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Avengers: Inifinty War Titan Heroes Hulk (2018)

IMG_1123 (2)

This is another action figure line that we know what to expect.  No real articulation and basic paint applications – but it’s the Hulk!  Hasbro has once again raised the price on the newer figures.  The Hulk was always a bit pricier – $12.99 vs the regular $9.99 – but now expect to pay $14.99 for a Hulk.  The joints are a bit of an improvement though – we now get a swivel joint that allows the arms to rotate rather than just go up and down.

IMG_1124 (2)

I do like the art on the box a lot better – I’m just hoping the Hulk has a bigger role than what we seem to be given in the trailers.  I would love to see another Hulk/Loki moment in the new movie.  With a movie chock full heroes and characters who all need screen time I’m not sure how exactly they will pace it out.  I have high hopes though!

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Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Figure (2018)

IMG_1122 (2)

Let me begin with the fact that I do get excited when there is new Hulk merchandise out – but this time around it hasn’t been wonderful experience it always has been.  The Marvel Legends series did not release one – instead they gave us yet another Iron Man (the 40th by my count) and a Task Master.  Actually, the Task Master does look pretty awesome.  So, the only line that gave us a Hulk figure is the cheaper Avengers line.  While that is still usually a good thing there are some distinct issues I have.

IMG_1129 (2)

IMG_1130 (2)

First, it’s not really the sculpt or the paint application – both of those are pretty much in line with what to expect with this line.  The articulation could have been a bit better – a hand or foot joint wouldn’t have killed them!

IMG_1131 (2)

IMG_1132 (2)

The other issue – and it’s a real doozy – is the price increase.  What began at $6.99 for an understandably lesser figure was upped to $9.99.  Still not the worst price point but it wasn’t all that welcome to see Hasbro immediately jump.  This new toy is priced at $12.99 – which, by the way, is $3 more than the regular figures.  The Hulk is bigger – but $3 worth bigger?  Absolutely not!  Especially since the Toy Box Hulk is both larger and heavier and cost the same.

IMG_1128 (2)

It’s super disappointing since this is one of the two Hulk offerings we are given this time around. The only positive I can give this figure is that it actually comes with an accessory.  It’s not a great accessory – but it’s something.  It looks as though a very plastic looking piece of concrete with an infinity stone attached.

Grade: C-

Acquisition Tuesday!

christmas '13 020

Bear with me on this one… this needs a but of explaining.  What you are feasting your beady, little eyes on (and I am only guessing that your eyes are little and beady – they may be as big as saucers… I have no idea) is an Avenger’s 8 Collectible Figure (2012 – Including Black Widow, Loki, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and… and another Iron Man?  WTF? Retail: $14.99)pack from Target.  I am not sure if they are exclusive to that retail giant – but they might be.

christmas '13 021

But here’s the issue – TRU was also selling a pack of these – except they had 4 “prototype” figures included but at a whopping $29.99.  That’s right, double the price but only 4 unpainted figures they were trying to pass off as prototypes.  As any real collector knows – prototypes are uncompleted or unpainted figures that the companies make up as a mock up of what a final product will look like.  They have no dates or copyright information on them – they are just blank and some of the time… one of a kind.  What’s inside the TRU pack is not a prototype figure but instead – regular unpainted figures.  Luckily, ebay has come to save the day – so while I have the 8 pack from my wife from Christmas, I got the Hulk and his drab buddy for a cool buck on ebay.

Success is mine!

Success is mine!

Hulk Figure – Hong Kong Import (2012)

Hong Kong Hulk

Hope everyone’s Turkey Day was as fattening and fantastic as mine!  I wish I could have had the review for Indestructible Hulk #1 ready – but I had a dark meat eating contest with my brother-in-law (and that’s turkey meat – get your mind out of the gutter) and I just came out of the food coma.  I will be reviewing the issue for tomorrow’s post – but I want to re-read it and get some time and perspective.  Also, I have not scanned any of the covers in just yet.

So, instead of the review I bring you an action figure from Hong Kong whose hands are twice as big as his tiny little head.  His lack of neck is somewhat disturbing… but then put his arm up and this little plastic guy does his best ET impression and TA-DAH!  His neck sprouts up from his shoulders!  Looking close you can see that the people of Hong Kong might be confused about how the anatomy of a human being is put together as his left arm (the picture’s right) is put on backwards.  This 4″ figure is a pretty cool piece to get – there are a few on ebay right now – so if you want them act fast!

Hulk Phone Home!

Tiny Build-A-Figure Hulk (2009)

Tiny Hulk Smash!

I liked getting those little figures out of the machines that dispense them – if anything, it really feels like you won something when you get what you want!  But these little figures were in my LCS in a bin – so I didn’t have to try over and over to get this little guy.  I did, however, have to search through the bin – so it’s still sort of a prize.  Maybe I’m kidding myself.

It comes with all you see here! And is part of a nutritious breakfast!

It comes in 3 little pieces – the legs, torso+head+arms, and the little bit of rubble he’s standing on.  They go together pretty easily and are snug and tight.  For comparison purposes I have him posed with the ML Green Hulk variant.  As you can see – it’s a tiny little guy – but for a tiny figure it’s pretty cool – sculpted really well and a nice little addition to my ever growing collection!

Meet Mini-Hulk-Me!

Holy Crap!



This is probably the 2nd bet action figure they could have ever made!  Click on the image to go to the site and find out more!  Man, I hope we see these soon!