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New Lego Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster w/ Bruce Banner (2018)

IMG_1182 (2)

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I was very skeptical to buying a new Hulkbuster – there was nothing wrong with the last one – and I wasn’t all that sure that the improvements to this set was going to be worth the price tag.  The biggest push was the fact that this set includes a Bruce Banner figure!  The only other way to snag a Bruce Banner was to pick up the larger Ultimate Battle for Asgard set from Thor: Ragnarok.

IMG_1184 (2)

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This new Hulkbuster certainly does have quite a few improvements and is a bit larger than the older version.  It was a great surprise because it made it feel like this wasn’t a huge waste of money OR time.  This Hulkbuster even has toes!  TOES!

IMG_1186 (2)

Some people have said that this might be a spoiler from the new movie with Bruce Banner being inside the armor instead of Tony Stark!  I imagine a great scene with Banner hulking out of the armor and the Hulk breaking out to battle Thanos!  That would be great!

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Lego Venom Symbiote (2016)


Nothing is cooler than when Lego creates a set that is out of this world – a set you’d never expect to see – and they did it this time when they released this gem.  The Venom saga is one of the most enjoyable and crazy violent reads in the Marvel empire.  Somewhere along the line Venom, while still bonded with Eddie Brock, sprouted multiple heads – and it was amazing – this set is too cool because it shows the symbiote sprouting 5 heads!


It also has a super creepy spider theme with it.  It makes this figure a must have!  It also comes with a Spider-Man figure – but who cares?  Look at this freaking thing!  The Venom figure that was released before had only a few tendrils that you could spin on it’s back.  This set gives the real chaotic feel of what facing a symbiote must be like.  I think these are still available at TRU – do yourself a favor and pick it up today!  I have a feeling once this set is sold out you will have a hard time finding it!


Lego Famous Cars


Granted, this blog is and will always be about my love for everything Hulk – but I do have other interests – other collections that I thought you guys out there might get a kick out of as well.  So every Thursday I will feature something non-Hulk related.

This week, I proudly display my Lego famous cars – starting with the Mystery Machine!  Made famous by the classic cartoon Scooby-Doo the Mystery Machine provided shelter on the road for the quintet between cases.  It’s aqua and lime green outer shell instantly recognizable by every child lucky enough to catch an episode.  The only issue I had with this set is that it lacks Velma and Daphne – the only two providing estrogen to the group.  Not sure why they were left out but the only way to get the ladies is to purchase the Haunted Mansion and spend an easy $100 in the process.

This is where having friends with children comes in handy.  I told my friend about my purchase (and dismay) of the Scooby gang not being included in with the Mystery Machine.  She said that her son has all the Scooby sets and refuses to play with Velma and Daphne because they are girls.  I didn’t want to get into the fact that she might have a future mysoginist on her hands because she basically offered the two missing missing teammates to me.  This was fantastic as they usually run about $15 each on eBay.


Next is Ecto-1, the trusty reverted ambulance/hearse purchased by Ray in the movie as their means of travel between calls.  This set, thankfully, comes with all of the Ghostbusters.  I have seen the firehouse being offered with a Loius Tully, Dana and even Slimer as figures but I think I’m pretty happy with this set on its own.

My last car is the DeLorean from the Back to the Future franchise.  This was the latest acquisition – one that almost didn’t happen!  The first car I bought was Ecto-1 and when I saw the Mystery Machine I thought how perfect a little display would be.  Of course, I was too late to purchase the DeLorean retail but was exasperated to see the secondary prices this piece was bringing in.  Even worse, at the BCC this past year I saw a dealer with it and asked about it.  He smiled and said “make me an offer”.  That sort of practice never makes me feel easy but I threw out a decent number. $50 I told him.  Truthfully, that was more than I wanted to pay but like I said, I was throwing out what I thought was a generous offer.  The man laughed and said “I’m not going to even entertain anything lower than $60.”


Listen, that’s his prerogative, but his style really lacked the finess to make a guy like me feel comfortable enough to purchase something from him. Luckily, I was with my friend who has a friend.  You can see where this is going, right?  His friend works for Lego.  His friend also has one of the largest collection of limited Lego sets!  There are times when he buys extras of sets.  When I walked away from the dealer my friend asked me what I was looking to buy.  I let him know and he immediately went to work texting his friend. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He asked me – and I let him know I had no idea he had connections.  Sure enough his friend had one.  He offered it to me for… wait for it… $20.  The box was not mint and he felt like helping a friend out so, really, win-win all around!

Anyways, the pics might not be the best – they were taken with my iPad – but I still hope you enjoyed this post.  Even if it wasn’t gamma-irradiated!

A Week of Rocket Raccoon! Part 1

season '14 056

I was planning this little event to coincide with the DVD release of the Guardians of the Galaxy – but that didn’t really work out.  especially since it was such a pain to get the DVD version I wanted – more on that later – but the first little Rocket piece I have for you is the little Lego version.  This isn’t the figure that comes with the whole huge set – this was a giveaway that also featured a tiny little Groot in his own planter.  Of and course, his huge ass gun!

season '14 055

Hulk Key Chains… Key Chains EVERYWHERE!

princess party 050

If there is one things I know about it is certainly dressing your car keys to look cool.  I mean, it’s super important to have something dangling from your ignition while you drive… and also just as important to have some hard plastic or metal object jabbing into your thigh after you shove your keys in your pocket.  Since the Hulk doesn’t really have a logo – unless you count the very bland “radioactive” symbol – it’s pretty difficult to find a good Hulk key chain.

princess party 049

Some of the older ones shown like the metal Hulk face at the top is a decent start – based on the Herb Trimpe cover art to issue #116 – but a better, more fun addition is the silver Hulk fist – which is pretty solid and heavy.  I have seen that there is a colored version – but I like the silver colored key chain better.

 my boy 012  my boy 011

Of course, if you want to start having more fun then you can begin and end at the Lego store.  They released the exclusive Hulk figure as a key chain.  How can you go wrong with a Lego Hulk key chain?  I will confess – I’ve started a little collection of these guys – currently on my car keys is a Lego Batman, Lego Donatello, Lego Loki and Lego Hulk.  When caught in traffic I make them all battle.

princess party 047 princess party 045

I also have the TokiDoki Hulk key chain – I actually liked these so much I have 2 Hulks, Punisher, Surfer, Thing and Thor.  My LCS is pretty decent when it comes to these blind boxes – they actually open most of them up and display the hidden figures inside.  I have made it clear on this blog that I am not a fan of the blind boxes…

princess party 043  princess party 044

Speaking of which – I also have the Munny Hulk… I think that stands for mini-dunny – which isn’t actually a key chain – but a zipper pull instead.  Not interested in putting this on my hoodie – but I do like the look of this tiny addition to the Hulk room.

princess party 045 - Copy

Variants Abound!

tone's first month 119

Quite a few little Hulk figures are popping up everywhere.  To begin with, Lego – the undisputed greatest toy company ever – released another Hulk set – complete with Lego MODOK, Thor, Falcon and Taskmaster.  This little (just kidding – he’s HUGE compared to the other Lego guys) Hulk comes more comic accurate sporting the purple pants – and a new, but only slightly different rage face!

tone's first month 121

tone's first month 122

Lego is still one of the toy companies out there that continuosuly stay on the top of their game.  These Marvel releases are just another reminder of how incredible each set is.  Sure, they can be pricey – but with Lego I feel like, with the amount of thought that goes into each set, it’s worth the price tag.

tone's first month 125

And now onto something a bit… smaller:

tone's first month 123

Also, I know I complained about this Mighty Muggs release – and I still think that they dropped the ball with it – but the Micro Muggs Avengers Hulk that comes in the 4 pack differs slightly from the ones that are sold in blind boxes in Target stores.  It has blue pants and a flatter finish (not so shiny).  Just a heads up to my Hulk peeps out there!

tone's first month 124 - Copy

tone's first month 124

Lego Hulk (2012)

Lego Hulk

Here is a new item on the stands – the LEGO Hulk!  One of the smartest moves on LEGOs part was starting to seek out licenses of popular franchises – such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, even Cars – DC LEGO sets have been on the shelves for a while now – it’s good to see Marvel finally getting into the action too!

These figures are interesting – for the most part I like them – I thought they’d be a bit bigger.  I am thankful they decided to put blue pants on (my preference would have been purple of course) rather than the tan pants that have dominated the Hulk toys thus far.

Lego Hulk Smash!