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TRU Exclusive Hulk Mini-Mates (2008)

TRU Exclusive Mini-Mates

TRU Exclusive Mini-Mates

Well, well, it is an “exclusive” I guess.  But it’s just the package.  But the package has little windows!  Windows!  So, the figures can look out or we can look in – either way – it’s YAY!   We can see the figures!  If you want to call this a variant, go ahead, no one’s going to stop you – but all it is is a different package.  They did pair the Hulk and the Abomination in one package.  In the regular packages they paired Abomination with Blonsky and the Hulk with Banner.  So here, the figures are at the very least together.  Still cool though.

Hulk Movie Mini-Mates Hulk/Banner (2008)

Hulk / Banner Mini-Mates

Hulk / Banner Mini-Mates

They finally released the Hulk movie Mini-Mates, well, about a month ago now, but I’ve had other stuff to show you so…  this is the first of 4.  3 of the 4 come with a Hulk mini-mate and this is the regular Hulk.  Banner’s looking all suave and debonair not like the nerdy scientist we’ve all come to love – shirt buttoned only so high – the t-shirt poking out, he’s ready to clubbing for sure!  And where’s his glasses?  By the way, I never put these in the figure section at top they always go into the toy section because, let’s face it, these are tiny little toys!  I’d like to discuss these further – but there’s nothing else to say really and Monday/Tuesday posts were like friggin’ novels.  Tune in tomorrow for something I should have posted 2 weeks ago!  Woo Hoo!  I’m a rebel!

Banner has the Luke Perry stubble

Banner has the Luke Perry stubble

Professor Hulk and Abomination Mini- Mates (2008)


What a nice job Mini-mates does capturing the likeness’ of these characters.  The sneer on the Hulk’s face is perfect.  I thnk they did a better job on the Abomination – that happened with the Chess Pieces too!  What the heck?


Ohh!  Look!  They come with extra feet!  I don’t know what that’s all about – but I like the feet they come with – the Abomination has his big 2-toed feet, which rocks!  Hulk is not wearing shoes – I don’t know what that’s all about…


Maybe they’re getting ready for a battle royal!  And they can’t wear shoes!  Like in those Ultimate Fighting Championships!

winner hulk 1

Winner!  And still Champion!  The Incredible Hulk!

winner Hulk 2

They should’ve had me write that new Hulk Movie!  I would’ve rocked that like crazy!