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Marvel Legends: Face Off (2006)

Face Off

These two packs are some of my favorite action figures ever.  Not only did they do new head sculpts for each variant – which I love – they chose the right villain.  The Leader is Hulk’s best foe – and while I prefer the McFarlane-esque Leader (to the left), the 60’s Leader is classic.  The Hulk’s in the package look mean, angry and ready to fight.  These two packs come with a reproduction of Incredible Hulk #115. 

Johnny Lightning Hulk Chevy Tahoe (2003)

Car 1

The Tahoe displays an image from McFarlane’s cover to # 345.  An absolute Awesome image that really deserves a cooler car.  I have a few cars in my collection – but generally try to pick up only very unique or very amazing looking pieces.  Luckily when you are obsessed with something you start to get items as gifts.  I think my friend Corry bought this for me.

Hulk Pins Collection

Hulk Pins

The pins at the top are all the incarnations of the Hulk.  They came out in 1990 – as well as the 2 in the middle that re-create McFarlane scenes.  I got these from Rubber Chicken Comics when it was still located in Milford.  I think it’s in Franklin now, if not, it’s right over the line.  The Universal Studio’s pin is from 1999 when I went on the Hulk Ride.  The other two are the oldest of this set that I have.  The small circular one at the bottom is from 1978 and I found that at a Flea Market.  The last I got off ebay.  My favorite is the pin where Grey Hulk is jumping through the air and you can see the moon behind him.