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Rocket Raccoon Mighty Muggs (2018)

IMG_1179 (2)

My friend told me that once, a while back when Mighty Muggs was first released, he imagined these figures to be the next huge thing – and they certainly could have been – but through a set of unfortunate circumstances this line was cut short.  Then, of course, they released the new version of Mighty Muggs with a regular and mini version.  They were released once again but with more alterations to make them micro.  A sad ending to what could have been a great series!

IMG_1180 (2)

They have a new version out with multiple faces that can be switched by pressing their heads into their bodies.  I already had a chance to show off the new Hulk – check it out on this site – but they released a series 2.  Rocket Raccoon was part of that series and it’s an amazing little piece with some great facial expressions!  The odd one being the Manga version with a uni tooth in the front.

IMG_1181 (2)

Hulk Micro Mugg (2013)

micro 003

I am so upset at the turn this line has taken.  I used to look forward to seeing what new characters would be popping up – hoping to see some Hulk supporting characters.  Alas, we only have the green Hulk from the original, larger size. They didn’t even give us a variant Grey Hulk!  Too bad…

micro 002

When Hasbro decided to kill the line and make the figures on a smaller scale I know a lot of collectors that were so upset they abandoned the line all together.  I, for one, was willing to give the new scale a try and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the new smaller scale.  The moniker of MightyMuggs was now replaced by MiniMuggs but the personality of the paint applications were still pretty awesome.

micro 004  micro 005

The only thing they couldn’t immediately settle on was the price.  Oddly, the singles were $4.99 – only a dollar off of the originals which were double the size.  Even more curious was the double packs were originally priced at $16.99 – which made no sense mathematically.  Obviously, this was more than disparaging – it seemed like Hasbro had no faith in this line -or at least it was not satisfying their bottom line the way they wanted it to.

micro 007

For some reason they have not decided to drop the line though, no, instead they have released a new smaller size dubbed MicroMuggs.  Are they worth getting?  Well, a 4-pack, which is the only way they are sold, including Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk, is $9.99.  That means these are about $2.50 a piece (which might be a bit too high).  I think the biggest disappointment I have is that they got rid of the classic, unique design and made these only half a figure.

Not to mention no articulation (and I know the earlier releases didn’t have a whole lot of movable parts – but you could at least turn the head and position the arms) and they come attached to a non-removable stand.  Overall, I am happy I was given this little figure for free and I didn’t have to pay to be disillusioned by the new direction of the MightyMuggs once great legacy.

Grade for the MicroMuggs Hulk: D


Hulk/Avengers Mini-Muggs

Hulk Mini Mugg

For some reason – maybe I just wasn’t paying attention – but I thought we were getting full sized Muggs again.  So I was a little disappointed when I saw what we were actually getting.  That being said – I had to change my perspective and review what we have rather than what I thought I was getting!  So:

Both Releases

The Positive: I know these muggs aren’t exactly known for their sculpts because they all come from the same mold (that’s part of their charm, IMO) so these little guys have to be based solely on their paint-ups.  One of the best things is to see that they didn’t double dip.  Each little fig has a new design!

Mini Mugg - smaller than a Mighty Mugg

For a second I thought that the Hulk that came in the Hulk/Abomination 2-pack  was the same as the Hulk that came in the Avengers 5-pack – but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a new paint up as well.  They gave the new Hulk angry eyes rather than the wide open “What did I just eat?” eyes.

Similarly, the singular Hulk has sort of a classic, Kirby feel to it.  The troglodyte, inquisitive look on his face screams silver-age to me.  The olive color isn’t exactly my favorite – but it looks good on this little guy.

"Honey! The kids are acting up again!"

Abomination has a decent design as well – believe it or not they did paint on ears – he looks very Killer Croc-ish – but without adding to the sculpt there wasn’t much they could do to avoid that.  I am psyched about these 2-packs because it gives us an enemy for the Hulk – something the original Muggs never gave us.

Hulk has that sort of "I crapped my pants" look...

The Negative: It seems like I have been complaining over and over about the prices of things these days.. and… well, this won’t be any different.  While the singles are $6.99 the two packs are $15.99.  The math doesn’t add up there – if one is $7 shouldn’t 2 be $14?  I think the singles should be $4.99 IMO – but I can accept the $6.99 price but the two packs?  That’s harder to swallow.

Like his ears are pinned back against his head!

Nevermind the price for a second, I like these new additions to the Muggs collection – the smaller size makes them cuter – I just really wish they were able to add ears onto the Abomination rather than just painting them on.  Painting them on doesn’t really help distinguishing the Abom from some other monsters – and it gives me a strange unfortunate deju-vu feeling from the ear-less Abomination from the 2008 movie.

Conclusion: If you don’t mind being fleeced on the price – which obviously I did not – then these are definite pick ups!  Grade: B+

New Avengers Toys

Hulk MM #3

More and more Avengers toys are appearing all over the web!  I am pretty excited to see the Mighty Muggs making a comeback!  A Hulk with Abomination 2-pack is on the way!  Should be hitting shelves March and April respectively!

Abomination kind of looks like Killer Croc...

SDCC Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set (2011)

Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set

When I saw this set I was pretty excited.  We haven’t seen anything new from Mighty Muggs in the respect to Hulk for a long, long time.  The line seems pretty dead except for exclusives – haven’t heard of a wave 7.  Maybe I am wrong (it’s happened before) but I don’t think we will see a wave 7.  Upon further inspection of this set I noticed that all of the Muggs are the mini ones – other than Giant Man – who really makes this set poking his head out of the top of the box!

That’s something of note – this set is one long box – not a bunch of little boxes connected together.  As a result I have not seen too many of the Hulks offered separately.  In fact, I have only seen this one – for anyone who wants it.  But be warned – the Hulk is pretty tiny – not even HALF the size of the regular Muggs.  I picked the whole set up for an easy $30.  The only issue I have is that Cap and the Hulk were not on the team at the same time…

Mini Mighty Muggs Hulk

Hulk Mighty Muggs (2008)

mightymuggs hulk

I was going to wait to post this – but how can I?  Look at this thing!  Look how great this is!  It’s like a huge Lego Hulk guy – but even cuter!  Even the packaging is great!  I might even get another and paint it grey.  Maybe they will do a repaint themselves.  I would buy it in a second.

I found this at New England Comics this Wednesday.  I also saw a “Help Wanted” sign in the store – so I asked about it.  The 2 guys there said “Help wanted?  Ummm… I know the taco place down the way is looking for help.”  I pointed to the sign and said “No, it says you need help here!”  They two guys looked baffled and claimed they didn’t even know the sign was up there.  Gee, I wonder why they’re looking for new help…

The Flood Has Begun…


A lot of pictures of the toys for ’08 are now starting to make their way onto the net…  Thank you to Corry for all the links – AND I found that Stephen Yarish of The Engine of Destruction website has grouped them all together on one page.  Check it out here. By the looks of what is coming out I am going to have a very busy ’08! The Super Hero Squad Planet Hulk with Surfer is my favorite!  But the Mighty Marvel Muggs look really good too!  Rejoice Hulk fans! 

*Thanks to Stephen for allowing me to link to his page!