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King Size Hulk #1 (2008)


A few quick stories in this King Size – each written by Loeb.  Not a bad collection really… we start with:

Where Monsters Dwell: A tale where the Red Hulk meets Wendigo.  The art by Arthur Adams is okay – but he makes the Wendigo look pretty lanky and terrible.  The Red Hulk fights with Wendigo and we find out that the Red Hulk’s blood is like acid.  And orange.  Also we find out that there are a whole pack of Wendigos now.  But Hulk beats Wendigo severely and after killing him – the rest of the pack eats him. B+

Wait Until Dark: This story tells of what happens when the Red Hulk pulled She-Hulk through the wall on the Helli-Carrier.  Again, the Red Hulk serves a pretty brutal beating and knocks the She-Hulk out.  When She-Hulk regains consciousness she says she has a plan to take the Hulk down.  Very quick story but the illustrations by Cho are absolutely stunning.  B+

The Death and Life of the Abomination: Herb Trimpe graces the book with a quick recap of the Abomination’s life told backward.  Trimpe’s art isn’t as memorable as it once was – which is really disappointing because most of the stories that he recapped he originally drew! C

This also reprints Incredible Hulk #180/#181 and the Avengers #83.  I wish they reprinted a few different stories because they always seem to reprint the first appearence of Wolverine.  Nice King Size comic none-the-less. 

King Size Hulk #1 (2008)

king size hulk 1

This King Size Hulk is on sale on May 28th (that’s also the day I turn 32 – Happy Birthday to me) and looks really interesting.  From the pics above it looks like She-Hulk can hand out an ass kickin’!  And is the Red Hulk bleeding yellow?  Weird.  To read more just click on the image and find out more!