Hulk Avengers Squinkies (2012)

You could easily roll your eyes with this post and say to yourself “Really?  Another Squinkie?  Hasn’t that fad run its course yet?”  I would have nothing to banter back with.  These are like a bad dream that keeps coming back!  The good thing is – my neighbor has a son who collects them now –Continue reading “Hulk Avengers Squinkies (2012)”

Hulk Squinkies Series 1 (2011)

I thought is was funny when David brought by the series 2 Squinkies with a clear Hulk – and today he brought by another set – apparently this is the first set and the store he was at didn’t have them when he picked up the other one.  Instead of the clear plastic that the figuresContinue reading “Hulk Squinkies Series 1 (2011)”