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Marvel Universe Galactus and Silver Surfer (2010)

antone 2 045

I was pretty selective when it came to buying the Marvel Universe figures but there was no way I would ever let a Galactus figure this amazing to get by.  The awesome might of this figure is, if you never had the opportunity to see one in person, is too much to ignore.  This is not the first Galactus figure Marvel produced – there was a Marvel Legends BAF that is impressive as well – but this fits into the scale of the MU way better than the ML did.  Not really, of course, seeing as the Planet Eater is too gargantuan to make to scale – but this as good a match up as we’re ever going to get!

antone 2 046

One of the best features of this toy is the electronic voice that booms from it when you press the button in the middle of his chest.  Even better, is the figure does not come alone.  Galactus could never work alone – he needs his herald – and thank goodness they choose his favorite of the bunch (but how great would it have been if they had chosen Nova or Firelord!).  This version of the Silver Surfer is the best version to get which is a shame the only way to obtain one was purchasing this pricey figure!  Of course, you could always eBay it – but hey, why would you want one without the other anyways?  Most of the Surfer figure we were served with has a flatter finish that was more grey than silver.  Not this figure though – he shimmers in the light like he’s supposed to!

antone 2 047

There is a darker variant to this figure – I’m not sure if it was an exclusive or not – but it never made it’s way to the aisle of my local TRU.  It’s a cool paint – but this is the classic – the better version – and the Silver Surfer’s paint job looks a bit silly to me.   Either way, if you ever choose to get this figure you should certainly looking to the bright purple and blue!  Even the grimace on the Eater of Worlds face is perfect.  It’s a substantial piece though – you need to have the room to display it.  Truly, though, one of the best offerings the line ever gave us.

antone 2 048

Marvel Universe Korg Figure (2016)


How in the world did it get to the point where we were served with a Korg figure?  I mean, granted, they had the body from the Thing so all they really had to do was sculpt a tiny little Korg head and stick it on there – but still!  We were given a Korg figure!  Korg, who, arguably, was the Hulk’s right hand man during Planet Hulk – one of the greatest Hulk stories of the new century!


I have said this before and I will say it again but one of the greatest (funniest) moments from the Planet Hulk storyline was when the crew of Kronans came out to battle the Warbound and Hulk realizes that the only thing hard enough to crack a Kronan outer shell is another Kronan.  So, much to Korg’s horror, the Hulk picks up his teammate and starts swinging. When the rest of the Kronans were a pile of rubble the Hulk stood victorious and Korg sat crying.  I know it doesn’t exactly sound funny but for those of you who read it you know that Pak wrote it infused with a sense of hilarity.


The only thing we can hope for now is a Marvel Legends line with Korg.  Maybe even another Hulk Marvel Legends line – one featuring the Red King and even a Harpy… and Aquon!  Holy hell that would make me happy.

Avengers Assemble Gamma Fist Hulk (2013)

ct 011

So, this must be the line taking over for the MU series.  This Hulk figure is leaps and bounds better than the one I posted Saturday.  Like I said – I think the other was geared more toward kids while this one certainly is more toward the collector’s liking.  It has way more articulation – 12 points in all (including the ball joints at the legs) and the sculpt is a lot better as well.  I wish I could say it was better in all facets – but the paint application is still pretty dull and cheap looking.  Overall though, this figure gives me great hope for the future of the Avengers Assemble line.

ct 012

While I was out I did find the latest wave of MU figures and picked up not only the newest Rhino but the really great Mysterio figure.  I am really hoping to be able to find the last few figures in this line – like the Abomination and the Leader – this is a line I will miss.  It’s too bad that Hasbro’s choices sort of nose dived the whole series.

ct 013

You should absolutely pick these up if you are lucky enough to find them – especially the classic Rhino figure which is a lot better than the Rhino we got in the Spider-Man 2-pack.

AA Hulk – B-
MU Rhino – A-
MU Mysterio – B

ct 014

Here’s a quick comparison:

ct 015 ct 014 - Copy

Goodbye Marvel Legends…


Hasbro has now stated that the ML line is dead – and the MU line will be combined into the Avengers movie line.  A reliable source told me that Hasbro has said that large retailers want to carry toy lines that are directly attached to a media event.  That means they only want movie toy lines… You know, the worst Marvel toy lines… The ones that end up, usually, on the clearance pegs.  Click the image for the site with the announcement.

Variant Alert Friday!

hulk o 008

I was going through TRU the other day and noticed the MU Avengers Boxed set was being released again.  I figured, since I had it already, that I didn’t really need to take a look at it – but something compelled me.  I looked at the Hulk figure… something was… off.  I figures I was being paranoid and then left the store without the set.  Then I went home I looked at the figure I have and it seemed the same… but also didn’t.  I couldn’t put my finger on what was different but, alas, I just forgot about it and moved on.  Then, I went to Target tonight…

hulk o 009  hulk o 010

Sure enough the Avengers Boxed set was sitting on the shelf again and I couldn’t help but to look at it.  Something was not right.  I decided to purchase the set and then go home and compare.  As you can see, by the pictures I posted, I was right!  The new re-release sets have a Hulk with a slightly different paint job – a brighter green – without a wash over him!  I was psyched – mainly because I seem to be the first person mentioning this variant.  Which does not happen very often!  So, Hulk completests, just so you know – there is another Hulk figure to get!

hulk o 011

Acquisition Tuesday!

now or never 006

I was able to get a hold of a few figures from the new Marvel Universe wave.  I was only figuring to pick up Hercules – since he took over Hulk’s book after Planet Hulk.  Still sort of bothered by that one.  I wish they had continued the numbering for Hulk – but in true Marvel fashion they have restarted the Hulk 3 times now since then.  Three freakin’ times!  Original numbering to #600 – then a restart at #1 – and re-titling back to #1 once more when they realized the Aaron run was not being favored by fans.  Back to Herc – whose title also has ceased – he is quite the figure.  Like I said before – the MU line has really stepped up their game and while I still think they are overpriced they are awesome figures!

now or never 005

Marvel Universe 2-Pack – Dr. Strange/Silver Surfer (2012)

MU Surfer/Strange 2-Pack

Sure enough they have made the Defenders 2-Pack!  It has Strange and Surfer and I think the only reason the Hulk is not in this 2 pack is because they already brought out the Hulk/Wolverine 2-pack.  So I can’t complain… then again – when have I ever let reality stop me from ranting!  Actually, I was pretty happy to get this 2-pack.


There is a slight paint change from the original Surfer to this one – but there isn’t much you can do otherwise to make this figure look different.  He’s freaking Silver!  Put some shiny spots on him – at least that’s something new!  And to top it off – the Strange figure is the same one we received on the single card.


Part of the reason I bought this is because I like to display the figures in the original packaging – yes, I am one of those – and I do like how they made these 2-packs with a comic that features each of the characters!  So, while we aren’t exactly getting anything new – it’s hard to resist picking up such great figures!

The 2 most powerful members… other than Hulk!