Marvel’s Infinite Series Valkyrie Figure (2014)

I am shocked to see Valkyrie in an early line-up for this series.  How long did it take to get a Marvel Legend’s sized Valkyrie?  It took a hella long time!  Not to mention it was 2-packed with a sweet Hulk figure!  Here, we’re not so lucky this time around.  The figure looks decent –Continue reading “Marvel’s Infinite Series Valkyrie Figure (2014)”

Marvel Infinite Hulk Now (2014) – The Review

So, like I stated before in an earlier post, it’s nice to get a new Hulk figure especially in a line that has just began and served up 2 previous releases in it’s first wave.  Both Cap and Iron Man are the same figures that were released under the MU line – and amazingly Hasbro,Continue reading “Marvel Infinite Hulk Now (2014) – The Review”

Marvel Infinite Series Hulk Now!

Marvel’s newset action figure line is off to the races!  The first wave is hitting shelves now and I snagged a Hulk figure for myself.  I will take better pictures and do a complete review in a day or so – but my initial reaction is that it is a decent looking figure.  It helpsContinue reading “Marvel Infinite Series Hulk Now!”