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Hulk 12″ Plush (2018)

hulkish 006 (2)

A purchase from the Disney Store, I bring you this sort of appropriately ugly Hulk plush!  There are quite a few Hulk plushes out there and I really don’t bother picking up all of them.  They have to either be extremely unique OR be very affordable.  This is of both!  Let’s not completely ignore the hilariously overlarge nose and fantastic fuzzy hair – but this plush comes with threaded nipples!

hulkish 008 (2)

Who puts threaded nipples on a plush?  Well, apparently Disney does!  The other neat thing is that this plush has some articulation.  The arms rotate around – and while that’s it, that’s enough!  He also features humongous “big foot” feet that really ties the whole character together! The last piece is that this $30 plush was on sale when I picked it up for a very sweet $10.  Sale seems to be over now…

hulkish 007 (2)

Hulk Fluffball (2018)

hulkish 009 (2)

Not sure how many times I can come across a new, small plush.  These “fluffballs” are at Walgreens – or at least that’s where I found this one!  Released by Hallmark, these are easily affordable, classic Hulk spheres!  I enjoy these pieces when I find them – even when they look as angry as this one does!

Kid Robot Hulk Soft (2017)

IMG_1198 (2)

Even trying to collect the many, many Hulk plushes would prove to be a real challenge.  I have pretty much given up on trying to get them all and have decided to just pick up the ones that I feel are unique or at least done well enough to have a place in the Hulk collection.  This Kid Robot Hulk stood out to me mainly due to the genuinely devilish look on his face.  It’s not an angry look and it’s certainly more sinister or sly like he’s trying to get away with something.

IMG_1199 (2)

The softs are definitely something to acquire if you’re truly into getting great Hulk pieces to display.  They present so well and they are hilariously fun!  I have to say, while I don’t think the Hulk usually has a malicious bone in his body this stuffed Hulk displays in a way that no other soft Hulk does.

IMG_1200 (2)

Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)

season '14 017

season '14 018

I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the selection that Hallmark had given us these past few years as far as the superhero ornaments go.  I was fond of the Hulk #181 recreation ornament – but thought Hulk deserved his own seeing as the last one they offered was in the 90’s I think and, while it is a classic now, it doesn’t really represent the Hulk at his ferocious best.

season '14 022

season '14 021

Thank goodness Hallmark finally came to their senses and released a new Hulk ornament with sound effects and all!  This is a cool piece to add to your Christmas tree that has the right amount of fierceness displayed.  The “Hulk Smash!” that growls from it’s little speaker box is a welcome addition to make any Hulk fan’s holiday a little brighter!  Thank you Hallmark for a welcome addition to the Hulk ornaments on the tree!

season '14 014

Also, while you’re at Hallmark you mine as well pick up the Itty Bitty they are offering.  It is a tiny plush Hulk that has a bottom filled with beads to help it stay upright.  Anyway you slice it – a trip to the Hallmark store added a little green to any Hulk fan’s season!

season '14 015

Acquisition Monday!

variant 003

I have a whole bunch of great Hulky goodness – so much that I haven’t posted – I have to play some catch up!  Here is the new Superhero Squad Hulk Plush (2013, $9.99) that says a whole lot of catch phrases.  He says “Hulk Smash!” of course… he also screams and then says “Superhero Squad… to the rescue!”  It’s worth a pick up just to try and scare your dog or cat with it!

variant 004

Another Hulk Plushie!??!

Hulk Plush 2

I really like the last plushie looked – the one I picked up at the Boston Comic Con.  This one?  This one looks like it was made by a 5 year old.  It also looks like it was made from used wash clothes.  Why does he look like this?

Which one would you like?

The first plushies have character – I pretty much like everything about them from the wild, bushy hair to the round, black, lifeless eyes and his tiny little ripped purple pants – the new ones have nothing redeeming about them at all.  These will most likely land on my “Worst of 2011” list as THE worst item of the year.  Mark my words…

What are those flaps on the bottom? Are those supposed to be feet?

Stuffed Hulk (2003)

Stuffed Hulk

This also came in the lot of Hulk figures I picked up – along with the stretch and the Kostas – now I know I told you that the 2003 Hulk stuff wasn’t my favorite – but I gots to say… I just gots to admit – I am really warming up to it – the more I find!  I remember when the first movie came out and Hulk was everywhere – it was both a blessing and a curse… a curse because everywhere I looked there was new Hulk items to be picked up and it became almost too overwhelming – I think my brain just shut down!

Hulk grits his teeth when he's constipated...

Little plush Hulk fist...

The one thing I did love – and was so upset about missing this time around – was the Hershey’s Chocolate syrup, that made the milk green!  Man, oh man was that stuff great!  But then again there was so much stuff out there that just didn’t last the test of time – and I’m not upset about missing out on that stuff… Back to this guy – He’s freakin huge!  He easily towers over any of the other plush Hulks I have – that’s another thing the 2003 movie merchandise got right – just how BIG everything should be.

Hulk is littler than other Hulk! Hulk doesn't seem to like that...