Hulk Potatoes! Yes, Hulk Potatoes

I was able to show off the Hulk Mini-Potato Head back in 2014 and now I am here to showcase a few new pieces!  I finally found the larger Hulk Potato Head (Pop-Taters) sitting at my only surviving Barnes and Noble in my area.  The retail price is $19.99 but the store was having aContinue reading “Hulk Potatoes! Yes, Hulk Potatoes”

Mini Potato Head Hulk (2014)

The greatest thing about living as a comic fan is that you will see a resurgence of merchandise – really fun and unique merchandise – not the overwhelming, crap merchandise they release when a new movie comes out.  The Hulk is getting his just dues with all sorts of new Hulk figures littering the toyContinue reading “Mini Potato Head Hulk (2014)”