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Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #10

Marvel Treasury Editions #9

Alright, this will be the last MTE I show off for now – mainly because the last few I own are more appropriate for the winter weather!  So, I will make sure I post those then – but issue #9 features some of the heroes fights with each other.  The Hulk vs Thor fight is from Journey into Mystery #112 – of course!  They reprinted this issue so many times it bordered on ridiculous!  Not as ridiculous as Hulk #181 – but up there.  And I am sorry, but I have to point out – is Spiderman really stopping the Surfer’s blasts with his webbing?  Is that not like stopping a tank with a pebble?  What craziness is this?  I haven’t read THAT issue – but I still don’t see how it’s possible!  A little later tonight I will post my reviews of Hulked Out Heroes #2 – and Red Hulk #4 – make sure to come back and check out the reviews!

Back Cover

Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #9

Marvel Treasury Edition #25

MTE #25 actually features a completely original tale – about the Hulk and Spiderman at the Winter Olympics.  Why at the Witer Olympics?  Well, personally, I think it’s because of the freakin’ curling!  What the hell is that anyways?  Who brushes the ice?  And does brushing it really make the stone go any further?  I am not totally convinced.  I know I get pissed off just watching the ridiculous “sport”.  The crazy part is – there is nothing in the Winter Olympics tha thte Hulk would really do well in… maybe the bobsled – but he’d never be able to get in the thing!  And what the heck is the Mole Man doing there?  He lives underground, right?  Deep underground – near the liquid magma (say this last part with the Dr. Evil voice) – what the heck is he doing in the cold?

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Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #8

The Mighty Avengers MTE

You know the killer about this issue?  Hulk’s not in it!  He’s not – but I still got it because he’s on the back cover!  That’s when you know you have issues – major, major issues!  The Hulk appears on the back cover and I can’t help but purchase it.  The first 5 Avengers were so amazing… the fact that the heroes go from fighting the Hulk to having the Hulk part of the team, to the Hulk quitting, to the Hulk joining with Namor to take the team down, only to have Cap lead the team and the Hulk to come back to help them in the 5th issue!  How phenomenal! 

The Back Cover - the only place the Hulk appears!

Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #7

Howard the Duck MTE

I am not a big Howard the Duck fan.  Never read a comic and didn’t like the movie.  I do however have this issue and of course you can tell why – it’s Howard and the Defenders!  The freakin’ Defenders!  This is also one o f the covers that have a rear view on the back cover – Some of the Holiday issues do the same.  On the Hulk’s back there’s a little patch that says “Get Down America!”  I’m not sure if that’s some sort of warning of impending flatulence or not – but it’s a good theory.  This re-prints Howard the Duck #1 – which I don’t have, so I guess I should get it.

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Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #6

MTE #20

I have so many more to show off – I’m going to keep this little party going!  We will continue with MTE #20 – Hulk vs Doom – I remember these issues well – as they are some of the last that I needed to finish off the entire run.  This issue not only reprints the Doom issues (#143 and #144) but the earlier issues of The Incredible Hulk #136 and #137.  One of the best parts is the small pin-up gallery at the end of this issue.  The only real problem I have with this whole thing is the back cover which features one of the worst renditions of the Abomination ever!

Back Cover

A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #5

MTE #17

MTE #17 has one of my favorite covers.  I always thought it was hugely powerful!  The crazy thing is – this is the issue that I have in the worst condition.  But, it’s still really great to have!  This MTE reprints issues #121, #134, #150 and #158.  Issue #150 has one of the saddest endings ever.  The Hulk reverts back into Bruce Banner after Havock controls the Hulk – Betty comes to Bruce’s side to see if he’s alright.  But Bruce, in an almost unconscious state, calls Betty”Jarella, my love”.  Betty has no idea what it means – be everyone reading the issue has their heart broken for Betty…  Another collection of great comics!

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A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #4

MTE #16: The Defenders!

The Defenders are, IMO, one of the best and most entertaining Marvel groups.  I wonder if they could ever create a movie out of this super team?  The amazing thing about the Defenders is that they actually kept the Hulk in the group – and not always voluntarily.  This MTE covers some of the more important issues – it reprints the first appearance of the Defenders – Marvel Feature Presents #1 – but also The Defenders #4 (Valkyrie joins the Defenders) and Defenders #13 & 14.  You have to love the shot of the Defenders on the back cover – particularly the Surfer posing like he’s in a JC Penny catalog.

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