Mego Hulk! All the Carded Versions!

What you will see is the collection of the classic Mego Hulks in all their glory.  I have been able to amass all the carded versions that this classic toy was released on.  Next up is getting all the 12 inch versions (I just need one more) and then onto the Pocket Heroes.  But, thereContinue reading “Mego Hulk! All the Carded Versions!”

Mego Palitoy Hulk (1978)

Kicking off the Ultra-Rare month – this Mego figure!  If you look at te Mego Museum website there are quite a few different backing cards the figures came on.  One of the more rare cards is this one called the Palitoy card.  This is a lot better than the regular Mego card – I mean, just look atContinue reading “Mego Palitoy Hulk (1978)”