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Marvel Superheroes – First Issue Covers (1984)

Marvel Superheroes First Issue Covers

Avengers #1

I found a box of this set on the Cape.  It’s a pretty fantastic idea of collecting just covers to the #1 issues.  So, of course we have The Incredible Hulk #1 and Avengers #1 – also both first appearances of the Defenders – Defenders #1 and Marvel Feature Presents #1 (Yes Gary, I know – that’s not the correct title) but also the Marvel Premiere Featuring #1.

The Incredible Hulk #1

The Defenders First Appearance!

It’s interesting to me when these supergroups form they want the Hulk to be part of it, and why?  It’s obvious really – he is the powerhouse you want on your side when things get hairy!  But the real point is – the Hulk can’t be controlled – can’t be part of a team… yet they won’t stop having him join!  Anyways, this is a great set – everyone should seek one out!

Marvel Premiere #1

Defenders #1

Marvel Universe Card Set (1990)

1990 Green Hulk Card

1990 Grey Hulk Card

There are a few great things about this set – and I will say this – one of the best things is that they have both a Green Hulk AND a Grey Hulk card.  1990 was certainly a big year for the Hulk – that saw the return of the Green Hulk after years of Grey Hulk stories, even if it was for one issue – and the end of the year was the beginning of the merged Hulk era! 

1990 Leader Card - or is it Larry Flynt?

One of the worst cards in the series… the Leader!  Look how freakin’ BIG they made his head!  While I see that in these early series they tried to get the whole character’s body in the limited space – the Leader’s greatest quality is that awesome porno ‘stache of his!  Instead they gave him a noggin’ 3 times the size of his actual head and… is it lighting up?  What’s up with that?  Why are there ray of light shooting out of it?

Hulk vs Thing

Fixit vs Spidey

Wolverine vs Grey Hulk

There are also a few “Battle” cards – Hulk vs Thing, Fixit vs Spiderman, Hulk vs Wolverine.  Again – I will say it again, I don’t get what was so great about the Wolverine vs Hulk fight – I mean, I know that’s where the world was introduced to Wolvie – but really – most people don’t even know what happened in the fight.  Mainly because the truth is – Wolvie was beaten and inconsequential.  And the Fixit/Spiderman fight?  Another boring fight!  We’re not talking the Cosmic Spiderman/ Grey Hulk fight – because that one was awesome! 

Avengers #1 M.V.C.

Hulk #181 - M.V.C.

Alright, let’s move on.  There was another small series of cards dubbed the MVCs: Most Valuable Comics.  Some of them actually were the valuable comics – while some were recently released and hyped as “going to be valuable”.  Lastly, the last half dozen cards were “joke” cards featuring Spiderman interviewing other heroes.

Oh Spiderman - you're such a ham!

The chase cards were 5 holograms – off the top of my head here – Magneto, Cosmic Spiderman, Punisher, Wolverine and Spiderman vs Green Goblin.  Nothing Hulk here – so I didn’t post pics – but I do have a complete set – including the Wolverine hologram which was missing when I got the set.

And – before anyone asks – yes, I will review Hulk #613 this week.  First I have to read it!  Expect it on Wednesday!

Back of the Card

Marvel Super Heroes Cards (1992)

#13 Hulk - looking like he would fit well into the Disco scene!

# 76 - Hulk & Wolverine!

I have a bunch of extras of these cards!  This series had some of my favorite artists, Larsen, Kieth, and there were 162 cards in the base set!  Which seems like a lot, but this series showcases the heroes, villians, team ups, storylines, origins… everything!  The Hulk in the set is the merged Hulk – in his brown jumpsuit – not my favorite Hulk to be showcased, but it was the most popular at the time.

#98 - Hulk & Thing

#101 - Abomination!

Abomination also gets a card – dressed in a trenchcoat living in the sewers – with his melted face.  Classic stuff!  There should be cards for the Secret Wars and the Infinity Gauntlet storylines in every series!  As much as I like the Marvel Masterpieces lines I would’ve liked to see some cards like that!

#161 - The Origin of the Hulk

#187 - The Secret Wars!

My favorite card in the series by far is the “All Hulks Unite” card.  It has an illustration of Banner, the Savage Hulk, Fixit – and right in front, the merged Hulk!  Love it or hate it this storyline will remain one of the most memorable in Hulk’s history.

#189 - Infinity Gaunlet

As an early set goes, the chase cards were cool.  There are  just 5 holograms – Wolverine, Venom, Thing, Ghost Rider and Hulk.  Funny thing is – I found a box of these in an antique store.  I bought it – even though all I needed was the Wolverine Hologram.  I went through each pack – there were something like 36 packs with 12 cards in each pack – and amazingly, I only found 4 holograms in the whole box.  There were 3 Ghost Riders and a Thing.  I was so mad! 

#194 - All Hulks Unite!

Then, a bit later, I went into Bedrock Comics in Framingham.  There was another man walking in behind me who the owner knew.  He said “Hey, I have a hologram you might be interested in!”  and he pulls out… you guessed it!  The freakin’ Wolverine Hologram!  The one card I needed to complete the whole set!  I waited patiently, hoping the guy was going to pass on it and practically jumping out of my skin, but alas – the man bought it.  Foiled again.  I finally broke down and bought it off ebay.  So, like I said before, I have a bunch of extras of these cards – including some of the Holograms – email me if you have anything to trade with any other sets.

The Sam Kieth Hologram! H-1

Marvel Super Hero Cards (1991)

Hulk #53

The only Hulk villain in the set… Absorbing Man

 One thing is for certain – this summer may have been one of the worst to take off of blogging!  I have so many NEW things to show you it’s ridiculous!  But, like I said before, I will be blogging on a new schedule – not really sure what it’s going to be right now – but a few times a week to be sure.  Anyways, let’s get started again!  It’s good to be back!

This is one of the sets I was given by my friend Bill.  There were about a half a dozen cards missing and a few Holograms – but I plugged those holes just recently.  The funny thing is – one of the holograms missing was the Hulk – and base set card#53, also the Hulk, was missing.  Art Adams did a lot of the art for this series – and it’s fantastic to look back at them.  It also looks like Larsen did some of the art on certain cards.

Hulk vs Thing!

Hulk vs Wolverine! This looks like Larsen's work - but I am not sure...

While I now have a complete set of these cards – I also don’t have any doubles of these – so I am sorry – but I can’t help anyone complete their sets as well.  Full sets of these are on the bay for relatively good prices – without the holograms of course.  If you want the holograms you’re gonna have to shell out a little extra.  The holograms in this set are Spidey, Hulk, Punisher, Doom and Mole Man vs the Fantastic Four.  I do have them all – and the Spidey, Doom and Hulk ones are pretty boss.

Hulk vs Leader!

I think it was a fun set to begin blogging again.  The art is especially nice on these compared to some.  Check back Friday as I will be posting another set then – one of the Marvel Masterpieces sets!  I’ve never been a huge card set collector – and after completing the sets I do have – I must say I now know why!  Although – since the invention of ebay it’s pretty easy to finish most set now!  I can’t really remember trying to complete sets before – but the newer sets are even harder to complete now… they have specialized base sets that are a pain in the ass to acquire them all!

The Hulk Chase Card in this set - Hulk Hologram!