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Red Hulk #3 (2010) – The Review

Red Hulk #3

I have to tell you – I have read this comic about a half a dozen times over – and I can’t tell if I liked it or not.  On the one hand, kudos to Parker for trying to make sense out of Loeb’s ridiculousness – but on the other hand, it’s like trying to fix a carburetor with a toothbrush!  You might be able to do it – but it’s going to be really difficult!  See, issue 3 deals with how Rick Jones was turned into A-Bomb.  I mean, we need an entire different series on how he came to call himself A-Bomb – or why he thought it was a good idea – or why Loeb is still being allowed to write anything cause he’s a blathering idiot – but still – we are dealt his origin as follows:

The memories coming flooding back to Jones!

Rick is fighting Red Hulk.  The Red Hulk starts to trigger memories from Rick – like how at the end of WWH he was taken by A.I.M. and they used the Abomination’s DNA to make Rick into what he is today.  Marlo helped him escape – all this time Rick is pretending to be the stupid A-Bomb again – but we learn that Rick was trying to tell Bruce about the plan way back in issue 6 – I have an issue with that scene – but let’s just move on…

Banner and his trusty ole' Redeemer suit!

We then learn that Rick was given a trigger to kill Bruce Banner.  We don’t know what it is – but at some point Rick is supposed to turn on Bruce and kill him.  So the Intel give Rick his brains back as A-Bomb and send him out – which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense here – like I said – I give kudos to Parker for trying to fix this mess – but it’s getting out of control here!  In TIH #600 we see Bruce in a tank – we are not told how he was captured or why at that point – but he was in the tank.  We see Rick – who we hadn’t seen since issue 6 – being experimented on.  In the scuffle there Rick helps Bruce escape and they have been together ever since…

So when did they implant this trigger exactly?  During that time?  Because Bruce was still able to be turned into the Hulk – and Bruce wasn’t the wild card he turned into yet… and why then was M.O.D.O.C.K. so upset when the Red Hulk drained the Hulk out of Banner – wouldn’t that make him easier to kill?  Man, I really get aggravated when thinking back to TIH #600 – you have a landmark issue tainted with one of the stupidest scenes ever written into a comic – the Red Hulk using his “draining” ability to destroy the Hulk.  I mean, that was just really pathetic!  Loeb continues to do the opposite of impress with this comic!  How does this crap still sell?  People let’s wake up here!  Sorry – I got a little heated  there… oy… I just remembered the scene in this issue – where the Red Hulk says that Hulk “overheated” him… referring, of course to issue #6 – another doozy.

Anyways, getting back on track… Bruce intentionally sets off the trigger and as tears after Bruce to kill him – Bruce talks the trigger right out of Rick.  He tells him that he should not feel guilty – and that it wasn’t his fault.  (Which totally isn’t true!  It is most certainly his fault!) but Rick apologizes and they leave the cave together in a victory. 

We WON! What do we get?

Like I said, Parker has done a great job of filling in the obvious gaps in Loeb’s brainless story – but here it just falls a little flat.  That combines with the art – especially that horrible cover art by JRJR – this issue gets a

The Incredible Hulk #25 Page #25 (2001)

Hulk #25 - Torturing Abomination

Hulk #25 - Torturing Abomination

One of the reasons I think they chose John Romita Jr. to draw the anticlimactic World War Hulk is because he drew one of the greatest battles in Hulk history.  Let me give you the set-up:  Betty Ross is dead from gamma radiation poisoning.  For a while now Bruce has blamed himself – thinking it was his fault – thinking that Betty spending years being exposed the Hulk has finally sent her to the grave.  But then, then he learns that it was in fact the Abomination that killed Betty Ross.  Hulk is finally unleashed.  In a page turning, brutal, over the top battle matching blow for blow the Hulk and Abomination continued to battle page after page after page.

Hulk continues to beat the hell out of Abomination – and then punches him so hard he breaks his face – BREAKS HIS FACE!:

This was such a landmark fight that Marvel Legends, when releasing an Abomination figure, released a variant with a broken, bloody face based on this issue.  It even came with a reprint of this issue.  AND when 7-11 released a Hulk comic for the latest movie – they chose this issue!  That’s what I’m talking about! 

No More America's Funniest Home Videos!  Please!

No More America's Funniest Home Videos! Please!

This page depicts the end of the issue – where Bruce shows just what a monster he can be.  He imprisons Abomination in a room and replays a video of him saying good-bye to his wife over and over – for him to watch and go crazy with for the rest of his life.  That is until he was released and sent after Hulk 25 or so issues later… but this was one of the best endings ever.  And how Banner just turns and walks out the door.  Classic!

Shut off the light Banner!  What do you think?  We're made of money?

Shut off the light Banner! What do you think? We're made of money?