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Free Comic Book Day Sketch Covers 2016


Nick Justus’ Classic Hulk


Zapp Comics knows how to put on a sketch party!  A couple of years ago I was able to get down to help my friend Corry on Free Comic Book Day!  It was insane there – the lines were out the door and the crowds didn’t stop until closing at 8:00pm.  Of course, one of the perks about being so close to the city is that the Joe Kubert School is nearby!


Erik Klaus’ Hulk


Corry invites some of the students to come and show off their amazing skills to the fine people who patronize their fine establishment.  I was lucky enough to nab a sketch from each of the artists there including a great guy and friend Nick Justus, Emma Kubert and Idan Knafo Kerbis.


Idan Knafo Kerbis’ Mr. Fixit



Emma Kubert’s Green Hulk


It was exciting and I hope to go back to another sketch party soon!  If only I can find time in my busy schedule!


Bella Rachlin’s Savage Hulk



Aquon Forever!


My good friend Dave sent me a link a while back to an ebay action for the art pictured above.  If you are a fan of this blog at all than you know my fondness for the Hulk foe Aquon and his premiere issue The Incredible Hulk #165.  This page features the work of the celebrated artist Herb Trimpe – whose recent passing has made his original art even more expensive.  This was a curious page as I was interested but knew it would reach, at the very least, a grand.  Amazingly enough, this is the second time he posted this page as the first time the auction ended just south of $1,600.  Apparenty, the auction winner has second thoughts and did not pay.  With that the owner of the art has to relist it and this time the auction ended just over $1,000.

That’s still just slightly over what I would have paid for it – so congrats to the new owner – but the price is still pretty impressive if you consider this: The art doesn’t feature any heroes!  Well, sure, that’s the back of the Hulk’s head – but you can’t see much of the jade giant at all – and that’s the very cool Captain Omen – but again, his presence in the MU these days is negligible.  Still, you can’t deny owning Hulk art from Trimpe is amazing in itself.  As for me, don’t feel too bad about me missing out on this art.  Truth is, I already own a original Trimpe Aquon drawing.  You can see it here: 165 Review

Nick Justus Free Comic Book Day Sketch (2015)


There is quite a bit I need to update on this site, I know it to be true, but with two kids I hardly have time to post!  Many of you who follow this blog know that long hiatuses are common place.  It’s not that I want them to be – it’s just how it is for now.  I spent this year’s Free Comic Book Day in New Jersey helping my good friend Corry Brown handle the crowds at his shop, Zapp Comics, where he had a huge crowd lined up before the doors even opened up.

He had a talented man named Nick Justus doing free sketches and I asked him for a Captain America for my daughter.  When he handed it over I was floored at the quality of his work!  Remind me to get a shot of that Cap to show you guys – my daughter is sleeping right now so I’m not going to risk waking her up – but then I asked him to draw me a Hulk.  He agreed and delivered a Buscema inspired raging Hulk!  Nick was able to capture the anger of the Hulk in a way that I’ve not seen some Hulk artists do!  Look him up and friend him on Facebook!  He’s worth knowing!  Talented and super friendly guy!

Aaron Lopresti World War Hulk Commission (2012)


I just looked through my site and have found that I have perpetrated a huge travesty.  A few years back I was so excited that Aaron Lopresti was gracing us with his presence at the Boston Comic Con – a man who shared the penciling responsibility with Carlo Pagulayah for Planet Hulk!  I, of course, was thinking about getting a piece from him – and was Aaron and George Perez – those were the two big “gets” of the BCC for me that year.  Well, lucky for me Aaron accepted commissions early to be picked up at the Con.  I was hoping to strike up a conversation but the man was concentrating on something else / not very friendly / not interested in talking that day.  I don’t mean to say he’s ALWAYS this way – and his somewhat dismissal of me wasn’t totally rude or anything but it wasn’t great either.  I introduced myself, he said hello, I told him that I commissioned him, he asked what I wanted.  I reminded him and he went through his folder and pulled out my piece.  He handed it to me and asked for payment.  I handed it to him and started to gush over the piece.  He said thank you without looking up from what he was busy doing.  I stood there awkwardly for a moment and then walked away.

Like I said, he might have been busy so I decided not to take offense.  But the piece I walked away with is beautiful and I can’t help but focus on the fact that I left the con with an amazing Planet Hulk illustration.

Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)

Banner and his other selves!

Back at the Boston Comic Con I was searching out an artist for a special idea.  This idea was so cool I knew that I needed to find the right artist – one that had the perfect combination of talent, pricing and enthusiasm!  Some artists, you can tell, just want to get something done – they draw for the money.  Not that that is bad, mind you, like most other jobs – I am sure drawing can get tedious if you are expected to do it all day.  Sometimes, though, you come across an artist who is genuinely excited about the idea you have!  Mark Dos Santos was that artist.  I presented the idea of re-creating Amazing Spiderman #258 but with the Hulk instead.  He knocked it out of the park – as you can see!

Check This Out!

So, I know that WalMart has an exclusive 6″ Avengers line – but they have yet to show up on the East Coast… if any of my Gamma Bros that visit this site have found an extra and want to help me out I would be truly grateful!  Anyone?!?!?

Well, in the meantime – check out the art I did on a blank Defenders #1 cover.  Let me know what you think!  As you can see – it’s featuring the original Defenders only!  😉  Actually, there is another side to this cover – if you’d like to see the other side just click on the image (Trust me – it’s so worth seeing!)

Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 4

If you have a chance to see McG - do it - all around nice guy who likes to laugh

Alright – last post about the BCC and then I will get back on track with reviewing the latest issues and posting Hulky goodness.  The final post here will feature a sort of “Best of Times, Worst of Times” theme.  Every year I try to visit artists who are not as well known – artists who may be up and coming real talents.  I am certain the name Jeff Wamester will soon be known very well!  Anyways, I will tell you up front, and I’m sure you can tell by the title pic, McGuiness finally did get to his table – and not only was he a pleasure to talk to and a jovial, down to Earth kind of guy, he was also sketching!  Quick sketches – and I was lucky enough to not have to wait in the long, long line to get this:

Wow! Love it!

Classic!  So, let’s move onto a mis-step in the journey of BCC.  I saw an artist – and I won’t bother with the name – but I saw a Captain America piece he was working on and thought it was a unique approach.  A little funky but cool looking – so I asked about a Planet Hulk.  Now, not only did the artist make a grave mistake by confusing a WWH with a Planet Hulk (note the tiara and “loin cloth”) but he also gave me something that looks like it took about 2 minutes.  What is the squiggle on his arm?  Anyways – here it is:

Ummm... WTF?

So – being a little bothered I didn’t want to leave the BCC on a down note.  I was trying to find an artist who would re-create a couple of famous Spiderman covers – but make them Hulk themed – and one of the artists agreed but asked if it would be okay for him to take it home and mail it to me.  I can’t wait to see the art completed – but I will keep it a secret on which cover it’s being based on.  There is another cover I wanted though – it’s the VERY FAMOUS McFarlane Spidey cover ( this one) but I wanted it to be reversed – I wanted the Hulk to be punching Spidey.  This is the most fun piece I took home this year:

Awww - YEAH!

The artist’s name that did this Rich Woodall and he knocked it out of the park!  I can’t even tell you how amazed I was when I came back to his table and he presented me with this!  Let me know what you guys think – I had a blast this year and I can’t wait for next year!