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Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga BCC Commission (2014)

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy

Here’s the thing – I had the idea for this commission about 3 or 4 years ago.  I hadn’t seen this done yet by anyone and wanted to try to put this together by two talented artists.  But, unfortunately, as I only attend Comic Cons on the least busy day (meaning Sunday) the two artists who I wanted to tackle this idea – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga – their commission lists were usually already filled to capacity.  It took me years of asking and then finally compromise to let them take it home and bring this vision to life.  What I wanted what a simple but fantastic homage to one of the greatest comic strip ever – The Peanuts – with Hulk characters.

hulk art not shown 002

Four years ago when I had thought of this idea – I hadn’t seen this done yet.  Since then I have seen a few – but this is my favorite.  Well, of course it is, because this one is mine!  Matt Fletcher handled the task of drawing Doc Samson while Uminga drew the Hulk.  Doc Samson’s look is priceless and Doc’s booth is just perfect!  I was so psyched to get this piece finally – it took a little while but when the final product looks like this – the wait is always worth it!

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy - Copy

Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 3

Uminga is the tops!

I told you about my great experience with Trimpe – and now onto another great couple of guys – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga!  Both of these guys have such unique styles it’s hard to imagine getting a piece from them and not being impressed!  So far, to date, I have a Planet Hulk bust, another Planet Hulk piece on a 5×17 (both are posted on the ART page) but I never had a classic Hulk done – so this was the year!

With Matt – whose style is fantastically unique (how these guys don’t have a regular gig at one of the big two is beyond me) gave me a classic Hulk last year – and this year I asked for Fixit.  He knocked it out of the park!  Right down to the pin stripes and fedora!

Fletcher's Fixit

2011 Boston Comic Con (Part P.S.)

Hulk Plushies

I did get a few extra pieces that I’ll share – just a couple of small things – and the last piece of art I never showed off.  I will start with the Hulk mini-plush.  In the entire con I could only find one Hulk – they had a ton of the other characters – but only one Hulk.  I picked it up – and then picked up another for Lex.

Hulk Pins

I also saw this guy selling a few magnets and pins – I chose a few Hulk magnets 🙂

MM - Avengers 11-20

I did pick up a few very affordable Marvel Masterworks.  They both feature the Hulk in at least one issue:

MM - Amazing Spiderman 11-20

Last but not least – the Matt Fletcher Hulk bust I had done.  This was the last piece that I picked up – and I have to say, Uminga PH was a close second, but this Hulk bust takes the cake!  Next year I will make sure I have the funds to get a full body piece from both Chris and Matt.  Actually, I have an idea – one that I will not disclose here just yet – both Chris and Matt were on board with trying out.  Hoo-Boy – you guys will be in for a treat!  All in all – this year was one of the best Con years ever!

Matt Fletcher Hulk Bust