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Q Fig AoU: Hulk (2016)


I have been trying to narrow down the hard choices of which monthly subscription service to finally commit to.  Loot Crate was the first I heard of but, from the reviews from close personal friends who are apart of it, I’ve also heard that lately it’s getting to be not worth it.  Marvel’s Collector’s Corp seems like the obvious choice but most of the boxes didn’t hold my interest.  We will see though…



My good pal Corry, who owns Zapp Comics, handed me this little nugget on my last trip to good old NJ.  He told me it came out of the latest Loot Crate – a great little figure that seems to litter eBay with pages and pages of auctions.  Cheaply, I might add.


This solid, stylized figure has no articulation but it’s cool and unique all the same.  The Hulk, stomping into the concrete ground below him, looks pleased with himself.  The pose strikes me as just landing from a large leap and, from the look of his haircut, he’s looking to have a night on the town.  It’s a great figure that is worth a few bucks plus free shipping.


Acquisition Tuesday!

christmas '13 029

christmas '13 029 - Copy

Playskool has certainly been making use of the little Hulk they sculpted for the Playskool Heroes line!  I am posting quite a few new Hulk items they have released in the past year.  While there are more made for children I have no problem picking up new Hulk action figures.  The first (above), is the Hulk w/ Smash Mobile (Version A, 2012, $12.99) which comes with a regular Hulk and a vehicle.

christmas '13 028

christmas '13 028 - Copy

Always one to keep variants coming, Marvel and Playskool also released an alternate companion Hulk w/ Smash Mobile (Version B, 2012, $12.99) where the Hulk is wearing a life vest even though the vehicle does not look made to go into the water – nor does it look like a DeLorean and I don’t see Doc Brown anywhere in sight – so I am not totally sure what that is all about.

christmas '13 030

The last figure has the decency to still wear a shirt – but doesn’t see the need for unnecessary safety equipment.  The Hulk w/ Mud Slinging 4X4 (2012, $21.59) also comes with the Silver Surfer.  Each little figure with vehicle is perfect for any aged Hulk lover – but best for the littler ones.  And grown men who can’t get enough of the green goliath!

christmas '13 030 - Copy

Avengers Hulk Figure (2012)

Avengers Hulk

I mentioned this in the video – but these new Avengers figures are certainly nothing to crow about.  Don’t get me wrong – the sculpt is pretty decent – and the coloring looks pretty good too – the issues come when you look at the articulation.  The head (hardly) moves, as does the arms at the shoulders and the legs at the waist but that’s it.  No wrist, knee, ankle or even elbow joints.  It is one of the laziest action figures I think I have seen from Hasbro in a long while.

Hulk… not too impressive

Even worse is the fact that they are releasing these to comic shops only – and of course their mark up is more substantial than a national chain – so these figures are running about $15 – $20.  Had I not been inflicted with such a sick obsession I wouldn’t have bothered picking this up – but alas… I did.  I do like the sculpt, like I said, so if you’re as big as a Hulk fan as I am maybe it’s worth the pick up.  Otherwise, the grade: C-

Marvel Legends House of M Hulk (2006)

House of M Hulk

This figure eluded me for WAY too long!  This is one that I never even saw hit the shelves – and then it seemed like overnight they just became hugely expensive!  I waited and waited thanking that I will see these eventually go down in value – and they have… sort of…

LOVE the Hulk Sculpt - the face is dead on!

You can find these on ebay for about $16.00 – but for some reason – some of these same figures sell for double – sometimes TRIPLE that amount!  But there is no denying the figure is worth it!

All the tattoos are amazingly detailed

Sure, it comes from a disappointing storyline – a forgettable storyline in the Hulk Mythos – but that doesn’t make the Hulk LOOK any less cooler!  I wish this Hulk went on a little bit longer – had more of a memorable storyline going with him!  A tribal Hulk?  How cool does that sound?  I mean, comeon!

How much - and how long - do you think this would be to get for real?


Hulk PVC Figure (2012)

Hulk PVC

This is something that I was surprised with by another collector friend of mine.  He called me up to let me know that he found this figure at JC Penny and he picked an extra up for me.  It’s a cool little PVC figure that costs only about $4.  It has a real Buscema feel to it – and in my opinion – not enough Hulk figures have that Buscema feel!

Found at JC Penny - go figure...

With the Avengers movie on the way – and I’m hoping it can beat some of the other franchises out there *coughTWILIGHTcough* – we are seeing more and more Marvel stuff out there.  A lot of it seems like older items that were just not released earlier and now, with the opportunity to cash in, a whole slew of product is flooding every store!

I wish I had another to take out of the package

It reminds me of 2003 – except instead of just the Hulk – we are seeing all of the Avengers.  Marshalls is supposed to have a roto-cast Hulk figure that was never released from 2008 – I have yet to find it – but I have my feelers out.  This brings me to a really great point for all of you Hulk fanatics out there.  It helps to have a really solid base of friends that keep an eye out for things for you.

Go out and get this one!

Marvel Universe Avengers Set (2011)

MU Avengers 5-Pack

The Good: Well, all I can really say, and thankfully a point that was brought to my attention before – this is truly the first set we have of the original Avengers line up!  Even the 1999 set included Giant Man – who was not in the first issue.  It was Ant Man and Wasp.  I do find it funny though those figures are almost as big as the larger figures in this set!  But really – I can’t say enough nice things about this set!  I don’t have an open package yet, so I can’t tell you about the figures feel and such – but the boxed set is a beauty!  The Box art is even fantastic!  The Hulk sculpt is classic Kirby Hulk with the squared off head and purple shorts – dare I say this is the best Hulk offered in the MU line!

Classic Kirby Hulk!

The Thor figure is absolutely perfect as well and captures the classic version very well.  Iron Man is the least impressive of the 3 bigger figures in this 5 (6 counting the ant) pack – but that’s only because he has no real paint scheme to him  other than bright gold.

Goldilocks and Tin Man!

The Bad: The Ant Man and Wasp figures are basically just little lumps of painted plastic.  they don’t really have features at all – which is confusing to me as the Handful of Heroes had pretty great sculpts to them even though they were tiny.  In fact, the HOH are smaller!  I wish they were a bit better – I mean, even the any they include seems to have more detail!  Also, I would have liked to see a comic included – even a mini-comic of Avengers #1 would have been nice!

These deformed pieces of plastic are supposed to be figures?

The Ugly (Truth): This is a pack to pick up – I even like how my box was packed with the Hulk turned away from his team-mates – a sign of things to come!  The Hulk alone is worth getting this pack for – never before has a figure captured the Avengers Hulk so well!  The 1999 pack has the worst brown wash on the figure – making the Hulk look dirty rather than giving him more definition.  The price point – and the cheapest I see on ebay is about $20 – which is perfect.  Even for $30 you are getting a great pack of figures.

Best part of this pack!

New Hulk Figure coming out soon!

Marvel Selec t

You may soon have this toy in your collection!  Marvel has released some cool figures under the Select line – but this is one of the coolest!  Based on the Maquette that Diamond Select put out earlier – check it out here – as well as the sculpters blog here.  So if you didn’t have the $90 to spend on this now you can still own the figure for $20.  You can bet I will post mine as soon as I get it.  Click on the image to see the article about it.