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Variants Abound!

tone's first month 119

Quite a few little Hulk figures are popping up everywhere.  To begin with, Lego – the undisputed greatest toy company ever – released another Hulk set – complete with Lego MODOK, Thor, Falcon and Taskmaster.  This little (just kidding – he’s HUGE compared to the other Lego guys) Hulk comes more comic accurate sporting the purple pants – and a new, but only slightly different rage face!

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Lego is still one of the toy companies out there that continuosuly stay on the top of their game.  These Marvel releases are just another reminder of how incredible each set is.  Sure, they can be pricey – but with Lego I feel like, with the amount of thought that goes into each set, it’s worth the price tag.

tone's first month 125

And now onto something a bit… smaller:

tone's first month 123

Also, I know I complained about this Mighty Muggs release – and I still think that they dropped the ball with it – but the Micro Muggs Avengers Hulk that comes in the 4 pack differs slightly from the ones that are sold in blind boxes in Target stores.  It has blue pants and a flatter finish (not so shiny).  Just a heads up to my Hulk peeps out there!

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tone's first month 124

Hulk Micro Mugg (2013)

micro 003

I am so upset at the turn this line has taken.  I used to look forward to seeing what new characters would be popping up – hoping to see some Hulk supporting characters.  Alas, we only have the green Hulk from the original, larger size. They didn’t even give us a variant Grey Hulk!  Too bad…

micro 002

When Hasbro decided to kill the line and make the figures on a smaller scale I know a lot of collectors that were so upset they abandoned the line all together.  I, for one, was willing to give the new scale a try and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the new smaller scale.  The moniker of MightyMuggs was now replaced by MiniMuggs but the personality of the paint applications were still pretty awesome.

micro 004  micro 005

The only thing they couldn’t immediately settle on was the price.  Oddly, the singles were $4.99 – only a dollar off of the originals which were double the size.  Even more curious was the double packs were originally priced at $16.99 – which made no sense mathematically.  Obviously, this was more than disparaging – it seemed like Hasbro had no faith in this line -or at least it was not satisfying their bottom line the way they wanted it to.

micro 007

For some reason they have not decided to drop the line though, no, instead they have released a new smaller size dubbed MicroMuggs.  Are they worth getting?  Well, a 4-pack, which is the only way they are sold, including Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk, is $9.99.  That means these are about $2.50 a piece (which might be a bit too high).  I think the biggest disappointment I have is that they got rid of the classic, unique design and made these only half a figure.

Not to mention no articulation (and I know the earlier releases didn’t have a whole lot of movable parts – but you could at least turn the head and position the arms) and they come attached to a non-removable stand.  Overall, I am happy I was given this little figure for free and I didn’t have to pay to be disillusioned by the new direction of the MightyMuggs once great legacy.

Grade for the MicroMuggs Hulk: D