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Neca Scalers Iron Man Hulk 2-Pack (2014)

IMG_0566 (2)

Thankfully we have not had this problem for a while – but there have been times when Hulk merchandise is scarce – it’s pretty bare on the shelves.  I will end up buying things that I wouldn’t normally pick up.  Case in point – these little Hulk/Iron Man figures that hang onto wires that you stick in your ears.  As you can tell these came out during Avengers 2 – the funky pants should be the clue – and there wasn’t a ton of Hulk merchandise when Avengers 2 hit the shelves.  Especially compared to Thor: Ragnarok.  Would I normally buy this?  I don’t think so.  But they are cool – the oversized headed little pieces of plastic just hang onto the cord – but seriously – it does nothing else.  In fact the only thing I think it will do is eventually get lost when it falls off the wire.

IMG_0566 (3)

New Hulk… Coming Soon!


Neca has a reputation for delivering some cool action figures – so the good news is that this figure is up for order!  This screaming Hulk is 2-feet tall and completely bad-ass!  Check out the paint up below – and click the image for the link to order it.  Click on the above image for more info.  Not too sure if this will go into the collection just yet – the price is a bit… pricey and the pants look a bit silly.  But we will see!