Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009

Alright kiddies!  I want you to checkout the cover above… I love this cover – but always wanted an Iron Man with a Hulk reflection – and something better then the Red Hulk on Hulk #2 – which I was not a fan of.  So I brought up this idea to Jeff Wamester at theContinue reading “Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009”

Fixit Head Sketch (2009)

It’s my boy Wamester again!  I purchased his sketch book and in the back he does a quick personalized head sketch for you – and I chose Fixit.  Seeing what he can do with just the head I am totally into seeing what he can do with an entire full body sketch!  If he’s atContinue reading “Fixit Head Sketch (2009)”