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Marvel Gummy Finger Puppets (2011)

Marvel Heroes Gummy Finger Puppets

Let me tell you something – when I walk into a store I am on the search for anything green – then the scope narrows from green to Hulk – then, even more so, to anything Hulk that I don’t already own.  Sometimes memory is a little fuzzy in that respect, but I digress, if I find nothing then I broaden my scope to anything Marvel.  When I do this I sometimes come across lamp shades, coffee mugs, notebooks that feature a whole slew of Marvel heroes.  I usually leave those items as I am more interested in things that are solely Hulk.  But every once in a while I find something Marvel that makes me chuckle or tickles my fancy enough that I pick it up.

What happened to Hulk's face?!?!?

This was a no brainer!  Gummy Finger Puppets?  Are you kidding me?  How awesome is that?  I hate fruit flavored candy though – so these went to my nephew who ate them all at once – except the Hulk – who he wore for most of the night “smashing” his cousins with his finger.  That is, until his mother showed up and told him to eat it or she would throw it away.  He argued that he couldn’t eat the Hulk, his mother asked why, he replied with “Because he’s the Hulk!” Classic.

The other crew from the box...

Marvel Heroes – Assortment 2 (2010)

Marvel Heroes - Assortment 2

I’m calling foul!  Damn you Marvel!  I was about to showcase this sets card/sticker when I saw this in Toys R Us today!  Truth be told, I was seeking the Thanos MU figure – turns out many other people are too – but I saw this and became enraged!  See, these figures first came out last year in silver packs.  They came with 5/10 stickers and 1 figure – as far as I can remember.  I had the hardest time finding the Hulk figure until I saw boxes of this set in Target.  I picked up 2 and both came with a Hulk.  All this is fine and good – except that I spent all this time collecting all the stickers and figures only to have Marvel then turn around and package them together in 2 assortments!  They also come with a sticker inside – but I will get into all of this on Monday when I post the sticker set.  But man, am I steamed!


By the way, I will post the review for Hulk #26 tomorrow…