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WalMart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos (2018)

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I have stated how much I love the Marvel Legends figures, especially when they are comic accurate, and the latest WalMart exclusive does just that.  I know that the figure is a repaint of the BAF from the Avengers line.  While I have mixed feelings on the idea of Hasbro re-packaging BAF to buy them singularly I do have to say seeing THIS particular figure I am so glad they did it!

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Giving us a complete – and better – repaint with a brighter blue and deeper purple the figure strikes a much better resemblance to the Thanos we know from the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet and beyond.  The packaging is even eye-catching with some great comic art on the sides and a Gauntlet featured on the top.  The other amazing gift we’ve been given in this new package is an extra head to swap and of course the most important piece – an Infinty Gauntlet.

IMG_1157 (2)

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This is the sort of exclusive to get excited about.  When the new figure not only dwarfs, in comparison, to the original but offers a something extra I don’t hesitate for a second to shell out the extra money for it.  I don’t have an extra to open so I can’t really speak of the paint application – although it looks to be fantastic!

IMG_1152 (2)

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While the new BAF Thanos is certainly the most movie accurate I would take the new exclusive version every time!  This is already going for some major money on eBay – I can’t tell the future but I think this will be highly sought after for years to come.  I have to thank my friend Ted who was able to snag me an extra one on one so I didn’t have to shell out the extra dough to the scalpers.  WalMart is notorious for having spotty exclusive releases where not every store receives them so finding this guy will prove to be a bit of a challenge for some.  Who out there was able to track one of these great figures down?


Marvel Legends Ghost Rider w/ Motorcycle (2018)

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There are quite a few Ghost Rider figures – especially in the Marvel Legends line.  Each new release they seem to get better and better.  While I never picked up the early figures I took notice of how well Toy Biz and then Hasbro was doing with every subsequent release.  The fire aspect of the figure has especially improved leaps and bounds!  When they started using translucent plastic the figures became a thing of beauty!  I contemplated picking up the blue flame Ghost Rider from the Terrax series but never did.  They also did an orange version that looked pretty great but I still never pulled the trigger.  It wasn’t until the Rhino wave when I finally bought Ghost Rider.

IMG_1095 (2)

IMG_1100 (2)

That seemed to be somewhat serendipitous as it was this latest figure that they used to give us the best Ghost Rider figure to date.  Using both the translucent plastic for the flames and a brown wash that makes the skull look like real bone  this figure is hard to ignore!  Every Ghost Rider figure, by the way, should always come with a motorcycle.

IMG_1120 (2)

IMG_1119 (2)

The unfortunate part of the Rhino series figure is that it came with no real accessories to speak of.  This not only comes with the motorcycle which can be displayed with the large flames or none at all but it also comes with a flame laden chain that Ghost Rider can whip around.


The articulation is superb on this figure with the added bonus of the moveable jaw.  I am so happy they continued to offer that feature on the figure because it just makes it that much better!  I much prefer the new light blue paint on the leather outfit than what they offered in the past.

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1099 (2)

I think you should go out and get this figure – this could certainly replace all the other figures you have in your collection. I’m not even sure they improve this figure as this might be the best offering ever!

IMG_1103 (2)

IMG_1105 (2)

Retro Marvel Legends Punisher (2017)

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A while back when ML released a Punisher for Walgreens I was ecstatic.  It looked much like the Keown drawn Punisher straight from issues 395 &396.  There were a few differences but ultimately something I could overlook.  Well, when Marvel decided to release a retro line they only improved upon what was already a fantastic figure!  Small changes such as some coloring and a slight sculpting change made a highly graded figure even better!

IMG_1044 (2)

While there aren’t as many accessories included in this new offering it’s still a better figure, IMO.  The brown belt now colored white looks so much better than the original brown.  His bazooka was also re-colored to white… and while that may be an odd choice for high grade weaponry it still coordinates his whole outfit and damnit, fashion matters! Even vigilantes don’t want to clash!


IMG_1019 (2)

Also, one of the more obvious changes, the red bandana rocks!  The white was fine but red just looks so much better!  Even the regular head looks less strung out.  The red eyes and unshaven features did look amazing but really, he looks addicted to crack more than he did tough and imposing!

IMG_1020 (2)

The retro figure really depicts the classic Punisher in a way that no other figure has.  As an even bigger added bonus, listening to consumers, Marvel added a slightly different hand sculpt with a “trigger finger” that allows Castle to hold his weapons with his hand on the trigger – which, if you ask any officer or responsible gun owner, is the best way to always hold your guns.

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“New” Hulk Toys!


I am certainly looking forward to seeing some fresh Hulk merch on the shelves – of course, Hasbro announced a Hulk/Hulkbuster 2-pack consisting of what looks like the Avengers Hulk with a slightly changed head sculpt and a repainted Hulkbuster BAF.  I’m not sure how I feel about them re-releasing BAF characters complete in a 2-pack.  It seems like all the work you did to acquire the original (having to purchase an entire line to complete it) is now sort of ridiculous.  Either way, maybe you’re happy to get another crack at it with a better paint job or are you a little miffed like I am?  Let me know your thoughts…


Marvel Legends/Universe Spider-Man 2099

IMG_0888 (2)

IMG_0656 (2)I’m glad that Miguel O’Hara had a second (and third, technically) series – and I’m even more excited that it was Peter David hired to tell his stories once again. Peter David wrote the original 46 issues of the first series and they had him continue his exploits (a mere 18 years later!) in the new series.  I always thought Miguel was a complex and entertaining character.  This is one of the few characters where I have every issue of his appearances.

IMG_0889 (2)

I don’t think they will ever do better than his original costume but the new threads weren’t so bad either.  I am in the camp of “new costume designs don’t make the book more exciting”.  I remember years ago when Spawn’s costume was redesigned and I laughed as it seemed like such a silly way to pump up readers.  This costume is pretty similar to the original – but I am a fan of the darker colored suit.

IMG_0655 (2)



Jean Grey/ Cyclops 2-Pack (2017)

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The Toys R Us exclusives are touch and go at best.  Especially where Marvel Legends are concerned.  We’ve gotten 3-packs of SHIELD and the new Marvel characters like Sam Wilson Cap and the new Hawkeye but this time they hit it out of the park!  With the return of Jean Grey expect this 2-pack to disappear pretty quickly, if it hasn’t already!  This set is both beautiful and classic!

IMG_0724 (2)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate when I see interchangeable heads.  It’s like getting multiple figures without having to pay for them!  This comes with a regular Jean, a “needs a haircut or different conditioner” head and then, of course, the possessed, evil Jean.  All with her classic costume!  Classic Cyclops as well in his most popular costume makes this set one of the best TRU offerings in a long time!

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Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk BAF (2017)

IMG_0731 (2)

IMG_0733 (2)

Thank you to all that have been messaging me asking me to blog about all the new Hulk items that have been released.  If you’re on my FB page then you will know that not only do I have them all but I have had them for quite a while!  I was able to acquire the BAF Gladiator Hulk a week before the street date!  Thank goodness I did too, getting the pieces to this guy is proving to be very difficult.  Some of the figures are pretty fantastic – and then there’s Loki.  A terrible figure with very little accessories!  If you are lucky enough to unload them to help pay for the Hulk then good on you because he’s already running a pretty penny on eBay.

IMG_0732 (2)

IMG_0740 (2)

IMG_0734 (2)

The figure is pretty fantastic too!  I was hoping for an 8″ figure since it was the Hulk and this is the first time the Hulk has treated to the BAF format.  While he still stands taller than most of the other figures in the set he is the same size as the AoU Hulk we were served.  The real difference?  The absolute killer gladiator set up that this Hulk comes with!  The war paint, the helmet, the huge hammers and all the armor!  It absolutely makes this figure a killer piece to add to the Hulk collection!

IMG_0735 (2)

Like I mentioned, having to buy every figure in this series just to get the Hulk – which means you’re shelling out about $120 to get this bad boy!  That might seem steep but really, you’re going to pay about $75-90 just for the Hulk on eBay anyways, so for another $30 bucks or so you can have all the figures too.

IMG_0736 (2)

IMG_0737 (2)

I have seen this on FB – with the soft plastic they used for the hammer makes it susceptible to bending when the Hulk holds it.  You can easily avoid this by having the Hulk hold the hammer high on the neck.  I actually thinks this looks cooler anyways.

IMG_0738 (2)

IMG_0739 (2)

The Gladiator Hulk’s expression is an interesting choice.  He really looks as if he is confident and stoic at the same time.  I get that the Hulk has constantly been sculpted with the raging anger face – but with a BAF I really feel as if we should have been given an alternate head with a screaming anger face!  It would have been perfect!

IMG_0741 (2)

The figure reminds me of the last time the Hulk was seen in war paint… but this time he’s way more bas ass!