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The Incredible Hulks #620 (2011) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #620

Bruce - watching his Dad's version of foreplay...

Mom 1, Betty 0

So where were we last?  Oh yes, The Hulk is battling Zom and Abomination – and his Father… all of whom are dead.  Some of Hulk’s dead friends are back too – like Samson and Jarella – and… well, Talbot – although they really weren’t friends.  Meanwhile, Herc and Co. were busy battling the Chaos King and his army of 10,000.  Herc is told about Marlo and the tinge of Death that still resides in her.  He scans the Hulk’s mind to see where he is at mentally and finds the little kid inside the Hulk reliving the horrible moment where Bruce’s mother was killed.  Brian Banner is becoming stronger – being fueled off of the memories from his son – who is not giving up the battle.  The more they battle Hulk’s father the more they are burned, beaten – the whole Hulk family is practically destroyed – when Jarella steps up to the plate.

You've looked better Hulk...

Jarella taking charge!

Jarella uses the love that the Hulk feels for her to battle Brain Banner – and drives a sword right through his brain.  The Hulks stand together – ready to battle the Hulk’s father down to size but it is the Hulk, with a simple blow of his breath, that destroys his father.  Let’s not forget about ZOM and Abomination though…

Bye Bye, Brian

Abomination and ZOM are still after Marlo -and even with an assault by A-Bomb to protect her – ZOM reaches her.  He tells her to show Death and claim all of the victims.  So she does – but instead of things going the way they thought it would – Marlo uses Death against ZOM and Abomination and puts them back in hell.

Marlo - needing some Oil of Olay

With everyone safe, the Hulk thanks everyone for standing with him.  Then the loved one start to disappear and the Hulk family are now standing with Hercules and his small army.  Herc asks the Hulks for help – he knows how much they’ve been through – he asks how they could possibly be ready for more.  The Hulk answers with “Just give us something to smash!”

The Hulks never get a break...

Pak weaves such brilliant Hulk stories – it’s too bad that people aren’t buying them.  Not as much as they bought the crap Loeb shoveled out.  People claim that sometimes it’s nice to read stuff you don’t have to think about – at least that’s what they said to me in defense of why they read and enjoy the stories.  Which is basically another way of saying “I like to read things that are dumb so I don’t have to understand anything hard”.  Well, here’s the thing you’re missing.  Pak’s ability to make you laugh and be genuinely worried about how the Hulk will make it through this one.  Even after all this time – through all of Hulk’s history – Pak can still present stories that you don’t know how it will pan out.  How the Hulk will make it through and prevail.  I can’t wait to see how this one ends – because so far, this ride has been one hell of a ride! Grade: A+