Free Comic Book Day Sketch Covers 2016

  Zapp Comics knows how to put on a sketch party!  A couple of years ago I was able to get down to help my friend Corry on Free Comic Book Day!  It was insane there – the lines were out the door and the crowds didn’t stop until closing at 8:00pm.  Of course, oneContinue reading “Free Comic Book Day Sketch Covers 2016”

Nick Justus Free Comic Book Day Sketch (2015)

There is quite a bit I need to update on this site, I know it to be true, but with two kids I hardly have time to post!  Many of you who follow this blog know that long hiatuses are common place.  It’s not that I want them to be – it’s just how itContinue reading “Nick Justus Free Comic Book Day Sketch (2015)”

Aaron Lopresti World War Hulk Commission (2012)

I just looked through my site and have found that I have perpetrated a huge travesty.  A few years back I was so excited that Aaron Lopresti was gracing us with his presence at the Boston Comic Con – a man who shared the penciling responsibility with Carlo Pagulayah for Planet Hulk!  I, of course,Continue reading “Aaron Lopresti World War Hulk Commission (2012)”

Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)

Back at the Boston Comic Con I was searching out an artist for a special idea.  This idea was so cool I knew that I needed to find the right artist – one that had the perfect combination of talent, pricing and enthusiasm!  Some artists, you can tell, just want to get something done –Continue reading “Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)”

Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 4

Alright – last post about the BCC and then I will get back on track with reviewing the latest issues and posting Hulky goodness.  The final post here will feature a sort of “Best of Times, Worst of Times” theme.  Every year I try to visit artists who are not as well known – artistsContinue reading “Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 4”

Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 3

I told you about my great experience with Trimpe – and now onto another great couple of guys – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga!  Both of these guys have such unique styles it’s hard to imagine getting a piece from them and not being impressed!  So far, to date, I have a Planet Hulk bust, anotherContinue reading “Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 3”

Boston Comic Con 2012! Part 2

I know some of you guys remember the amazing Hulk commission that Tim Sale did for me – it’s still one of my favorites – and he was at the BCC once again.  I would have loved to get something from him – but Sale’s prices jumped considerably this year.  I can’t say I blameContinue reading “Boston Comic Con 2012! Part 2”

Robbi Rodriguez Planet Hulk Commission (2011)

This commission, that was done over the summer this year, was somewhat of a controversial piece.  First off – I really liked a lot of the art I’ve seen from this artist – so I was excited to get a vs. piece from him.  What I wanted was a PH vs Silver Savage match up from himContinue reading “Robbi Rodriguez Planet Hulk Commission (2011)”

The Incredible Hulk #461 Pg 18 – Overlay (1998)

Here is another interesting piece of art – it comes from the issue where the Hulk faces off against the Destroyer – and who inhabits the Destroyer?  That would be the one and only – the Maestro!  David Brewer penciled this issue – but I don’t have the whole page – just the patch . Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk #461 Pg 18 – Overlay (1998)”

Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)

I swear I have not abandoned you guys here – and I will start posting regularly at some point – but things are so busy I… well, I have a secret talent that I have not disclosed yet.  I am working on something that I hope you guys will get a kick out of.  IContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)”

Nova (Volume 2) #3 Pgs. 14&15 – DPS! (1999)

Alright, let me just say I have not forgotten or abandoned you guys!  I have a ton of stuff to still post I just have to find the time!  So, that brings us to this – while I would like to delve into the original art with both feet – but the unfortunate part of beingContinue reading “Nova (Volume 2) #3 Pgs. 14&15 – DPS! (1999)”

The Incredible Hulk #399 Pg. 18 (1992)

I just may have something for pg 18 of comic pages – because out of all my acqisitions – 3 of them are page #18.  This one has to be the one page I own that has the most characters on it!  Not being a huge fan of Jan Duursema’s short run – but you haveContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #399 Pg. 18 (1992)”

Tom’s Collection – Day 4

Let’s finish this week off right – and with some beautiful pieces of original art!  I am looking for a Larsen Hulk piece myself – but this one is just out standing: Defenders 3 Cover: When Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen relaunched the defenders in 2000, I bought it mainly because I love Larsen’s Hulk.Continue reading “Tom’s Collection – Day 4”