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Old School Ads 22

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I can only imagine what a Hulk show would look like today.  It would be amazing!  I’d like them to still use a real person and not a CGI Hulk.  It would also be awesome to see the Netflix Daredevil crossover!

Can you make it through the whole list?


Here is a great list compiled of all the reasons David Banner ever Hulked out on the T.V. show.  Click the image for the list.

The Hulk That Never Happened…

Uh-oh… someone took Hulk’s Ju-Ju…

This is a great story – so stick with it – and let me know what you think.  Back in May, Syco announced a brand new license.  The Lou Ferrigno Hulk statue!  I know many of Hulk collectors that had been waiting for something from the late 70’s TV show.  But many hurdles must be cleared to get this license – for one, Lou Ferrigno has property rights to his likeness.  Marvel has rights to the Hulk, of course, and even the network that originally aired the series has parts of the rights.

Here comes the Hulk!

So, in other words, it’s a bitch and a half to produce anything to do with this classic show!  That’s why we haven’t seen figures or other statues or most anything else!  It’s not because it wouldn’t sell – it’s because too many hands are in the pot already.  So how did Syco get the rights to produce the statue?  Well, read on…

Alternative shot

BUT FIRST!  We must address the statue itself.  Amazingly, a sculptor named Chris created THIS Lou Ferrigno Hulk statue:

The original Hulk kit!

Everyone, as you can imagine, loved it!  When Syco announced the license most everyone who knew about the sculpt hoped that it was Chris’ Hulk that they picked to produce.  Well, according to Cris himself, pictures of his sculpt were used to obtain the license.  Syco denies this – but the sculpt looks oddly similar:


And by similar I mean not as good.  So, now, back to Syco and their Lou Ferrigno statue.  That’s how they listed it – a “Lou Ferrigno statue”.  They claimed that Lou himself own the rights to his likeness as the Hulk.  Even though many people talked to Syco about this project – telling them that it doesn’t make sense.  Marvel doesn’t have a say in producing a Hulk statue?  Any Hulk statue?  That just can’t be!  Well, things moved forward.  Big Bad Toy Store listed the statue as a pre-order.  Soon, Syco even announced that there would be a Gamma Glow version!  The Hulk never glowed green in the TV show – but whatever…

And then, just last week, the BOOM was finally lowered.  Anyone who ordered this statue received an email like this :

“Hi – We unfortunately need to inform you that the Lou Ferrigno Statue has been cancelled. Syco Collectibles created this item and licensed it with Lou Ferrigno’s company – Ferrigno Fit. Syco informed BBTS that Lou Ferrigno has the rights to his likeness, and that this item was licensed and approved. There apparently was confusion between Syco & Ferrigno about the scope of the license; while Ferrigno does own rights to his likeness, Marvel owns the rights to his likeness as The Hulk. We were contacted by Marvel about this situation yesterday and asked to remove this product, and we are happy to comply with them. Marvel is one of the strongest brands BBTS carries, and we would never intentionally carry an item that infringes on their intellectual property.

We have cancelled your preorder, no charges were made to your card, and we have removed this item from our site. We apologize for the inconvenience on this item”

The unapinted version of the produced piece did not look so bad…

So, it turns out that, yes indeed, you do need Marvel’s permission.  Something a whole lot of us already knew.  I was sort of waiting for this day – I knew it was coming – but this is certainly a cautionary tale.  So to recap – allegedly, some people stole some photos to obtain a license – and then turned around and had someone else create a less stellar and cheaper imitation of the same sculpt.  Then they added a disastrous paint job, and overcharged people for it.  But karma really is a bitch because it all came crashing down on Syco’s head.  Too bad.  It would have been fun to see this license open up again!

The Incredible Hulk Movie Poster (1978)

1978 Incredible Hulk Movie

1978 Incredible Hulk Movie

Happy Monday!  Here we have a poster for “The Incredible Hulk” movie.  What? you say… that doesn’t look like the movie poster I know!  Yes, I know, stop talking – let me finish.  In Australia they released the original T.V. pilot in the theaters.  This is the poster that marketed the movie.  Look at that image!  How great is that!  There’s a really great older model that is exactly in the pose of that Hulk.  I don’t have it… yet… 

The Transformation!

The Transformation!

 There is smaller pictures of Bill Bixby and a couple of Lou Ferigno as the Hulk.  Just looking at the images makes me think of the scenes where Ferigno would throw someone and then they would cut to the guy flying through the air and landing in tires, trash, or into water.  I remember a great episode that features a fashion designer and when there was a Hulk-out Lou Ferigno pushed a guy into… CLOTHES!  And it knocked him out to boot!  Man, I loved that show!

The Late, Great Bill Bixby and the Ever Lovin Lou!

The Late, Great Bill Bixby and the Ever Lovin Lou!

Hulk Mask (1978)

Hulk Mask

Hulk Mask

I love finding unique Hulk items like this one – it’s a Hulk mask from 1978, even has that Ferigno look to it, and it’s way more comfortable then any on the newer masks they have on the market.  It’s rubber – but the back is cloth and hair – so it doesn’t get too hot when wearing it.  Once I got it I had my neice put it on and threw the Hulk hands on her and scared her little brother half to death.  It happened so quick I couldn’t get any pictures.  But it was hilarious 😀



I found a few Hulk masks at my local costume shop – but I’m not sure I want to buy them (I probably will – but maybe save some money by buying off ebay) but none of them are as cool as this one though.  I love these vintage pieces.  So much more personality than the new stuff.  Although, I do love the new stuff!

Hulk Seasons 3 & 4 – Out June 3rd!!!

Seasons 3 & 4 are coming to DVD on June 3rd!  Check out the announcement by clicking on the image above.  This will coincide with the release of the Hulk movie coming out the 13th.  This is pretty great news… because it took almost 4 years to get the 9th season of Cheers to come out – thankfully to the new movie we won’t have to wait that long for the Hulk!


No one puts baby in the corner!  And no one puts Hulk in a cage! – Well, apparently they do…  Hulk seems so upset that he’s turning back into Bruce – or in this case David – just look at his hands!