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Luke Cage / Claire Temple Marvel Legends 2-Pack (2019)

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Luke Cage and the infamous Night Nurse played by the very sexy Rosario Dawson finally have their day in the sun with their very own 6 inch figures!  No lie, I was not going to pick these up but once I saw them in hand I decided to go for it.  The likenesses of these two Netflix show characters are pretty uncanny!  Impressive!

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The paint applications on these figures you’d assume would be pretty standard but I am impressed with the textures on the pants and hair.  Within this two pack we get a bevy of interchangeable parts and accessories for… Claire.  Pretty much leaving Luke out to dry – but hey, he might be used to that since his series has been the weakest of the bunch.  Hate to say it but it’s true.

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But Night Nurse comes with medical glove hands as well as claw hands!  If that’s not enough they made sure to include her purse as well!  Maybe the purse is for Cage?  Wow, now I’m not so sure anymore…

Either way this 2-pack is worth getting as I don’t think it will be very popular.  Besides, has anyone really been looking for a Night Nurse action figure?  Well, now we have one!

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Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)

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The second series of Marvel Legends from the Avengers: Infinity War showed us some impressive figures, silly figures and yes, even some unexpected characters.  The two biggest surprises and welcomed figures were Thor – missing an eye – and the Black Knight figure.  I liked the blonde Black Widow figure but I didn’t need another one so I was going to pass.  I didn’t want the Malekith figure and the Wasp looked good – but I wasn’t a fan of that character.  Let’s be honest – that Ant-Man figure was way too goofy!  I love Paul Rudd and think he’s pretty great as Scott Lang but I can’t take the goofy look on the figure’s face.

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This is where having a network of collecting friends comes in handy.  Wheeling and dealing and getting the other pieces I needed to complete this figure wasn’t as much of a pain as getting the Lizard was – but it wasn’t all that easy either.  I don’t think anyone bought the Paul Rudd Ant-Man figure!  I finally finished the BAF and I have to tell you I am not all that impressed with it.  The size and weight of this figure is pretty great – but the paint apps really make it less impressive.

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The muddled green and brown paints make it look sloppy and harder to see the different features.  The face especially looks muddled to the point where it’s hard to make out the mouth from the rest of the face.  The oddly splotchy chest doesn’t look right either as most of the rest of the body is a solid dark brown.  The flat grey paints they used for the hammer and limited clothing makes it look cheap and plastic.  Overall, this impressively sized figure is sort of ruined by the paint apps.  This reminds me of the Man-Thing figure released with the Netflix series.

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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF (2018)

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This BAF I was on the fence about it for a long time.  I had the head because I grabbed Lasher when he was released.  I wanted Mysterio but he was quite difficult to find – but thankfully found him at one of my LCS.  From there I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get the rest of this BAF because I had no desire to get Spider-woman, Prowler, Spider-Punk, Spider Noir AND especially Gwenpool! Neither was any of my figure collecting friends.  So I had the head and the left leg – which I refused to take out of the package because Mysterio was so difficult to find!

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My luck sort of changed when there was a collection of action figures brought into a local toy shop.  The owner was talking to the person selling the figures and he said he didn’t want any of the loose figures or pieces.  The man said he had no use for them so just to throw them away then.  I immediately said I would take them and the man selling the collection handed me the bag saying “$10”.  I argued he was just going to throw them away and he said that it was his property he could do what he wishes with it.  I told him I could just wait and take it out of the trash and after a few more back and forth arguments we came to an agreement of just $5.

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Keep in mind, I had no idea what was in the bag – all I knew was it was Marvel figures.  Turns out I had 12 figures and 6 BAF pieces including a torso, right leg and left arm to this BAF.  I was psyched and it renewed my excitement to try to collect the rest of the pieces.  One of my figure collecting friends that I mentioned before decided to get the Gwenpool figure.  I have no idea why either… the good news is that he handed me the tail I desperately needed!  All I needed now was the right arm!  Spider-Punk!  For here I had no choice but to turn to eBay.  With all of the pieces assembeled I thought I would build the Lizard and reflect on it’s amazingness – but something made me refuse to open Mysterio.  I continued to debate whether or not I should just bite the bullet and finish the Lizard but I just couldn’t do it.  Finally, I went back to eBay to get another left leg so that I may keep Mysterio in tact.

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Unfortunately, the people on the ‘bay were insane asking between $12-$20 for the leg.  I started figuring it was a lost cause and had this incomplete figure sitting in my office as a glaring aggravation.  I have preached patience in this hobby so many times and that it will eventually work out.  Well, I am letting you all know that sure enough I waited and someone put a left leg for this figure on eBay for $8.  While that’s more than I spent on any other piece (besides Lasher – which I paid retail) but it was worth it because I love this figure!  It’s easy to pose and the detail is amazing!  Yes, it is not exactly a classic representation but I am fine with this new version!  Some have complained it looks too much like a dinosaur and not like the Lizard we’ve all grown up with and adored.  I don’t mind this at all.  The torn short, the huge lashing tongue adds to the awesomeness of this character.  Another impressive BAF in a time where the BAF have continued to impress.

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man, Thanos and Dr Strange 3 Pack (2018)

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I certainly wanted to snag this 3 pack for one reason.  The new Thanos head sculpt.  I have every ML Thanos that was released starting with the BAF from the original Avengers movie and I didn’t want this one to slip through my fingers.  I will say, there was one humongous hurdle to leap: the price.  These Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary figures, filled with mostly re-paints and re-issues, are priced pretty outrageously.  the single figures are $25 while the 2 packs are topping out at $50.  The 3 packs, obviously, were hitting $75 so I didn’t think grabbing this new Thanos was going to work out.

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That is until a fateful trip to Target one day, a trip with the whole family in tow, I stumbled across this 3 pack in the clearance section.  For half off!  It was $34!  I looked and looked and could not see anything different, anything wrong at all with it! A random chance at finding a super expensive 3 pack that I desperately wanted clearance out?  It was fate, I tell ya!

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While the Iron Man and Cumberbatch Strange are kind of cool they really aren’t the reason to pick this up.  The BAF Thanos that came with the series, as nice as it was, was not impressive with the oddly stoic head sculpt that came along with it.  This new Thanos has a clenched teeth, angry sculpted head that absolutely freakin’ rocks!

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The accessories that adorn the figures in this 3 pack are thankfully appropriate but expected.  The Strange spells, extra hands, Iron Man blasts and open handed Infinity Gauntlet that accompanies the figures don’t exactly make it worth the retail price tag – but since I found it for a song I was all too happy to snatch this up!

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Marvel Legends Thursday!

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A few of the other Marvel Legends I was able to procure really have nothing to do with the Hulk but they are still worth showing off!  The first is the Mysterio figure released last year.  This very hard to find figure has a even rarer counterpart sporting a green head underneath the fishbowl helmet.  I was never able to locate the green head variant but was still excited to snag a white-head Mysterio.  I have only seen one out in the wild and bought it when I did – thank goodness!  While I had almost completed a full Lizard BAF I wrestled with the thought of busting this open for the left leg.

nonhulk 014 (3)

Ultimately, I chose to keep Mysterio in the package and bought an extra leg off of ebay.  Mysterio is still one of my favorite Spider-Man villains so I wanted to keep the figure pristine!  Moving on, I was able to find a few older figures from series once forgotten.  The first is Warlock with an alternate head to make the Magus – an amazing duel character at the center of some of the greatest Marvel event stories ever!

nonhulk 016 (2)

From the same series I bought the unique Death’s Head II.  I haven’t read very much that Death’s Head has appeared and truthfully, I have no real desire to do such – but the character design is so original and cool that the figure was too hard to ignore!  Another main reason to pick this guy up was the fact that this is the first time this particular character was cast in plastic!

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I also have the Rocket and Groot 2-pack from GotG Vol 2.  I have picked up pretty much every Rocket figure due to the significance to Hulk history that he shares and really like the Groot figures that have been released with him.  This Rocket has a different body sculpt than the first movie and of course Groot comes with his nifty red jump suit.

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Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (2018)

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Like I mentioned with the ML Thing I posted a few weeks back, man am I glad that Walgreen’s got into the Marvel game!  I had yet to find a Silver Surfer figure that I really enjoyed.  Either the silver wasn’t silver enough or the sculpt wasn’t right.  Of course, then Walgreen’s announced a Surfer figure and from the first moment pics were released the internet was a buzz!  The Surfer figure killed it on so many levels!  The coloring is great and the fact that the we get 3 sets of hands is just killer!  Honestly, the power accessories don’t much look like something the power cosmic would produce but that small complaint isn’t enough to make me not recommend the figure.  They are appearing pretty much everywhere so go out and grab it today!

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Marvel Legends Venom Series (2018)

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I was on the fence for a while on whether or not I was going to pick up this series.  I knew that Carnage, Venom and Scream were a must but as for Spider-Ham, Poison and Typhoid Mary… well, I just wasn’t convinced they were worth the purchase.  These things are pricey now!  Well, as luck would have it my LCS had the Venom and Carnage quite early.  I was convinced at that point to just acquire Scream and be done with this series.

IMG_1380 (2)

Then I started seeing reviews of the BAF Monster Venom with everyone loving the behemoth of a figure!  When I came across the next figure of this series (Poison) in a local Walgreens I decided to grab it.  For one, it is the first time they ever made this figure, and for two, I loved the stories where these new alien creatures were introduced.  In fact, I’m still bummed they didn’t include a tiny poison to go with the set.

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Spider-Ham was an easy but once I saw the figure in hand.  When I saw Scream I was ecstatic as it was easily the hardest figure from this set to find.  Now, I didn’t buy a Typhoid Mary and honestly I don’t think I would have but a good friend’s son did find a Typhoid Mary but wasn’t getting the rest of the set so now I had the means to build the BAF I had heard so much about!

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I wasn’t disappointed as the BAF is truly massive and bad ass!  Of course, the sculpt is amazing – I love the screaming tongue and lashing tongue – and it reminds me of the Venom that Queseda drew for Venom #1 (2011).  I do love the figure but this entire series was plagued with some sloppy paint applications and slight sculpting issues.  For example, the Eddie Brock head is a scoosh too large for the Venom body.  But for every misstep there are other amazing pieces!

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The Carnage figure is actually and surprisingly an improved figure from the 2014 offering.  I loved the original and didn’t think they could do much to make a new Carnage figure better – but the axe hand and extra “Cletus” head was certainly enough to win me over!

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I am enthusiastically happy with the set and even the though it wasn’t perfect I think the response has been overwhelmingly positive.