second, believe that the Hulk would go to Doom after all these years – let’s just say he was desperate enough and that this part of the story is not as ludicrous as it seems.  Let’s say Doom CAN separate Banner and Hulk… which in itself, after all we’ve learned about the character, is pretty impossible (I don’t believe he’s actually separated them – this is something Gary Miller made mention of before – he could be totally on spot)

But now you want to tell me that Doom is SO smart – SO amazing – that he can actually SEE the different parts of the brain?  Take it from me kids – the brain, it’s not labeled – so to think that there is two sides of a brain – the Banner and the Hulk side – is just stupid.  The worst part?  Doom spends a few panels actually looking at the brain and saying he create whatever combination he’d like – just by looking at his brain.

I really am amazed – I never thought I would see a worse written Hulk story than the drivel that Loeb handed us – but boy was I wrong!  I still say Loeb is worse – but Aaron has now made it into my Worst Hulk Writers list – a list that is pretty exclusive – so he may just be proud!  As far as the art is concerned, this is the worst the Hulk the comic has looked in a long time.  This is a low, low time for the Hulk.  Grade: F