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A New Look for the Pop-Tater!


Seeing a new box at the store of a toy you already own is a bit of a bitter pill.  Yes, you already have it – but hey!  This packaging looks cooler!  Do you pick it up and have another redundancy in your collection or do you just simply leave it on the shelf?  Well, in the case of the Mr Potato Head Hulk – you go ahead and pick it up!  At least, that’s what I did… mainly because the black box looked sleeker and cooler.  Plus, if you look close you will see that they have appealed to the collectors in all of us instead of the older packaging that had the audacity to promote the toy toward children!  CHILDREN!

startchy hulk 001 - Copy

Hulk Potatoes! Yes, Hulk Potatoes

startchy hulk 001 - Copy

I was able to show off the Hulk Mini-Potato Head back in 2014 and now I am here to showcase a few new pieces!  I finally found the larger Hulk Potato Head (Pop-Taters) sitting at my only surviving Barnes and Noble in my area.  The retail price is $19.99 but the store was having a 30% off sale on all toys.  Potato Head is always great for all of the features it comes with – mad eyes, happy eyes, a round, pink nose, a long orange schnoz, and so much more!

startchy hulk 003

The Hulk Potato Head only comes with what you see through the window box – and the large, green, muscular arms and hands are kind of the best thing ever! The eyes, nose and mouth are all connected though – which is sort of a let down.  I was hoping that the Potato Hulk would be in the same vein as the classic version which would sport multiple features.  He does seem to be wearing the purple pants that we all move – so there is that!

startchy hulk 013

The smaller Hulk Potato-Head is almost the same as the 2014 version but it’s a bit angrier and comes with a little smashy tool with a fist embedded on it.  Plus, this Hulk is wearing blue jeans rather than purple pants.  Is it petty of my to want a green potato body to go along with this toy?  It just seems off to me that the body is brown but the feet are bright green.

startchy hulk 012

The last release had the mini-Potato Head with two outfits.  Both Wolverine and Hulk but I like it better when the Hulk is packaged alone.  Plus, accessories are always cool!  I found the Mini-Potato Head at my local grocer sporting a price of only $3.99.  I figure that’s totally worth it!

startchy hulk 011

Mini Potato Head Hulk (2014)

dance recital and New Hampshire 022

The greatest thing about living as a comic fan is that you will see a resurgence of merchandise – really fun and unique merchandise – not the overwhelming, crap merchandise they release when a new movie comes out.  The Hulk is getting his just dues with all sorts of new Hulk figures littering the toy isles!  Things for every age too!  Here is a classic Mini-Potato Head with a helping of gamma-irradiated sour cream!  Each little set comes with one potato and two costumes.

dance recital and New Hampshire 025

dance recital and New Hampshire 026

Hulk is paired up with Wolverine – which makes sense as you’d can just toss the Wolverine costume in the trash and keep the Hulk one displayed proudly.  The other set I saw was a Doc Ock/Spidey combo. Not sure when the bigger Hulk-Potato comes out – but for now this will make due.  I found my set at TRU – I picked up one for me and one for my little cherubs.

dance recital and New Hampshire 027