Q Fig AoU: Hulk (2016)

I have been trying to narrow down the hard choices of which monthly subscription service to finally commit to.  Loot Crate was the first I heard of but, from the reviews from close personal friends who are apart of it, I’ve also heard that lately it’s getting to be not worth it.  Marvel’s Collector’s CorpContinue reading “Q Fig AoU: Hulk (2016)”

Acquisition Tuesday!

Playskool has certainly been making use of the little Hulk they sculpted for the Playskool Heroes line!  I am posting quite a few new Hulk items they have released in the past year.  While there are more made for children I have no problem picking up new Hulk action figures.  The first (above), is theContinue reading “Acquisition Tuesday!”

Avengers Hulk Figure (2012)

I mentioned this in the video – but these new Avengers figures are certainly nothing to crow about.  Don’t get me wrong – the sculpt is pretty decent – and the coloring looks pretty good too – the issues come when you look at the articulation.  The head (hardly) moves, as does the arms atContinue reading “Avengers Hulk Figure (2012)”

Marvel Legends House of M Hulk (2006)

This figure eluded me for WAY too long!  This is one that I never even saw hit the shelves – and then it seemed like overnight they just became hugely expensive!  I waited and waited thanking that I will see these eventually go down in value – and they have… sort of… You can findContinue reading “Marvel Legends House of M Hulk (2006)”

Marvel Universe Avengers Set (2011)

The Good: Well, all I can really say, and thankfully a point that was brought to my attention before – this is truly the first set we have of the original Avengers line up!  Even the 1999 set included Giant Man – who was not in the first issue.  It was Ant Man and Wasp.  IContinue reading “Marvel Universe Avengers Set (2011)”

New Hulk Figure coming out soon!

You may soon have this toy in your collection!  Marvel has released some cool figures under the Select line – but this is one of the coolest!  Based on the Maquette that Diamond Select put out earlier – check it out here – as well as the sculpters blog here.  So if you didn’t haveContinue reading “New Hulk Figure coming out soon!”