Stan Lee’s “Hulk of Many Colors” (2009) – The Review

Stan Lee really should have just politely declined being part of Hulk #600.  This story is a quick secondary story after the waste of space that is Loeb’s story.  I understand it’s a throw away, gag – but really, why waste time and energy on this ridiculousness.  Alright, very short and sweet – Hulk andContinue reading “Stan Lee’s “Hulk of Many Colors” (2009) – The Review”

The Incredible Hulk #600 (2009) – The Review

Before I even bother with this review, yes – I knew that the Red Hulk’s identity would not be revealed in this issue – in fact, Loeb said in an interview that it would not be revealed until sometime in 2010 – but I’m not holding my breath, we’ve been lied to before.  As in…Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk #600 (2009) – The Review”

Big News for the Hulk titles!!!

So here’s the scoop – Hulk will continue on featuring the Red Hulk, the Incredible Hulk will become an ongoing title once again starting with The Incredible Hulk #600 (The pic above the is the Tim Sale variant – which I love!).  Incredible Hercules will continue on as well as Skaar – only it willContinue reading “Big News for the Hulk titles!!!”