Mega-Blocks Vehicle (2008)

Steven Yarish – the man who runs the greatest Hulk site ever (and that’s saying a lot because I really love my site!) told me  where to find the mega-blocks Hulk stuff.  Walgreens.  By the way – Steve’s site is in my blogroll – it’s called the Engine of Destruction – if you haven’t checkedContinue reading “Mega-Blocks Vehicle (2008)”

Mega Blocks Hulk Playset (2008)

Incredible Hulk Mega Blocks Playset I promised the coolest thing ever – and I deliver!  At least I think it’s the coolest thing ever.  The Hulk Head is a playset – it opens in the back – it can also hold all the open legos once you’ve opened all the packages.  Actually my favorite partContinue reading “Mega Blocks Hulk Playset (2008)”

Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)

Hulk and Spiderman paired up again.  You’d think that these two were friends or something!  But they never actually got together in the comics and fought crime.  They’ve been guest-stars in each other’s comics and even helped the Wood-God escape together – but they’ve never displayed what I would call friendship.  In fact, I betContinue reading “Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)”

Mega Block Magnetic Figure (2006)

Trust me when I tell you that I searched everywhere – every toy store from here to New Hampshire – and no one ever had this in stock.  I once found a Spider-man figure, it gave me hope, and I searched forever in that store, but to no avail.  I had to settle for findingContinue reading “Mega Block Magnetic Figure (2006)”