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Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…

Mayan Rule Cover...

Click the link – I’ll be honest – I have yet to read about it – kind of busy right now.  But just the pics alone look interesting.  Parker has been writing the hell out of this series so I am pretty sure whatever is being cooked up will be fun… anyways – like I said – busy now – so more posts later…

Hulk #47 (2012) – The Review

Hulk #47

Joey Q came up with a very interesting idea.  Ross, who hates and has hunted the Hulk his whole life, becomes the Hulk himself.  Brilliant!  The execution needed to be handled by someone who knew and cared about the history, respected the character and writes for the love of telling a classic, fantastic story – not for gimmicks.  Unfortunately, they got Jeph Loeb to do it.  The whole brilliant side of what could have been was replaced with one of the worst written pieces of crap storylines introducing the world to a character whose “fan boys” (or at least a great majority of them) would abandon as soon as a better writer came along to add some depth to him.

That is the unfortunate history of Parker’s luck with the Red Hulk.  Parker wasn’t interested in making Red beat up the Silver Surfer (which he had no business doing in the first place) instead he brought the character down to Earth, less powerful and… the only misstep that I see – a hero.  I like the idea that Red was a villain.  With the Abomination gone (for now) Hulk needs a villain that can match his power.

But I digress, still, even with my reservations, this is one of the best written comics in the Marvel line-up today.  This issue sees his daughter, Betty, coming back for a heart to heart – only to be squashed by Betty’s other self.  Meanwhile Zero/One comes back into the fray only this time it’s Red who’s attacking her/it.  I like the idea of a Hulk smashing big monsters – and that’s where this issue leaves us – with the promise of a fantastic beat down with oversized aquatic creatures!  I can’t wait for issue #48.

Grade: B+

Catching up with the Red Hulk…

Hulk #37

Parker continues to shine as the Hulk title keeps going strong!  Unlike TIHs which is striking a hic-up among some strong Hulk fans; Parker’s storyline , as it comes together, continues to be engaging and wildly entertaining!  The last we knew MODOK 2.0, and Zero/One’s assassin Black Fog both took a swipe at taking out Red – but starting with issue #37 Parker is asked to tie “Fear Itself” or as most are calling it “ZZZZZZZZZ Huh?  Wha..? Is Marvel still doing big events that no one cares about?  Oh – awesome” but we’ll call it “Fear Itself” for short.  So, the worthy Thing and Red battle – but the Thing… Ah – Angrir topples the Avengers tower onto Red – leaving him vulnerable. 

Black Fog goes in for the kill – but MODOK 2.0 is like “Uh-uh – that’s mine!” and attacks him.  The old logical MODOK would have realized that if someone want to kill one of his enemies, well, that’s less work for him – but the new MODOK wants the kill – he wants to be the one who does it, to revel in his kill.  Sure enough, Black Fog does not take too kindly to MODOK’s advances and goes to kill him – but Zero/One stops him.  She wants Red killed and figures that keeping someone alive who also wants Red dead will only help the cause.

Hulk #38

At this time Red gets taken out of the equation by being hit by the Thing and being knocked 15 miles away!  Meanwhile MODOK and Zero/One combine forces to take out the Serpent’s army in order to keep them from taking over Manhattan.  But as Red returns to his childhood home and remembers his Mom and tries to stop crying like a little girl he also runs into the Omegex.  Cue dramatic music!

Sure enough Red gets knocked into my neck of the woods – good ‘ole dirty water Boston!  Omegex continues it’s assault on Red – who is taking the beating pretty well – until Black Fog slices the tool of the Uatu right through the chest.  I can’t imagine that really stopping it – but we will have to wait to see.  If you are not reading Parker’s Hulk series it’s a shame – because it’s really good.  I saw the whole “bad guys turning on each other” aspect coming – but it’s still good reading!  Grade on all 3 issues: B+

Hulk #39

Latest Reviews!

Hulk #36 - Red takes on Zzzax

Hulk #36

The Good: Why does Parker torture me so?  Why can’t he just write badly and make me want to trash the book?  No, instead he writes solid story after solid story (alright, Planet Red Hulk was pretty bad) and it makes me want to read the next issue!  Even worse, he’s writing classic Hulk stories the way no one else can – and over in The Incredible Hulks we’re getting a mess of characters weighing down the title. 


So, here we are – MODOK shows his “face” – if you can all that ugly mug a face – and looks to kill off Red.  He chooses Zzzax – which, as any good Hulk fan would know, is a terrible choice as Ross WAS once Zzzax – and that turns out to be the downfall.  All Zzzax does is touch Red and the two are linked once again – and Red can make Zzzax work for him – something the new MODOK didn’t factor in.  I do like this new MODOK – as Red mentions – it’s a more sadistic being – one that isn’t always just calculating on how to dispose of his enemies – but actually enjoys seeing his plans go into action – watching the killing!  The art really works in this issue – Zzzax especially looks amazing!  Red really shows a soft side for Annie – and it seems more and more that Zeno was right. 

The Bad: Mostly, just the Cap variant cover.

Hulk #36 Cap Variant

The Ugly (Truth): Buy this book.  Buy the hell out of it and read it and enjoy it.  Pretend the Green Hulk stars in it and you may even enjoy it more!  Parker’s last storyline was forced and pretty crap – but he makes up for it with “one of” issues this good.  Grade: A

The Incredible Hulks #632

The Incredible Hulks #632

The Good: I will just say that the Hulk has never been so visually astounding!  Pelletier knocks it out of the park EVERY time!  It reminds me of the days when Keown first took over the art duties and you picked up the issues just to see who he was drawing and making look cool!  The Hulk has never looked better.

Hulk's a little angry...

Now, if you’ve been waiting for Pak to cut loose and let the Hulk be the full on Engine of Destruction he is – this is the issue for you!  Hulk cuts loose!  Armeggedon – still sour on the way that the Hulk killed his son… twice – begins pummeling his kin-folk… and Rick.  Hulk doesn’t stand for it for even a moment and just beats the living hell out of Ole’ Lefty.  Get it?  His right arm ain’t too useful grasping anything – just saying.  Anyways, the Hulk doesn’t just hurt him – and I won’t say how – but we aren’t going to be hearing from Armie anymore.

The Bad: I am not sure whether having the “World Breaker” Hulk is such a good thing.  I mean, before WWH the Hulk’s strength was considered limitless – but with the World Breaker it’s sort of like now we have a limit.  Of course that limit can rip an entire planet in half – and that’s nothing to shake a stick at – but still.  This, of course, means that the Hulk, in his most rage-full should be a good match for pretty much anyone.  Getting him to that limit may be the real trick – but still, it can be done.

The World Breaker is Back!

The Ugly (Truth): I am here to say – that Pak is in full swing for his swan song – it took a bit to get me really hooked – but now I am!  I want to see more – I want it now – I want what I want when I want it!  Anyways, Buy this book – totally worth it!  Grade: A

Double Shot Thursday Reviews!

The Incredible Hulks #631

First up – The Incredible Hulks #631 – Heart of the Monster Part 2

The Good: Here begins the Hulk smack down!  The entire issue has the Hulk smashing his way through the new villains that showed up when Cho “wished” for some help.  This issue is dedicated to taking out some of the biggest bruisers of the bunch – FFF gets a bit of a butt whopping – but the main event is Hulk vs Wendigo and Bi-Beast.  The fight has quite a bit of smashing – as it does humor – I swear the theme for the Three Stooges was going through my mind as I read it.  Especially the part where Hulk takes Wendigo’s tail and passes it through Bi Beast’s mouths. 

HULK! Don't splash the pot!

We also see the Hulk coming back to being a hero for the innocent people caught in the middle of his battles – and even have the President coming to thank the Hulk – I felt like the Hulk was getting another “pardon” for his past crimes.  Like the President was saying “Yes, I know you hijacked NY and sort of threatened the lives of everyone who stayed behind, not to mention causing millions of dollars of damage to the city – but the past three months you’ve really shed those bad habits and done some good stuff!  Good on you!”  Which we all know would never happen… but these are comics – so let’s move on!

Wendigo has Kool-Aid mouth!

The powers of the wishing well are interesting – I like what Pak is doing with it.  Each wish is going to be impacted by the original wisher.  Also, I have a real soft spot for the writers who can add a good balance of humor into the story – which Pak does really well here.  I found myself laughing and cheering a few times.  Then looking around to see if anyone was watching me.  Thank goodness there was not!

I so wanted the Hulk to yell out "Wakka-Wakka-Wakka" after this stunt

The Bad: Now, – again you can correct me if I am wrong here – wasn’t Bi-Beast already a HUGE monster – it wasn’t until way later that PD shrunk him down.  So, why was he normal sized to begin with – only for the Hulk to make a silly wish for a real fight and have him grow larger.  But – and this may be just me – but the fight after Bi-Beast and Wendigo became larger than life seemed WAY easier.  But hey – if that’s all I am picking on – then it must not be that bad…

Oh... There WILL be blood!

The Ugly (Truth): Pak seems to be having a real blast with his final Hulk arc.  He’s using the classic monsters that the Hulk has fought in the past and cutting them loose.  the issue ends with a great cliff hanger – the only thing I question is where Pak is going with it?  How is he going to leave things with Hulk and Betty?  Can things really go back to normal with them?  Has it ever been?  Grade: B+ 

Hulk # 35

And now – Hulk #35 – Red Planet Hulk Part 2:

Charge! And,,, get me a tissue - I am all slimy

The Good: It started off as a strong storyline – with Pags on the pencils – what could be better?  I mean, Planet Hulk was such a memorable part of the Hulk’s history, what would make more sense than try to re-live it with the Red Hulk?  One of the best recent threats the Hulk has to deal with is the Omegerex – and the recent trip into another universe was just an attempt in keeping the Red Hulk from having to face the destroyer – at least until the female Watcher could warn him.  It’s good to know that there are ramifications to Red’s ramifications of striking the Watcher.  A feat that should not have happened in the first place – but now that it is in the continuity (what?!?! Continuity in Red’s series?  Wow – that’s crazy talk!  Loeb’s head must be spinning!) it has to be dealt with.  

Boo-YA! Take that you Grimace wanna-be!

The Bad: Having to wrap up in just two issues the storyline was rushed and disappointing.  It’s also the fact that the end of it is left up to your discretion on whether it actually happened or not.  I am SO not a fan of the “dream” sequence ending.  Not only is it a cop-out but also it feels like after you’ve finished reading it… it was a waste of time.

The Girl Watcher - letting him know how it be!

And the Ugly (Truth): The fun part of this series so far is seeing how Parker makes up for Loeb’s continuity issues and his frivolous writing style – but the last thing we want is more non-sense storytelling.  I mean, I get WHY the issue ends the way it does – but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.  I would have liked to see this storyline last a little longer and maybe have the Omegerex track Red down on this planet.  Why couldn’t the Watcher-et have sent Red to the new planet, warned him of what was coming, Red still becomes king and has his new army trying to take down the Omegerex?  That would at least be more interesting than “Just kidding – it was all a dream… maybe!” Grade: C-

It did Happen... maybe... whatever - I hate that crap!

Hulk #34 (2011) – Planet Red Hulk – The Review

Hulk #34 - Planet Red Hulk

The Positive: Much like any sequel there is going to be a sense of deja vu.  But, with any good sequel they can make that deja vu still seem new.  As an example I ask you to look at “The Hangover” as a BAD sequel.  All they do is tell the same story in a new location – you spend the whole movie saying “Yeah, I saw this already.”  Now, in comparison, you spend this comic saying “Okay – I’ll buy that.  Keep going…”  Ever since Parker took over Red he has made a character born from lunacy and greed and made him a worthwhile read. 

Nobody's home....

Red’s not making feats of outrageous proportions with no real explanation anymore – now he explains how he gets into space – and here’s a hint – it’s not by jumping (like he did under Loeb’s script).  How he lands on another planet and what happens while he’s there is both interesting and fast paced.  Some say too fast paced – but I rather enjoy Parker not wasting space with filler to draw out the story for a thicker trade and bigger price tag.

Let’s not forget the biggest plus of all though – and that is that Carl Pags is back!  Who else would you want to draw a PH storyline other than Pags himself!

The Welcome Party Sucks...

The Negative: Red Hulk is making a whole new fan base – a base that contains some that even admit in never liking the original Hulk.  But let’s look at the Red of today… chased by the army (check), trying to be a hero (check), I mean – they like Red because – HE’S THE HULK!  Parker is telling Hulk stories only he’s using Red to do it!  Anyone not keen to that fact is kidding themselves – and more so – I don’t care how good Planet Red Hulk will be – it’s still an insult to the original.

How did the Hulk end up here? Who sent him?

What happened to Red’s overheating response to getting angry – does he not do that anymore?  Am I forgetting something – maybe Grey can help me out with that one.  It just seems like there were too many stupid powers to keep track of and they still come and go at will.  And what’s up with there being 3 variants for last issue and then NO variants for Planet Red Hulk?

You don't mess with a Hulk!

The Conclusion: I like Parker – I like his Hulk stories – I just wish it was the Hulk that was starring in them.  Still, you can’t deny a good story when you’re reading one – no matter WHO is the star of the book – Grade: A-

Hulk #33 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #33

Things are converging – all of the threats against Red are zeroing in.  Black Fog makes the first move – and plays a mean game of hide and seek!  He’s dangerous!  Not only does he kill people who aren’t really people – but he also bests Red and cuts him deep!  Zero/One is proud of her assassin, until Red drops a plane on him.

Variant A

Red ready to take on Black Fog

Fortean is tracking Red but his path crosses with Black Fog’s departure and his plane is damaged by Zero/One’s craft.  Red can’t sleep – but he needs it badly!  Let’s not forget the Omegex’s is on the way as well.  The machine of destruction is almost to Earth – and even a set of beings called the Norraks – creatures who have now devoted their lives to destroy the Omegex (for destroying and killing their planet and people).

Black Fog splitting hairs...

But, let’s just say – they are not successful.  Red does get some sleep in the end – but not after losing most of his team mates with him.  I really like Parker’s writing – he is telling some entertaining stuff – I just wish that Red had a better introduction to the MU.  I find that I am still not a fan of Red – and yes, I agree with most o the posters on here when they say it’s borderline insulting that there will be one Hulk title in September – and the Hulk doesn’t even star in it.  “Hulk” – like someone stated – is not a title, it’s a name.  Red is not Hulk.  Grade: B+

Omegex is on the way

Variant B