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McFarlane Speaks!

I don’t hear McFarlane talk about his days drawing the Hulk – here is a small story he told on Facebook:

I told my editor ” The Incredible Hulk should be…um…HULKISH!” It seemed fairly obvious to me.

Years ago when I was working/drawing for Marvel Comics, i was given the job of penciling the INCREDIBLE HULK comic. It was really my first regular gig on a book that my mom had heard of, so she thought I had final made something of myself. But as I began to draw the book over the next few months, I began to be aware of the fact that the writer on the book was, to me anyway, putting way too much story content into his plot outlines he gave me each month.

What this meant, was that to get everything on to the pages, I was constantly drawing pages that had 6 to 8 panels (or more) on most of the interior pages (part of the problem too was that I was still trying to learn things as an artist, so I am sure another skilled drawer might have been able to problem solve better than me at that time). But the problem was, that if each page had all of these smaller panels squeezed on each page, that meant nothing was BIG, which seems wrong for a book with the work HULK on it.

So, one day after getting my latest plot outline to draw, I phoned my editor (this was before I started drawing The Amazing Spider-Man comic) and said something like “Hey, boss, this latest plot is so crowded, I think this story might be better served if we made it into TWO ISSUES instead of just one. If we do that, then I can let some of the pages breathe a little…but more importantly I can finally make the Hulk BIG! I haven’t had the chance to do that yet.” My editor agreed and I was able to open up the pages to give more of a scope as to how HUGE this creature called the Hulk was.

The page you see below is the original art from one of those issues (Idid the pencils and someone else inked it) and you can see how much bigger the Hulk is compared to Betty Ross. That was all I ever wanted to show. Finally I had the opportunity. As a side note, the Hulk was colored gray at this time for reasons I have forgotten, but my interpretation of him was that he would be 1) HUGE, 2) With wrinked skin, like and elephant and that 3) he would be so massive that he could barely stand upright (*see the second photo I’ve posted*). Think of a giant Hunch back of Notre Dame, if you will. Later in the books run, he would be turned back to green and become much more handsome, thanks to the skilled drawing of Dale Keown and John Byrne.

I was just trying to make this character something that would visually be it’s own look, since there were many large heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe at the time.


Not at all Surprised…

This cover went up for sale a bit ago – and I think I am the only one who wasn’t surprised at all at the price it went for – it’s an amazing piece!  Click on the link to be astounded!

McFarlane Goodness!

O Novo Incrivel Hulk!

There is no denying what this guy has done for comics – and the power he held for a long time.  Now?  Well, now it’s rare for his comics to sell a 10th of what they used to but for a long while he outsold pretty much everyone!  His (too brief) Hulk run was one of the more memorable; and not just for the stories PD told but because of the style in which McFarlane decided to draw the grey behemoth!  Above I have a spanish version, mini-comic of The Incedible Hulk #341 – Hulk vs the Man Beast.

Amazing Spiderman Omnibus!

I also did pick up the McFarlane Spiderman Omnibus – which I am very excited about and contains Amazing Spiderman #328 in which the Hulk gets his ass handed to him by a very powerful Spiderman!

The Issues Included

David Golding Hulk #340 Commission (2011)

Golding Hulk #340 Commission. Be Jealous!

Let’s all admit it – this is one of the best covers that McFarlane did – and he did some great covers!  I’d even go so far as to say that this is one of the best Hulk covers ever done.  It’s just so inventive!  I wonder if this was soley McFarlane’s idea or if it was a collaboration?  I do know that McFarlane gave the original piece of art to PD – as it was David who convinced the X writers to let him use Wolvie and McFarlane really wanted to take a crack at drawing the Canadian berserker.  I also know that David no longer owns the page – although if you find the original you can see at the top Todd wrote “To Peter – Thanks!”.  I don’t know the story behind what happened with this page – but I would LOVE to know!  I wonder of Gary has the low down?

The Hulk means business

People were not dissapointed, and as such, this cover has been re-done and re-drawn many times over.  Homage after homage appear – and while Golding gives McFarlane credit – his rendition reminds me more of Queseda’s homage that appeared on Wizard #157.

Wizard Wolvie/Hulk Cover

One thing Golding did was give credit to McFarlane – only… he’s obviously more of a fan of his art than the man himself – as he spelled his name incorrectly.  “Macfarlain” is close – but no cigar.  Not that I am complaining mind you – it sorts of adds a certain amount of charm to the piece.

Macfarlain? Is he related to Ford Fairlane?

One of the more impressive things to see on this piece is the title and number box at the top.  It is not cut and pasted on – but instead it is drawn and inked right onto the page.  I love the way he drew the Hulk in the little box too – and strangely – it’s very different from the Hulk that’s flashing in Wolvie’s claws.

75 cents... oh the good ole' days!

“Ground Zero” Comics (1989)

GZ Comics

This is one of the best Hulk stories ever told.  In-fact, the very first Hulk comic I ever owned was the Comic bottom center – #343 – and some of the best covers came out of this series as well.  #344, The Hulk soaring through the air with Betty hanging on and the moon in the back-round.  #345 is classic.  #341 against the man-beast is one of my favorite comics of all time.  And of course, #340 vs. Wolverine goes for about $40.  I have the trade collecting all of the comics.  If you have the chance, read this right away.  Then you will be a Hulk fan – I guarantee it.  Then you will start your own Hulk Website, then we will be enemies.  I can hardly wait.

Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)


McFarlane was a master.  He was an illustrator at a time when superstars were being born in the comic world.  His first Hulk issue – 330 – didn’t even have the real Hulk in it.  The Hulk on the cover is Rick Jones as the Hulk.  In this issue Gen. Ross dies (but don’t worry, he gets better) and Sampson is controlled by a head monster.  Pretty entertaining issue.

333 is far and away my favorite McFarlane cover.  The cover is a bit deceptive, seeing as the story deals with an abusive sheriff and his abused wife.  The ending is classic Grey Hulk and I think shows off just what a great writer Peter David is and was and how sorely he is missed on the Hulk.

Hulk Icons – Grey (2007)

Grey Icons

I told you I would get this version!  I posted the green version just a bit ago and now here is the grey – with a different head scuplt.  Not only is it very McFarlane-esque I think it also makes him look like a vampire.  That’d be a great story!  Bruce Banner is bitten by a vampire – so instead of “Hulk Smash!” it would be “Hulk Suck Blood!”  I’m writing Marvel right now.