McFarlane Speaks!

I don’t hear McFarlane talk about his days drawing the Hulk – here is a small story he told on Facebook: I told my editor ” The Incredible Hulk should be…um…HULKISH!” It seemed fairly obvious to me. Years ago when I was working/drawing for Marvel Comics, i was given the job of penciling the INCREDIBLE HULK comic. It was reallyContinue reading “McFarlane Speaks!”

David Golding Hulk #340 Commission (2011)

Let’s all admit it – this is one of the best covers that McFarlane did – and he did some great covers!  I’d even go so far as to say that this is one of the best Hulk covers ever done.  It’s just so inventive!  I wonder if this was soley McFarlane’s idea or ifContinue reading “David Golding Hulk #340 Commission (2011)”

“Ground Zero” Comics (1989)

This is one of the best Hulk stories ever told.  In-fact, the very first Hulk comic I ever owned was the Comic bottom center – #343 – and some of the best covers came out of this series as well.  #344, The Hulk soaring through the air with Betty hanging on and the moon inContinue reading ““Ground Zero” Comics (1989)”

Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)

  McFarlane was a master.  He was an illustrator at a time when superstars were being born in the comic world.  His first Hulk issue – 330 – didn’t even have the real Hulk in it.  The Hulk on the cover is Rick Jones as the Hulk.  In this issue Gen. Ross dies (but don’t worry, heContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)”

Hulk Icons – Grey (2007)

I told you I would get this version!  I posted the green version just a bit ago and now here is the grey – with a different head scuplt.  Not only is it very McFarlane-esque I think it also makes him look like a vampire.  That’d be a great story!  Bruce Banner is bitten by a vampireContinue reading “Hulk Icons – Grey (2007)”

Marvel Legends: Face Off (2006)

These two packs are some of my favorite action figures ever.  Not only did they do new head sculpts for each variant – which I love – they chose the right villain.  The Leader is Hulk’s best foe – and while I prefer the McFarlane-esque Leader (to the left), the 60’s Leader is classic.  TheContinue reading “Marvel Legends: Face Off (2006)”

Johnny Lightning Hulk Chevy Tahoe (2003)

The Tahoe displays an image from McFarlane’s cover to # 345.  An absolute Awesome image that really deserves a cooler car.  I have a few cars in my collection – but generally try to pick up only very unique or very amazing looking pieces.  Luckily when you are obsessed with something you start to getContinue reading “Johnny Lightning Hulk Chevy Tahoe (2003)”

Hulk Pins Collection

The pins at the top are all the incarnations of the Hulk.  They came out in 1990 – as well as the 2 in the middle that re-create McFarlane scenes.  I got these from Rubber Chicken Comics when it was still located in Milford.  I think it’s in Franklin now, if not, it’s right overContinue reading “Hulk Pins Collection”