Wow… A Series Relaunch… Again?

How has Marvel continued along the same path for years now without keeping in mind that readers are going to tire of all the ridiculousness.  What am I talking about exactly?  Well, Marvel is re-launching the Hulk title… again.  Since the events of Planet Hulk (and including the Red Hulk series which served as theContinue reading “Wow… A Series Relaunch… Again?”

Catching Up Thursdays – and Happy New Year!

Wow – the beginning of a new year!  Let’s catch up with a few new issues – annuals of my favorite comics to be exact: Indestructible Hulk Annual #1 (2013) W: Jeff Parker I: Mahmud Asar Parker has a real knack for writing interesting and fun stories that intertwine perfectly with continuity.  History is asContinue reading “Catching Up Thursdays – and Happy New Year!”

Catching Up Thursdays…

Let’s catch up on some comic book reading!  I usually only read two comics a month – not because of anything other than the two comics I read are the only ones I am interested in.  So, What has been happening in: The Indestructible Hulk Issues #11-15 – Agents of T.I.M.E. W: Mark Waid I:Continue reading “Catching Up Thursdays…”

“Catching Up With” Wednesday!

Part of my new design – the reviews will now be called “Catching Up With” – They may not always fall on Wednesdays – but it will be a few different series as I have picked up and dropped a few different titles.  For example, I dropped the Red Hulk series when it became RedContinue reading ““Catching Up With” Wednesday!”