Hulk Toon Tumblers #3 (2009)

A whole new set of Tumblers have made their way onto store shelves – and they seem to have concentrated on Silver Age images this time around. I know this is a Kirby Hulk but for the life of me I can’t remember where it’s from… a TTA? An early TIH? Which ever it isContinue reading “Hulk Toon Tumblers #3 (2009)”

Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier (2008)

What an amazing book this is!  Not onl does it follow the late, great Jack Kirby’s life and the early days of Marvel but it also gives you a TON of amazing pictures and older sketches from the master himself.  The book also calls into question exactly how much writing Stan Lee did – andContinue reading “Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier (2008)”

Incredible Hulk #2 (1962)

  I’m getting closer to owning every comic- and this was definitely a big score!  A mint copy of Incredible Hulk #2 (minus the mint).  This amazing piece of History has the first ever green Hulk!  Not to mention Hulk fighting the Toad Men.  See what goes down in this comic on the FIRST 6 page. Continue reading “Incredible Hulk #2 (1962)”

Incredible Hulk #6 (1963)

Just look at that cover!  I know, the comic is in terrible shape, but it’s freakin’ Incredible Hulk #6!  At a time when artists and writers didn’t even put their names on the cover!  Little did they know then that they would become legends.  Kirby’s style created the look and excitement to almost every flagship characterContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #6 (1963)”