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Lego Gladiator Hulk (2017)

IMG_0689 (2)

I will admit that usually I try to space out the pieces I have for my Hulk room.  I want to always have something to post.  With the influx of Thor: Ragnarok items I am having a hard time holding back.  Like, for example, I found the new Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash set and I had to post the little Gladiator Hulk!

IMG_0691 (2)

I have every Lego Hulk set so far and the only down side… is that they are taking up a lot of space!  I have only taken out the Hulk so I don’t have pics of the whole set.  The odd thing I see about this and the Electronic Hulk is that the “war paint” on the Hulk’s face is on the opposite sides.  I believe the Lego Hulk is actually inaccurate where the paint is.

IMG_0692 (2)

IMG_0693 (2)

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with this little guy.  If you told me a year ago I would own a Planet Hulk inspired Lego Hulk I would not believe you.  Now I can happily report that the Lego Hulk is kick ass!  You might be able to eventually find this Hulk on eBay so that you don’t have to shell out $60 clams – just make sure you’re buying the REAL Lego Hulk!  Not the knock off!

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Brick Headz Hulk (2017)

IMG_0645 (2)

I’m unsure what but the Marvel Brick Headz come in a blue box… all but the Hulk here who comes in a cool looking red box.  I know this was a “maybe” in the attribute department but I just could not let it sit on the shelf when I saw the Captain America version too.  I picked up both and my daughter and I went to town creating the two figures.

There’s really nothing to do with this figure but let it sit there and look all blocky.  In fact, I tried to use it as a centerpiece until one of my friends walked in and said “What the hell is that?”  I immediately placed it deep and hidden in the Hulk room.  Where it camouflages nicely against all the other green goodness!

Red Hulk vs Green Hulk Lego Set (2017)

CCI03102017_0001 (2)

I was both curious and excited to see what Lego had in store for the Marvel license in the new year.  I knew they would be releasing movie based sets but when I discovered this set was on the horizon I was most excited about getting a true classic Green Hulk Lego guy! The other Lego sets have sported a Hulk based on a movie version.  This is a true bright green, purple pants Hulk that has been aching to be made!

IMG_0485 (2)

IMG_0484 (2)

The only downside was having to get a Red Hulk along with him.  Bonus, though, is getting a Red and Green She Hulk along for the ride.  A while back, while at a comic con I was conned (HA!  See what I did there?) into buying a knock off Red Hulk figure.  I was told that Lego was going to release a Thunderbolts set – which, I admit, should’ve been my first clue.  The Thunderbolts was not the most popular book while Ross was in charge.


That being said, when I compared the knock off to the real deal you can see just how much better that the Lego Red Hulk is – complete with blazing yellow eyes and a better scowl.  The only odd thing is that the Lego Hulk apparently wasn’t worth sculpting toes.  Good luck having a piggy go “wee wee wee” all the way home now!

IMG_0491 (2)

The vehicles are pretty bad ass.  Each of them with shooting guns and huge tires!  This was a blast putting together with my daughter and you I feel 4 figures and two big vehicles are worth the money for this set.  Especially when you get a Hulks like these:

IMG_0488 (2)

IMG_0489 (2)

I told you about the classic Hulk!  Compare him with some of the other Hulk offerings from before:

IMG_0490 (2)

IMG_0492 (2)

The new Hulk has that classic 70’s/80’s bright green coloring and bright purple pants – unlike the more forest green and violet pants of the first classic Hulk offered.  And, of course, it’s so much better than the movie Hulk in tan pants we were first presented with!  Best part though?  The mini-comic:

CCI03102017 (2)

New Lego Set! Red Hulk and Green Hulk!


Just saw this set announced for the 2017 season – it includes the Green and Red versions of the Hulk and She-Hulk!  The best part of the whole set is the figures – but the vehicles are pretty great too – look for it on the shelves of your local shop!

Mighty Micros: Hulk vs Ultron (2016)



I was on a roll this year!  But when work gets busy this site takes the hit with less posts.  Sorry about that kiddos!  In my travels today I did come across the brand new Lego Hulk creation!  I will say, I was super excited to see this at the Barnes and Noble I stopped at.  I was a bit disappointed at the fact that it was Hulk vs Ultron rather than Lego taking this opportunity to make a villain previously unseen… like Abomination (or Aquon!)


The new Lego line has no movable legs (and are a bit shorter) but the expressive faces help make these figures worth the pick up.  I did notice the absence of a second face on the head – an attribute a kind of liked – but even with without that feature the Hulk is still pretty amazing to behold!  The more animated face really sets it apart from the earlier Lego Hulks.  The Hulk and Ultron both come with accessories – Ultron with a wrench – which I am not sure is to be used for battle or to fix his car when it eventually breaks down.  The Hulk comes with… a chicken leg.  Wait, a chicken leg?  What the hell is that for?



The vehicles are certainly unique and the Hulk hands on his Hulk car make it an absolute classic!  While the spider-esque Ultron car is something out of a Fury Road nightmare!  I can see the Hulk arriving at the battle scene is his very intimidating Hulk fists car and everyone ready to retreat… until they look closer and see the Hulk chowing down on a chicken leg.


New Hulk Lego!


I saw this a few weeks ago but wasn’t sure what it was until I saw the recent announcement coming out of toyfair!  Click the link for more info – but be warned… You can get lost looking at the pictures!  So much great stuff coming out!

Toys R Us Exclusive Lego Hulk (2015)

startchy hulk 004

It’s always good to have friends in high places.  Of course, I don’t have friends in high places so I have to settle for friends who work in retail.  These little Lego Hulk figures were a free gift to anyone paying $30 or more for a Lego set.  I was able to snag one as a true gift.

The Hulk Legos are pretty fun and the best part of them is there huge mass – compared to the other Avenger figures – but it’s still pretty cool to have a Hulk that is the same size.  I know they released a Hulk figure a while ago as a Lego store exclusive – one that if, I’d like to purchase it, are readily available on eBay.  Of course I’d be dropping more than a 20 spot for it.  Something I’ve been reluctant to do… but, more importantly,  I did snag a new one, which is currently at $10 on eBay.

startchy hulk 010

There is also a Hulk Lego figure that’s actually a Hulk Lego key chain – so, to me, even though I especially enjoy it, it doesn’t really count.

The 4-Wheeler the Hulk comes with snaps apart pretty easily to make it seem like the Hulk can rip apart the ATV – but he can also ride it.  This Hulk sports the Avengers pants and the more olive coloring.  He has two expressions to choose from on his raging face – the first is a clenched teeth angry Hulk while the other is a full on screaming furious Hulk!  Overall, if you didn’t pick this up take a chance to purchase it off the net.

startchy hulk 005