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Master Replicas Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)


Every time I opened a new part to this statue I just kept saying “Wow!” or “Holy crap!”  This enormous statue is a little bigger than the Bowen Green Hulk and re-creates the cover to The Incredible Hulk #1.  Even the backing of this statue is jaw dropping.


Let’s start with the fact that you receive 2 statues with this piece – A Hulk, of course, but also a Bruce Banner.  Such detail went into this piece that they even made a wristwatch on the arm of Bruce Banner, underneath his lab-coat, you can’t even see it when you look at it dead on!  But it’s there!


The size of this piece is awe inspiring.  The Hulk, very Frankenstein-ish, looks just as he did when he first appeared, right down to his dead yellow eyes.  I can’t say enough great things about this piece – and in a year that has had some great Hulk statues – that is saying a whole lot!  It is limited to 2500 and this one is #423.


I bought this statue off ebay and got a really good price for it.  If you pick up one Hulk piece – then you’re crazy.  You need this statue, but then again, you need them all!




This statue comes in 4 pieces – packed away so nicely, it’s almost a shame to rip them out of the Styrofoam.