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Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)

hulk stuff oct 011

I think of all the statue companies out there now no other company had been more inconsistent than Kotobukiya.  If you’re confused as to if that is a compliment or not – I can tell you I am confused as well.  Each release has a lot of promise – from the Ed McGuinness inspired Fall of the Hulks statue what is spot on to the art it was inspired by – but fell short when the paint application failed to coat the ripped shirt around his waist with a solid white color.  The Classic Hulk – an AMAZING sculpt was again plagued with paint issues – so much so that I didn’t even bother picking one up.  This release was an interesting, new, and beautifully handled statue.

hulk stuff oct 012

First off, the statue is more of a fully painted kit which you end up putting together.  The head and arms come completely off – you attach it yourself – to a couple of small magnetic bases.  Of course, it being Koto, there is plenty of tid-bits to pick on.  The seams on the arms are pretty obvious and terrible.  The seam on the neck is not as bad – but it’s there.  The real issue I have, and I’m not sure how apparent it is when you see the pic, but the knee joint looks square and terrible.  It doesn’t take away from the piece when you see it as a whole though.

hulk stuff oct 014

hulk stuff oct 010

The head sculpt is fantastic and beautiful – reminds me a lot of the Keown Hulk that has graced the variant covers as of late.  The unique part of this piece is that it is a single unit of a six piece “diorama”.  The other characters, that are sold separately (which I did not purchase), are Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Hawkeye.  Anyone who has bothered to purchase the whole set should send me some picks and a review of what you think – I will post it here.  All I can tell you is that if you want an inexpensive, great looking Hulk piece you can’t go wrong with this one! Grade: B-

hulk stuff oct 013

Hulk News Tuesday!


It took them a few days – but we are finally living in the modern age again… I had a very cold, very trying weekend – but I am really good at making healthy fireplace fires, so I was able to keep my family (that’s me, my wife, my daughter, my sister, my mother and my father) all warm for a few days.  My entire ration of firewood is completely obliterated – but that’s alright.  At least my family is safe and warm!


What a weekend to lose power though – Kotobukiya has announced a 1/6th Avengers Hulk that looks completely bad-ass!  Holy hell – this will be on my list of absolute must haves!  Sculpted by the very talented Erick Sosa this is one of the most incredible sculpts I have seen come down the pipe from Koto!  A must have!


Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

Exclusive Hulk Bust from Koto

I was sent this a long time ago about a great guy and a former comment maker on this site named Grey.  He enjoyed this site so much and his comments made my posts even better with his addition to this place.  I know he still logs on here from time to time and – at least I think he still does.  Grey used to run a Red Hulk site but he stopped doing that a while ago.  There have been a few Red Hulk sites, some of the creators coming here to become part of this site, but they never seem to last.  Interesting is all…

Sexy Profile!

I might have gotten off topic a bit – but if you’ve been to this site before you know I do that often 🙂  When Koto brought these busts out I knew that they would have a tough time selling.  The sculpts are pretty mediocre compared to the giants of this industry and the exclusive bust was too simple.  I went ahead and picked up the “marquee” version on ebay for VERY cheap but the exclusive version alluded me.

That is… until Grey emailed me one day and said that he had this bust and was looking to send it to someone who would really appreciate it in their collection.  I took him up on the offer – and, as always – thank him graciously for his generous addition to my Hulk room.  I hope, if Grey does in fact still come around here, we hear more from him.  He was a good guy.  This bust, mind you, while it is not the best looking piece, is easily one of my favorite pieces in the Hulk room because of the story behind it.

The Two Kotos Together!

Kotobukiya Green Hulk Statue (2010)

Koto Hulk in the house!

The whole freakin' thing!

This review has been a long time coming!  I am sorry things have been taken so long recently to finally post – but I will catch up soon!  Now this statue certainly has had it’s share of controversy surrounding it.  Beginning with the anatomy of the statue – especially the lower jaw.  The way it sticks out is an eye sore to some – and while I can’t remember the Hulk ever having an underbite – it doesn’t take away from the pretty perfect rendition that Koto has done here of McG’s Hulk!

Does Hulk wear nail polish?

I mean, let’s be honest – McG isn’t known for his accurate anatomy portrayal – he’s known for drawing amazing looking beefed up characters.  It was like he was born to draw the Hulk!  Arguably, he is the reason Loeb’s terrible Hulk series sold so well.  But some of this statue’s critics say the muscles are all wrong – and all I can say is – when I see this statue I see McGuiness.  And that’s a pretty amazing feat to accomplish!

"And your back! It's worse than the front!"

The other complaint – and this one I agree with – is that the paint application isn’t up to par.  There is only one place that I see the paints as a problem – the ripped shirt around his waist.  The paint used was too thin and the purple underneath shows through.  People have said it was meant to look like that – but I can’t believe that they WANTED it to look like crap!  Come on!  But, this is a very easy fix – one that I have yet to do but will in the future!

Get out of the way! Hulk is coming!

I know what is coming next – everyone will want to know where the Red Hulk statue is – if I picked it up – and that is just a silly question!  Of course I didn’t!  I was very close… VERY close though because of the deal my LCS was going to give me – but I still passed.  I wanted to spend my money of things I love to look at – and the Red Hulk just isn’t it!  The green Hulk though – awesome!  I think there is another reason that I am so fond of this statue – and that’s because McG went to Massasoit College – a place right in MA that is right next to my LCS.

Bad Ass - in the house!

So there you have it – this is the review people have asked for – while I agree with some of the detractors sentiments about the flaws in this statue over-all it’s a fantastic representation of one of the best Hulk artists who ever graced the pages of one of the greatest heroes ever conceived!

Which Green is the Best? Most Accurate?

I have to ask here – this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while – my sister was down in the Hulk Room the other day and commented on the fact that almost every Hulk statue out there is a different color green.  I looked and agreed and thought it was a bit funny.  So – here’s the question – which statue do you think has the best color green for the Hulk?

Bowen 2007:


Hard Hero:

Diamond Select:

Bowen 2010:

SS Dio:

Vote Below!  I will tell you my thoughts next week after I people have had a chance to vote.

Koto Hulk Movie Bust (2008)

Koto bust still in Styrofoam

Here’s a little story – I went into a store on the Cape and saw this guy sitting there.  I asked about the price.  The man quoted me $75.  While I am certainly a Hulk fan, I’m also not an idiot.  This piece was not worth $75 – and by that I mean it would never hold its value.  3 months later I went back into the same store – and there was the same bust, still sitting in it’s original spot.  I am sure of this because I talked to the man behind the counter for a while.  In the discussion he told me that the price was still $75 and that he wasn’t willing to work on the price.  Now let’s remember – the comic and collectible industry is unlike any other – as in, the price tag doesn’t always mean that’s the price.  It’s not like the GAP where you can’t haggle on the price of your jeans.  Stores that don’t haggle really risk losing repeat customers.  And it’s a shame too – because there aren’t too many comic shops on the Cape.  As in – there is one.

Hulk bust in all it's glory!

While this may make the owner feel comfortable in charging whatever he wants – it’s only a matter of time before there is some competition or, even worse, people just stop buying comics.  Let’s get back to this bust though… the retail was certainly off – the sculpt just wasn’t there to compete with Bowen’s masterfully done pieces.  So, like any smart shopper… I waited…  I waited for one to pop up on ebay for a really decent price.

The white dots all over it is Styrofoam - I had to pack it back up after taking pictures so I didn't bother cleaning it up.

Now, how do I feel about this piece, now that I have received it?  Well, I do think it looks better in person and I think it looks WAY better then the FS movie statue they released.  The sculpt is better – I’m not such a huge fan of the Chiclets teeth – but the rest of the bust is actually pretty sweet!  I wish they had added the plate to the bust – rather than having you do it once you open the bust – but that’s not a huge issue.  The light-up feature is kind of cool – not too sure if I will use it very often – but it is a nice touch.

Back of bust - pretty damn sweet

I was able to snag this and another bust I will post next week for prices I didn’t just consider fair – but a steal!  Since I bought 2 pieces at the same time – I was able to save on shipping as well!  Something to think about!  But – both these busts are packed away again – the house still has construction going on and that means the Hulk room is still out of commission.

The Light up Marquee

Kotobukiya Hulk Movie Statue (2008)

Koto Hulk Statue

Koto Hulk Statue

I look like this with my shirt off... holding a Hummer.

I look like this with my shirt off... holding a Hummer.

This statue was doomed from the beginning – starting with the fact that they chose to make half the statue a freakin’ hummer rather than a bigger Hulk.  They also made this statue with a change-o-head feature that was disastrous from the very start.  I mean, really, how are you supposed to hide the seam on a neck when the character doesn’t even wear a shirt?  And the pose?  How uncomfortable must he be holding that pose?  His head is tilted, knees bent, holding a hummer… this looks just plain bad.

Are Hulk's gums bleeding?

Are Hulk's gums bleeding?

Base - shot 1

Base - shot 1

Base - shot 2 - didn't get any better, did it?

Base - shot 2 - didn't get any better, did it?

Did Hulk have an accident?

Did Hulk have an accident?

Let’s get to the base of this statue, shall we?  Here we have the opportunity to make a decent street base – but instead it looks fake – it doesn’t even look like an actual road!  The paint job is strange to say the least.  There seems to be a “dirty” wash over his entire body.   And don’t even get me started about the skin texture!  Can someone introduce this guy to a pumice stone?  So, here I am complaining about this statue yet I have it in my collection… why, why you ask?  Well, it’s actually a simple story.

You can see the seam - can't you?  I know I can

You can see the seam - can't you? I know I can

See, my LCS is a decent place to get some products – but without even asking they purchase Hulk items thinking I will just buy them.  I am a maniac when it comes to the green Goliath – but I also have taste – which means that I refused to purchase this statue for full retail.  Full retail, by the way, is $175.  Crazy, right?  It’s scale compared to other statues alone makes it undesirable – let alone paying $200 for it.  But okay – when it was released and I was pressed to come up with a reasonable price that I would pay for it I said $50.  I thought I was being generous with that amount.  Well, this past week I went to my LCS and saw this guy in the clearance case with a big sign that said 65% off.  Some quick calculations and I figured out that the statue would run about $60 – not far off my buying price – so I took the plunge.

Side view

Side view



Funny enough I was close to buying the Koto Hulk movie bust at another store until the guy there told me the price – keep in mind it generally goes for $30 on ebay – yeah, well, this guy was asking $80.  Without even thinking I laughed out loud when he told me the price – then I felt a little embarrassed… for him – and left store.

Koto Hulk vs SS LSB

Koto Hulk vs SS LSB

Koto Hulk vs. SS Green Scar

Koto Hulk vs. SS Green Scar

Let’s leave this post with a positive note.  I’m glad I picked this piece up because I have something from the 2008 movie that I will display with my high end collectibles.  Also – the scale isn’t far off of SS latest Hulk dio – but let’s remember, that comes with another whole figure.  That’s about it.